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  1. Spite

    Inspiration Hall limit is Too Low

    You can only have 3 unless you already had more before Fortuna update. 3 is not enough! 10 would be a more reasonable number.
  2. Awesome changes overall!! What seems out of place is the Pandero nerf and no buffs to Ballistica Prime? It's an ok weapon as it is, but couldn't we please have one secondary bow-type weapon that performs at top level? It has drawbacks in its bullet travel time, charge rate and ammo-economy, couldn't it at least have comparable damage output to other top-tier weapons?
  3. Spite

    Warframe Builder

    There's definitely something wonky with how warframe builder handles +slide crit rivens. With Scoliac @ 1x combo counter adding a +150 slide crit riven bumps the sustained damage from 2840 to 3000. Crit chance goes from 252 to 272% (this is with blood rush and maiming strike in the build). At every other combo counter the results are similarly underwhelming. Playing around with the combat state button doesn't help. I also got one result where the damage sky-rocketed after adding the riven, but could not replicate it afterwards. Thanks a lot for the site by the way! It has helped me with formas and riven decisions an incredible amount.
  4. Spite

    Warframe Builder

    On Pandero secondary fire shows ~double the status probability, even though there is no change in status chance between the primary and secondary fire. I'm sure this has been reported before, but slide crit on rivens isn't taken into account on the damage numbers, even though it does show up on "slide crit chance". Maiming strike ont the other hand does affect the dmg, but does not show up on the "slide crit chance" parameter.