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  1. I've just seen this thread. Considering the title, it is not what I was expecting to be honest. It is heartbreaking 😢 I wish the best for your son and all of your family. Keep this updated if possible.
  2. Thank you. I didn't know this mod was back.
  3. Oh, I do. There are plenty of skins that I like. Frost, Ash, Nidus (amazing skin), Mag, Nyx, Nezha (my favorite by far), Harrow, Titania, Vauban, Chroma... But these ones that I mentioned before are just misses. And there are more to come. Zephyr will be another disaster. But, I've just seen that Pablo posted some videos of the Nova's skin and it doesn't look as bad when properly colored, but it still isn't nearly as good as the concept. https://twitter.com/i/status/1227290372071706626 https://twitter.com/i/status/1227297270892236800
  4. Lately, there have been a lot more misses than hits though. Equinox, Excalibur (though the skin itself is not bad, DE screwed up with the colors and some details), Octavia, Atlas, Wukong, Ivara and now Nova (I am probably missing a few).
  5. By half decent, I hope you meant disgusting. That skin is absolutely awful, which is why I suppose people were expecting a good skin now, not a tennogen. If DE is gonna screw up this bad again, it is better to not waste time with it in the first place. DE should really stop teasing deluxe skins if they intended to change everything and release a half baked skin instead, kinda like most of the recent content actually. Don't show the concepts and we won't be disappointed twice.
  6. I can understand not being able to fully bring the concept into life, even though it doesn't seem so much more complicated than other things they've brought to life. Nezha suffered from this problem, when not everything that was in the concept made it to the actual skin. But one thing is to change a few details due to technical difficulties, another entirely different is to completely scrap the concept and do something else entirely different and uninteresting.
  7. I disagree entirely. The concept has energy all around and metallics everywhere. The skins looks bland. Would fit Mag as a tennogen better than Nova as deluxe. Later skins have been a disappointment. Last good skin was Nezha's.
  8. You are doing it wrong. To scan without abilities you go Ivara. Activate prowl before finding the scan target. Profit Kills during wall latch just go to the Earth Dark Sector defense. Go through one of the doors near the defense target, keep wall jumping and banging your head against the ceiling. Profit. You can do this challenge within 30 seconds.
  9. Wrong. They were supposed to be your nemesis, challenging and to hunt you down, but instead they are just a nuisance you have to go out of your way to hunt and farm some re skin of old weapons.
  10. It is not a matter of accommodate the game for not thinking about what you are doing. It is more a matter of getting stuck with horribly designed, hakf baked and boring game mechanic because of a single mistake once. Conclave is garbage, but it doesn't get in my way during normal gameplay nor do I interact with it. Each stays on their own corner not bothering one another. Same goes for the newest half baked addition, Railjack. But not with Liches. They can even steal your precious sortie reward even though you don't wanna see him ever again.
  11. I got this Lich before some of these changes. The larva spawned in a normal mission, died as I looked at it and now I am stuck with this Lich annoying the hell out of me. Well...not that much now, considering I've lost faith in DE and I am barely playing the game at all
  12. It matters little. The system is still boring as hell and I, for example, have a lich annoying me and I simply don't wanna waste my time with it.
  13. Well, it is DE who made the problem in the first place, with a permanent nuisance with you don't wanna bother with this awful system at all. No wonder it was the least liked addition to the game, in spite of the hype and time wasted with it.
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