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  1. After the devstream got postponed, I was expecting something.....well, better and with more surprises. There was nothing new or exciting. Nothing about melee 3.0 aside from what we all knew or that wasn't mentioned in twitter.
  2. The first ability should have some kinda of re-cast, either from augment or innate. It sucks having to lose your minion when the time expires. And for the 2nd ability, they should complety ditch that change requiring you to hold the button forever to disable the ability. As the augment, I would make something like whenever a target is killed, the Psychic Bolt would affect the nearest target...or maybe the next two targets, creating a chain reaction.
  3. I was messing around with Nyx and realized how the Mind Control "rework" was mishandled. If you want to maximize that ability and you don't bring something with extremely high burst damage, you are gimping yourself. You need something like a Rubico Prime and land every shot to the head while the enemy is covering its head and twitching itself because of the stun within those 4 seconds to bump its damage high enough. If you are using something like Torid or Mutalyst Cernos, you are doomed. It is awful. The ability should work like the pseudo-exalted weapons, taking into consideration the mods installed in your primary weapon or something like that.
  4. Geez @Jealously_kills. Thank you very much. You didn't have to. I appreciate it a lot
  5. Oh, devstream on my birthday. I guess I won't be watching this one.....unless SpaceMom decides to gift me something 😛
  6. Yes. It is unfolded in the orbiter. But look at your profile. I tried to show to my clanmates how it looks in my Mag, but it is folded in the profile screen....just like in game. The thing is I bought that syandana thinking it would be exactly like that in-game, but it doesn't, so I have no interest in keeping it.
  7. It is more like it unfolds when you bullet jump and folds back so quickly you don't have time to see how it looks in game. It is disappointing, like the rest of the update.
  8. So, I contacted support, told them about how the syandana is displayed in the market compared to how it actually looks like is false advertising and they refunded me my platinum.
  9. When they show the syandana at the market, it is open and looks cool. Then you buy it and realize it stays closed 90% of the time. It is false advertising.
  10. This Profit Taker battle is just awful. I had absolutely no fun at all and quit half way through. Who the hell had the bright idea to force arch-guns down our throats? Most of us don't even care about them to have all the mods. Then, comes a combination of disastrous choices 1 - Invulnerability phases. Really? The lamiest, most lazy design choice ever, the thing people hate the most, back in full force. We need to mod archwings for all sorts of elemetal damages, cuz reasons 2 - 10 minutes cooldown. Good luck dealing with all the enemies, raknoids and jackals with your arch-gun. 3 - You die from everything. Enemies flying everywhere, jumping on your head, magnetic procs, stuns, knockdowns. It is so much bs going on that Quick Thinking doesn't even work and you get one-shot all the time. Great. 4 - And again, just like with Eidolons, abilties are worthless, so you are down to a few frames capable of buffing weapon damage and survive. Geez
  11. Oh, great. We have to farm a bunch of toroids, which drop randomly, but the cancerous nullifying spam remains untouched. Seriously, DE. The old Nullifier is by far the worst unit in the entire game, and you extended its cancerous tendrils across all of Orb Valiis. To put it simple, remove all of that crap until you have an idea of what to do with them.
  12. Operator acessories are so lame. I can't even understand why people even bother with them. It is sad to see such a gorgeous prime Warframe next to these acessories nobody will bother to look at. I was already expecting Mesa to come with something like Primed Spurs, Primed Ammo Belts across the chest or even Primed Ankle Holsters with some awesome looking guns to accompany our favorite gunslinger. Nope, here are some operator crap nobody wanted.
  13. Any plans to tone down the amount and effectiveness of all the nullifying stuff happening in Orb Vallis? How about my Nyx becoming extra fun with the ability to convert giant enemies to her side? I want my pet Raknoid.
  14. It is incomplete. The numbers aren't final yet and anything can change until release. But the part II refers to Fortuna.
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