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  1. I've always wondered why this isn't a thing from the beginning. Perhaps even immunity to these sources of damage. Also Saryn should have resistance to Toxin and Volt to electricity.
  2. Finding them is a pain in the ass. And at night, they are constantly alerted by vombalysts.
  3. Why not just go with Loki and spin2win? Pretty much every challenge has an easy solution (except heashot Ballistas from 100m without alerting enemies during night)
  4. If you don't wanna an optimum setup, you can always take the weapon that you want.
  5. I don't know about landslide, but Whipclaw can deal some severe damage...millions with augment and proc status. Reaping Chakram can be good against enemies weak to fire and in combination with the 4th ability, which helps with the innate unreliability of Chakram, A well built Shattered Lash helps with one of the most overpowered abilities in the entire game, quickly achieving millions of damage/sec, plus it can nuke entire areas.
  6. Interesting enough, your suggestion is already partially in the game. If you take your Wukong to a assault rifle only sortie, your Celestial Twin will still equip the melee weapon you have selected in your Arsenal.
  7. I am not talking about pure exalted weapons like the ones from Excalibur or Titania. I am talking about pseudo-exalted like Shattering Lash or Whipclaw. It still is an ability, but it gets some benefits from the mods equipped in your melee weapon. Also, Chakram already has a charge mechanic.
  8. That too. The UI for that ability should definitely be improved. Other than that, he is fine. I suspect the changes to fire damage will also improve him a little further, but that remains to be seen.
  9. As the title implies, DE should turn Chakram into a pseudo-exalted weapon, similar to what Gara, Khora and the newest prime, Atlas, have. I mean, Nezha is one of my favorite Warframes but this ability is clunky, unreliable and sometimes it decides to hit only one enemy (and it is particularly painful when you depend on its passives to regain energy), despite having hundreds of them packed close together, so being able to take advantage of mods such Power Throw, as well as other damaging mods, would be nice. Anyways, just an idea. What do you guys think?
  10. Which is something like 2.5k base damage per tick (considering no Corrosive Projection equipped). Nothing a level 40 standard Heavy Gunner can't handle.
  11. I am not sure I like Vauban's rework. Seems to keep having way too many gimicks that don't actually work during normal gameplay, especially high level. As for Ember, Fireball will be a bit more useful only because of its interaction with Immolation. The reason is the same was why nobody mods for fire. It is a weak and useless element. The same goes for Inferno. It looks visually cool, but I am wary of its actual usefulness.
  12. Oh, screw this. I won't be bothering myself with rivens no more.
  13. Oh man, DE has murdered the Loki skin. The first time I saw it, the skin was absolutely gorgeous. But apparently, DE made the guy perform so many changes to the skin that it doesn't even look the same thing on which I clicked Yes on the steam workshop.Only the helmet is recognizable, but even so the energy effects were downgraded as well. DE is downgrading the game left and right, tennogen included.
  14. A good amount of trouble, time, resources and work would have been saved if you guys had actually looked at the extensive feedback provided by the community since you released this boring mode, and some after the recent dev workshop. So, it baffles me that you guys needs to "see if further tweaks are required". The entire mode needs to be looked at, not just the screwed up rewards.
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