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  1. Anthraxicus

    Whiteboards & Roadmaps: an Update

    Vandal Opticor confirmed.
  2. Anthraxicus

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #123!

    After the devstream got postponed, I was expecting something.....well, better and with more surprises. There was nothing new or exciting. Nothing about melee 3.0 aside from what we all knew or that wasn't mentioned in twitter.
  3. Anthraxicus

    Is Mag "Sucks" a meme?

    I don't get it? What exactly you want to learn?
  4. Anthraxicus

    TennoGen Round 15 - Accepted Items!

    It seems vote count doesn't count at all. I mean, some stuff that barely got any votes got in, while others with thousands of votes were left out. I can understand if an item has techinical issues, but this..... ...don't make much sense. So, if thousands of people like an item and want to buy it, it may still be denied because someone in DE feels it is not unique or doesn't fit stylistically?
  5. Anthraxicus

    Which melee weapon for mag ?

    Sarpa, to take down nullifier bubbles you can't target because of your Magnetize. Or Zenistar, cuz constant damage.
  6. Anthraxicus

    TennoGen Round 15 - Accepted Items!

    I don't know exactly what exactly DE means by more work. It is almost like what the community wants plays no role whatsover. Take your syandana for example: it has 10x the votes compared to the one that got accepted. Why would they add a operator cosmetic that barely anyone wants it but wouldn't pick a great and unique Frost skin that has thousands of votes? It is almost as if DE doesn't actually want to sell these items.
  7. Anthraxicus

    TennoGen Round 15 - Accepted Items!

    Damn, DE accepted a Syandana that is pretty much exactly like one we already have, operator stuff and a helmet that doesn't feel one bit different from the vanilla helmet that comes with the extremely boring and underwhelming Revenant but nothing of the actual good stuff. No ION Syadana, no Nyx Aures. 🙄
  8. Anthraxicus

    Waframe, DE and the problem with rewards.

    It is not their call to make. This would be equivalent of Blizzard making item sets with set bonuses increasingly more powerful (and they do) and not be a fan of having their players maximing builds to push as far as they can into Greater Rifts. If they are not a fan of that, then they should rework how enemies scale, so you don't have to spend two hours just to start having a little bit of challenge. Kinda like you don't have to go through 124 zones to reach GR125+ in DIII. The way the game is set up right now is for people to do 5 waves in Defense or 5 minutes in Survival (where a single cast of Polarize is enough to wipe out the entire map) then leave, which happens way to often, for some garbage Redirection or Vitality at the end. So much fun.
  9. Anthraxicus

    Waframe, DE and the problem with rewards.

    RNG plays no role on selecting the items that go into the loot tables. None. Some relics, mods that nobody will use (and are worthless if you already have them) and the new "resources" that can only be obtained through these bounties, not as actual resources, just to claim that the bounties have rewards.
  10. Anthraxicus

    Nidus, Ivara or revenant

    Nidus is one of the best frames in the game. Tanky, good damage, good CC, health regen for team and overall fun to play. Ivara is more of a specialist. Revenant is garbage. There is nothing good about it.
  11. Making these resources exclusive to these bounties is not just dumb, it goes against the game itself. Instead of actually playing to progress, you are forced to do a quasi-mission over and over and pray you get the thing you need. There is not even any point in getting boosters when DE do these sort of things.
  12. Anthraxicus

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    The first ability should have some kinda of re-cast, either from augment or innate. It sucks having to lose your minion when the time expires. And for the 2nd ability, they should complety ditch that change requiring you to hold the button forever to disable the ability. As the augment, I would make something like whenever a target is killed, the Psychic Bolt would affect the nearest target...or maybe the next two targets, creating a chain reaction.
  13. Anthraxicus

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    I was messing around with Nyx and realized how the Mind Control "rework" was mishandled. If you want to maximize that ability and you don't bring something with extremely high burst damage, you are gimping yourself. You need something like a Rubico Prime and land every shot to the head while the enemy is covering its head and twitching itself because of the stun within those 4 seconds to bump its damage high enough. If you are using something like Torid or Mutalyst Cernos, you are doomed. It is awful. The ability should work like the pseudo-exalted weapons, taking into consideration the mods installed in your primary weapon or something like that.
  14. Anthraxicus

    Next items to be Vaulted

    Oberon, Sybaris and Silva&Aegis Prime And in case you wondering, Equinox will be the next prime warframe.
  15. Anthraxicus

    Most Obscure/Pretentious Personalised Weapon Names

    My next propa scaffold amp will be called Ekusupuro-jon. Just saying.