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  1. It turns out that many unpopular opinions from DE are also not good for the game
  2. Oberon, Sybaris and Silva&Aegis Prime And in case you wondering, Equinox will be the next prime warframe.
  3. I will try to show you. Wait a bit It also charges the bubble significantly quicker than the Drakgoon, despite also having a good riven for my Drakgoon. I am praying to get a riven for the Exergis. I've seen guy getting 90k base Gas damage. I am only at 33k so far. It will be glorious.
  4. You know how the pellets of the Drakgoon seem to fly randomly inside the Magnetize bubble? Imagine that while dealing Lanka levels of damage and gas procs.
  5. Mara Detron is common knowledge. Exergis is the unholy child Drakgoon and Lanka
  6. Exergis is a fun weapon for her. Just saying
  7. That is practically the same suggestion I've made several times. Shards providing overshields and/or armor. The only difference is that I also made a suggestion for her augment. Instead of simply proving overshields, her augment would provide a second layer of protection, kinda like how overshields used to look like, a bubble around the warframe. Crush is so terrible I don't even know what to do with it. Maybe actually break the enemy's bones and render them incapable of moving again. I also believe that the pull force of magnetize should either scale with ability strength or have s
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