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  1. I know empyrean is the total focus right now, but still hoping its on someones radar screen at DE that some QOL changes are needed. Once I got beyond my first lich which bugged out for a bit and was un-killable I have gone on to vanquish 8 and convert 1 lich. As someone who would like to continue playing this mode and collect the weapons, my 2 primary problems are: Cant get rid of the lich unless you use the mods: My latest lich in progress has a weapon I already posses (Drakgoon) with only a 26% bonus. Most significant issue to me is that I do not want to waste my hard won requiem mods on vanquishing or converting this creature. I cannot motivate myself to first kill all the murmurs and go through the motions here when the weapon is garbage and I do not want another converted lich. The lich I already converted is underwhelming to say the least. .My current converted lich shows up randomly for like 10 seconds, shoots the ceiling and confuses my teammates then disappears. Need a different model for grouping up: I would like to be able to do random groups but usually end up doing missions solo because no other like minded lich hunters have the same planets and are selecting the same missions I am. If there was some simple mechanic introduced to just get rid of your garbage lich, maybe after completing the first level up so people aren't just spamming lichs to get the weapon they want. I could even see completing all the murmur killing, but seriously, do not make me use my requiem mods. My luck at getting the mod I need when I open relics is abysmal. I radiant the relic I need the mod from and go with a group, but somehow the mod that keeps coming up as a choice at the end of the missions is Khra (I have 5 of these) not the Vome / Netra I need.
  2. the first bar depletes, then the shield immediately refills. When I seemed to get the first mod spot correct, he had an X {like a finisher) I selected, I am not seeing that X again. When I watch videos of the whole fight, it seems like folks are getting enough time to see and select an X after getting his health down. I tried using khora's ensnare to hold him still when his health was down(its how I got the first mod spot) but not seeing the X. Subsequently tried with a tanky trinity but that didn't work either. I guess I will try with other frames.
  3. I equipped the 3 mods I need to vanquish my lich, I thought based on the graphic below that I had correctly guessed the slot for the first mod, so I reversed the 2nd and 3rd but they don't "light up" and when I fight him, his health won't go below the first bar on the right. Im really sick of this thing stealing my loot. I have watched a bunch of videos and read the wiki, but it doesn't seem to specifically address my question and the videos I have watched more or less just say "match the order of the mods". What am I missing? Help? https://i.imgur.com/m5SNtd7.png UPDATE: I was able to kill my lich this morning, I think there was a bug that wasn't allowing me to hit X to finish him, but today I was able to see the X and vanquish him.
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