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  1. I really don't like the operator at all, I use it reluctantly and only when I absolutely have to. I don't want any of my money going toward accessories for it. The sugatra is underwhelming, I don't hate it but won't use it. The helmet is ok but in affect any money I spend for accessories would 100% be for the helmet. I don't know that its worth it. I hope its eventually farmable. but guessing it won't be because it would piss off the people who paid money for the accessories solely to get the helmet. I like the Mesa Prime armor other than the helmet, so I guess I'll be going with Tennogen.or standard mesa helm. I hope operator accessories are not part of any new / future prime packages.
  2. Didnt they just make it so you can see the values, they didn't actually change the range, its just displayed now isn't it?
  3. I finally got the G3 after dozens of prior attempts with nothing, Following advice on the forums, I finally found them in 3 out of 4 trips to Elion Mercury. I am now trying to help my friend and we completed 5 trips to Elion without any G3 sightings, and then did 8 missions in Helene, no G3, so back to random missions on the target planets and again they are no shows.
  4. That is only true if you are trying to hunt them (or have them hunt you) outside of the event, at least according to the DE post on the topic, they will spawn in any regular mission etc etc: Defeat the Grustrag Three The Grustrag Three are disrupting the construction process. Lure them out and eliminate them! During The Pyrus Project, the Grustrag Three have a chance of spawning in any regular mission (with enemies that are higher than level 3) on Earth, Mercury, Ceres, and Saturn whether or not you are marked by them. I have now done multiple missions at all of these locations as well as invasions to see if I could get them to spawn. I had enough materials for the other required stages long ago. I haven't seen them once. Maybe I am just unlucky, perhaps there is another factor bugging them out for me, I don't know but neither their normal spawn triggers (the invasions) nor the stated "any regular mission" trigger seems to be working for me. DE - obviously there is some confusion, numerous persons are saying they have spawned for them during invasions but not during normal missions. That is not the stated requirement in the announcement. Can you clarify / check this?
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