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  1. Dude, I'm a QA professional, I manage a team of people that tests code. When we have an anomalous result, we ask ourselves what might be different between results that should be the same. In your case, the order was different. If you read back, I stated "I'm not saying it SHOULD affect the total damage, what I am saying is that it might be doing so unintentionally". Its and easy change on your part to confirm it isn't the incorrect application of existing code. Awesome you did it, that information can now be added to your bug report, post it in the bug forum.
  2. Not true, the order drives what status affects apply. I'm not saying it SHOULD affect the total damage, what I am saying is that it might be doing so unintentionally. If you change the order to what is displayed in your comparison and it still shows different totals, its more definitive feedback for DE.
  3. Did you try re-ordering the mods to match their layout? Mods apply left to right, top to bottom. I don't don't know if it makes a difference in this case, but its easy enough to move the polarized slots around to match what they used.
  4. I tried the volatile mission twice solo, for both attempts on the second instance where you need to "release heat" the "mission failed" message occurred milliseconds after the yellow marker appeared. I did the mission a third time with someone else, same thing happened, immediate fail on second marker. We again lost everything we had gained to that point. The 4th try, the person I was in the mission with was pointing a gun right at the pipe the yellow marker appeared on and immediately shot it. From there forward the rest seemed to give the normal amount of time (which I don't believe is e
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