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  1. Once the game updated, i went to some void storm missions to check out a potential new fun cracking mechanic. All i found was, camera shaking wildly, unnecessary void FX and flashes... and an eternal confusion about HOW CAN I EARN REACTANTS?, because nothing seems to work. I mean, killing potentially corrupted enemy ships? that didn't work cuz there none; boarding crewships to kill the crew inside? didn't work; complete the mission to open relic as a reward? didn't work at all. I finished several missions to try to understand where's the catch to have some reactants and i found there's no way
  2. TYPE: In-game, Railjack, Mission "check-in" button missing DESCRIPTION: Everytime i play railjack missions and want to play several missions in a row, i cannot click the "check/ready to go" button because does not appear if i'm in a ramdom squad or not being host, BUT if a player is the suqd's host, he/she is the only one that can launch the mission via the launch button. REPRODUCTION: You can just finish a railjack mission and then choose a new one, you can realize that ONLY if you are the squad's host you can just "launch the mission" and the "check" button does not appear, and yo
  3. And another thing i am not understanding here, what if a low lvl player wants to pilot my railjack? the railjack stats will downgrade instantly? or the shields and health, and armor stats will depend on the railjack's host as always? i mean, taking your railjack abilities and mods with you indepently is a nice addition, and if you see the perspective from being a low lvl host, and then a high lvl player comes to piloting, would be a buff that can help in missions and blahblahblah, BUT, what will happen the other way around? i do not want to see my railjack downgraded, i mean IS MY SPACESHIP, a
  4. I have a suggestion for the void storms... what if we can have the chance to crack EVERY TYPE OF RELIC, i mean, is a void storm right?, a massive void energy that we encounter in middle of our railjack journey, and would be nice to encounter the void storm in middle play or something and then can just crack a Lith relic, or choose an Axi relic instead, or a Meso one... that would be PERFECT to encourage the void storm play, i mean, in normal void fissure mode, we have the void missions sorted by era and difficulty...but what if we can just crack every type of relics that we have in our invento
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