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    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    Finally someone show this play style again, I’m glad.
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    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Pablo Regarding to Saryn's upcoming rework this is a must-read message, i am Lonelytango, PC tenno and a small WF contect creator in youtube from Hong Kong, one of Chinese speaking region of warframe Asian communities. First thing first, i am happy that you are paying appropriate attention on Saryn for the future more balanced and simple gaming experience on this warframe. About Saryn, there is an very important and famous play-style in Chinese community that we called 'compressed toxin spread' style. For more detail about this please check out the thread here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/955427-【warframe】on-saryn-skills-modification-chinese-district-players-response/ this thread is from CTS creator Saliair who authorized me to shout out our opinion in this regard. THIS IS NOT A BUG-BASED PLAYSTYLE and so far as i know, it has not been a universal play style in other regional severs and there is few people talk about it as well. You are able to check out one of my youtube content too but it's only Chinese version i have to apologize. LINK: https://youtu.be/qiHxtK425Go I would like to simply explain this in an easy manner, just for your brief understanding how this works: THIS IS NOT A press '2-1-REST' (we all log-in for game play not press-1-button-to-win, we hate it) Saryn style as we seldom use molt and of cuz we dont need to spam 1 (spore) as well. 1,Basically we put a spore on one enemy, attack the enemy (rather than the spore direct with high status (specifically gas in this case) and high damage based weapon (it doesnt matter the weapon is primary/secondary/melee); 2, Gas triggered and the spore exploded by toxic damage (from gas) and spread the compressed huge amount of damage to surrounding enemies. Thats the reason why spore on enemy was avoided to be hit directly, our purpose is to trigger the spore explosion by gas damage.By applying a proper weapon based on the mentioned 2 criteria, we can max the damage to a big enough range of enemies (10k-ish is common in most cases) and of cuz it would be reduced by armorred enemies. Again this is not BUG, it's the mechanism observed by our own creation and intelligence based on the current Saryn. All damage/chance is predictable and can be calculated by us by taking into account of various weapons (base damage, crit chance/multiplier/ gas-triggered chance, headshot multiplier etc.) Isnt this an amazing mechanism existing in game so far? It legitimately offers players for creativity, and tgt it brings warframe ability & weapon synergy in a perfect manner, i.e. we spend time on kuva farming only for a Vulkar Wraith riven with status chance, toxic dmg + negative impact damage for increasing gas trigger chance. It may be a bit complicated and difficult (esp for new players) but it did provide excellent gaming experience on Saryn. [DE]Pablo i personal am 100% appreciate on your work on the frame, Saryn's rework is always welcome but we dont think its proper to simply just eliminate the spore-toxin-spread mechanism, amend it probably ceiling on damage will be taken into account? Hope you would read my reply. Cheers