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  1. To be clear, I actually agree with you that if these were things anyone was going to farm, they would be totally imbalanced. But again, I didn't think farming was to be involved for Helminth (it was just a dump for excess) and Cryotic is completely useless once you've built Sibear. It stacks up into the numerous tens of thousands for any players that use Excavation as their primary means of opening void relics. The cost in Cryotic represents an obscene amount of time, but many players naturally spend obscene amounts of time in Excavation (for other reasons) with no use for the Cryotic earne
  2. Call it what it is - a change, not a bugfix. This reminds me of the time the ability of Ivara to loot with Prowl was severely nerfed in cooperative settings due to a perception on DE's part of exploitative abuse (which wasn't really occurring, but that's beside the point, as the next part matters even if there was abuse). Then, of all bizarre things, they thought they could push the lie on us that this nerf to her cooperative farming ability was intended to make Ivara more desirable in cooperative farming groups. The deceit to save face was so transparent it was borderline comical.
  3. Cost was never an issue. Most of these things made a laughably small dent in my supply, even for Bile. One exception would be Argon, since you would need to get three in one day before they start decaying to feed it that, which isn't likely outside of deliberately farming them (and as I understood it, Helminth was always meant as a way to sink our excess resources, not a new source of farming). The issue with Bile was that you had so few options you were forced to feed it the same few things repeatedly until it hated them, and among the only options were some of the only resources you a
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