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  1. This secondary energy revert seemed not to fix a lot of things, like Ivara's energy "skirt." Worse, the constant back and forth is just causing all my energy colors to wildly change in how they display and honestly all my warframes looked better before secondary energy at this point because I actually knew what I was getting out of each color (instead of it changing every couple days). This isn't a request to stop hotfixing as soon as you have improvements towards a permanent fix. It's just 1) a request that such frivolous features as this be tested sufficiently as not to come at the expense of breaking entire warframe particles/skin effects and total wardrobe chaos like my Ivara has right now and 2) an indication of the desire to get to said permanently fixed state, because right now this new "reward" for putting on Forma in elevated fashion potential..... is actually turning all my warframes into fashion nightmares.
  2. Even the Astrea skin, which has a physical skirt (not energy effects) is missing the energy effects that lace through it. Ivara's particles have just been pretty broken by this apparent fix so I'm hoping for a quick repair hotfix.
  3. I noticed this too. It's also a problem on Ivara. She has completely lost her energy on her "skirt" since the "fix." For all but the Astrea skin (which I use) this means her skirt is literally gone because it was purely energy color particle effects. On Astrea, it still looks much worse. The secondary energy color fix broke a lot of warframe energy effects it seems, and even when it works it is barely noticeable on all but a few rare examples (like the Limbo Limina skin that DE made sure to highlight when they pushed this live in the feedback topic). Honestly, I'm not sure how well-planned this was considering it broke so much that was functional to give us so little, but since it's here now I just hope they fix these particles soon. I didn't buy Tennogen only for it to suddenly look shoddy and missing half its effects.
  4. I'm having the same problem. It has to be something with the secondary energy color stuff they added. Completely bugged out Ivara's energy - no matter WHAT color you pick for either primary or secondary energy color, the skirt always loses all energy color (for Astrea, it's the glowing parts that go, for the rest of her skins, it's the entire thing).
  5. Just confirming that I am still experiencing this bug at the current point in time - just checking in a little late to report the bug, yet adding my voice so DE knows it isn't isolated to a few accounts. I spent a few days after the introduction of the new Plains animals to be 100% sure I wasn't just missing where the Condroc entries should have been updating, but I'm now seeing some of the Condrocs green on the Plains through my scanner and yet still have their silhouettes all "Undiscovered" in codex. Very frustrating. I also thought there were too many entries just for the new Plains animals and Thumpers, and after seeing it explained here I know understand it was the Orb Vallis animals (and indeed, I know recognize a couple silhouettes as Horrasques). I hadn't realized that's what it was because I knew I'd been scanning those, so if they were added, they should have been added with scans already in my codex - yet like the rest of you, I had those scans reset. I'm also seeing the duplicate entries on some of the animals species, namely the Kuakas (since those are at least scanning in). Unlike the multiple variants of Kavor Defector for those entries, I do not see anything visually different about the duplicate entries. I also see what look like a couple Condrocs next to each other in the Undiscovered section so it may be happening there too - we're just not noticing because those scans are broken completely.
  6. Yes!!! As someone who invested a lot in farming tons of stuff for Plains, I am telling you that retrofitting Plains to have the more reasonable farming seen in Fortuna was the RIGHT choice. I do not care in the slightest that I "wasted" all those hours and resources. In my opinion they were not wasted, as it was the appropriate investment for the time (when we had no way of knowing things would become easier later), and I hope other players are willing to see it that way too. What matters far more to me than any "wasted" time or resources is that no new player exploring Earth the first time has to be dropped face-first into seeing a grindfest so extraordinary as Plains had been in the past and that the optimizations in Fortuna make it back here. I am so excited. Now that I don't have to farm Cetus Wisps for arcanes, I can actually experiment with new Zaw arcanes for the first time instead of just jamming Exodia Force on everything (the most worthwhile for me before since I prefer status Zaws). Before, the sheer immense farming effort involved to get the Wisps was so onerous I made that one arcane and was just done and over with Wisps. I have a renewed desire to do Plains activities for standing now to get myself new arcanes to test out! Even if I don't keep using them, I no longer have to do something as painful as wisp collection to get them so I can easily just try them for fun! Thank you, DE. EDIT: Once concern though - the Radiation burps on the Thermia fractures. Things like a Radiation sortie are one thing, where you can plan around it and know it will be active the entire mission. These are temporary effects that pop up without warning, it seems. These are going to catch people off-guard and end up with a lot of players one-shotting each other. Worse, fractures are a mobile defense type mission so there is a high probability of players one-shotting the defense objective and instantly failing with no warning or way to prepare. I would recommend removing that hazard ASAP, personally. It just seems like a move that will cause a lot of player stress and finger-pointing rather than a meaningful challenge.
  7. Seconding this. The Nightwave system is a much nicer system overall in that it doesn't demand newbies download some app and religiously watch it for updates for a game they have barely started playing just to be able to progress and unlock basic stuff, but rather allowing them to earn things and spend credits on the important basics that seem most important to them. However, the exact execution of this nicer system does leave some room to be desired, I feel I can now say after a few weeks of experience with it and having brought on board a friend as a new player into this new system. The helmets might be some cause for concern since they take away some of the easy and fun "collect-and-customize" aspect that was a great selling point for Warframe to new players previously now that players have to deliberately sacrifice chances to buy IMPORTANT mods and resources (Nitain) to get them. My biggest gripe, however, is by far the cost of Vauban and the alert weapons and the distribution of Wolf credits. I'll start with the distribution of credits since the quoted post touched on that and get on my soapbox about Vauban/weapons thereafter. DE did something VERY NICE and newbie-friendly with the free inventory slots being in the low-rank rewards. This helps newbies start expanding their arsenal without having to commit to the trade system or buying platinum, which helps free players get going, and paying players to bide their time until they can make an informed purchase of the plat size they think will best suit them. Wolf credits should also incorporate this aspect. They should be biased toward the start of the event, so that new players can get many, quickly, to buy their aura mods and Nitain. New players need Wolf credits the most, and sadly, they are very inaccessible without extremely diligent commitment to completing the challenges (which they can't do without a veteran to guide them and even then some challenges will be impossible, like the elite weeklies of most weeks). As a veteran I am getting far more creds than I could ever use, but I'm not the person that needs them. Have it so that by reward tier 15, a player will have already unlocked ALL the Wolf credits of the entire season. Now. The biggie. Vauban and the former alert weapons. New players are not going to know (without a veteran friend to warn them off) that Vauban is currently in one of the worst positions of any warframe in the game right now by popular opinion nor that the alert weapons belong in a category most players call "mastery fodder." And yet, for some reason, the weapons are an ENTIRE bundle of 50 Wolf credits a pop! Vauban is even worse, requiring 75 Wolf credits - more than they can even get from a single bundle which new players are going to struggle for. How do you think a newbie is going to feel saving up and getting excited over a WHOLE NEW WARFRAME only to find out it's almost unplayable (ESPECIALLY without good mods as Vauban is far, far more unfriendly with low-rank mods than even most warframes because he relies on min-maxed perma-cc'ing)? It's going to be a massive buzzkill, especially when they start to grow more competent and realize how badly they need things like Corrosive Projection and such for recruitment squads to be allowed on as a leech, as many new players seek to do? The former alert weapons are the same deal. Even for a newbie player that gets warned off from them by a veteran, it's going to feel terrible when they get to high MR and in order to finish the last few mastery ranks they realize they are going to have to blow an entire season of Nightwave rewards on just stuff they fully intend to discard immediately upon leveling. In essence, what I'm saying is that I'm loving Nightwave and it sets the infrastructure for a much more newbie-friendly system than alerts were, but it's not quite there just yet. The credit distribution (on the rewards chart) and the credit costs of many items need to be readjusted before new players are going to feel comfortable. I'd certainly like to hear on devstream any updates to this tune, on how the next Nightwave seasons are planned as far as reward rebalancing goes, because I think we it adjusted a bit more to favor the newbies than it does right now.
  8. Interesting, thank you for correction.
  9. That's.... not a bug? Hello? It's even specifically pointed out on one of the loading screen tips. Something like "Trying firing into or throwing Castanas under Nyx when she uses Absorb to increase the damage when it goes down!" I believe. This has always been a feature, and was designed so she could nuke with teamwork (which... never really worked out because it was way too roundabout and ineffective when dedicated nukers exist, thus why Assimilate augment was released to give it a purpose again).
  10. I had the same experience and I'm getting lots of reports of the same from my clan and from people met from this challenge in recruiting chat. I have not tested myself, but from both people who tried repeating it that told me about their experience, it does not seem to grant the standing an additional time. The standing is granted the first time, and the challenge is ticked off your list somewhere on the DE servers so that you can't repeat it, but the UI is not showing it as complete. Thus, this seems to be purely a UI bug and not an actual issue with an exploit that can be used to repeat the challenge (unless my sources were wrong or lying, as I said, I haven't tested it myself yet either). Still something DE should try to fix to avoid the confusion it might cause, but hopefully this means they won't need to run any program to remove the extra standing (and rewards unlocked) from accounts the way they would have to if it were a full-blown exploit. I haven't had the chance to ask around too much, but every person I've met who has done this challenge so far has experienced the bug, so I believe it is affecting all accounts rather than being isolated cases. That's all I know/have guessed at this time. Will add more info if I learn more before this is hotfixed out as I'm sure it will be soon.
  11. I want to echo your sentiments here. I've left a couple comments before on why the Exploiter felt underwhelming for me, but you are totally on point about it being visually and thematically a great success. I want to give a shout-out to DE about just how awesome the idea of having our actual warframes in those micro-cutscenes of tearing off the cognition center armor during overheat. That Shadow of the Colossus style feel of climbing all over a giant enemy feels completely at home in a game about space ninjas with a movement system as extensive as Warframe's. Bravo to the team for making that fun to watch. The whole "Fire and Ice" theme going on with this heat-harvesting spider mech that requires tons of advanced coolant systems to keep from overheating whie it harvests is pretty satisfying, especially as you watch it gradually loose control of its cooling systems (and thus ice attacks) and finally it starts directly attacking you with fire that it is venting just in order to keep from exploding. It's the same idea that DE had long ago with Lieutenant Lech Kril on the star chart, but the thematic execution (and internal logic of a failing coolant system on a heat-material-harvester) is much better. The only thing I didn't like about the fight was the literal fire-and-brimstone sermonizing of some Puritanical schoolmistress. The Profit Taker orb was infinitely more intimidating and satisfying to defeat as an enemy...... because I could actually take it seriously, and all of its quirks (like the hissed speech and rhyming) only made it creepier. This one's voice is just a giant mess of cringe, and I simply can't take it seriously. The problem I've stated before that you touch on is that while it has great visuals, the fight is mostly just... that - watching the fireworks, without any real warframe usage or even gunplay to speak of. It's just playing a skeet shooting minigame that splices together some stuff that is awesome to watch (and provides massive resource drops xD). The fact you never even really fight it, but just toss orange boxes in the air, exacerbated my issue with not being able to take the fight seriously due to its silly voice. Anyway, I've raised those concerns before and no need to go into them again. But seeing your compliments to DE inspired me to make known the things I liked about the fight as well. If people like me just whine without elaborating on the successes as well, it's hard for DE to know what parts actually WERE fun about the fight, and we may never get them again.
  12. Yeah, I'm totally with you on this; I've just heard some other voices out there saying otherwise. Definitely relieving to me to see that I'm not alone in this after all, and maybe there's a worthwhile discussion to be had here between people with differing opinions.
  13. Gosh, yes. I'm fine with Nora, but I've wanted to be able to disable Lotus ever since Apostasy and Sacrifice for reasons that I will not state openly in a non-spoiler-tagged forum topic. All I'll say is that I have found the transmissions ugly, catchy, and a general eyesore since that point and just wish I could make them go away entirely (which I also feel would better create the tone of the narrative shift DE was going for with those quests and the events therein). By now I know how to collect 10 reactant, set off the alarms to start Survival, and all that. Lotus transmissions were just there for flavor by this point and now it's a bad flavor for me. Anyway, I found it too petty a thing to complain about previously, but if people are asking for a Nora toggle, I better slide into the conversation that I'd like to see a Lotus toggle myself. Maybe this isn't petty after all if other people are asking for it with other NPCs.
  14. This is interesting. I had a similar opinion of this boss fight (finding it a downgrade from Profit Taker which got several things right, but suffered heavily from still being balanced around the mess that is Chroma while also adding further bonus value to him with his credit cheese - I do like that it's a more enjoyable credit farm than Index, though). Yet, everyone I had played it with seemed to absolutely love it for some reason, and showered DE's design team with praises over the "best boss to date" even doing it without the vent cheese (which I couldn't be bothered to look up, but bore witness to once). I think at some point I'm going to have to start a forum topic to open discussion around boss design that compares what people liked and disliked about some of the more recent ones that have been quite different in nature from the star chart ones. There's a million topics lambasting the design of the star chart bosses, but we all know those complaints there already: lots of invincibility phase waiting around, too easy to oneshot and protected only by those timegates, etc. That's also an old and silly discussion in my eyes because they exist mostly to add some unique encounters for new players pushing down the star chart the first time and are rarely/never done outside of sorties after getting the warframe from it. Eidolons got their own handful of feedback that seems to influenced a more inventive design for the two Orbs, but I think it's time someone took a step back and reviewed the Eidolons and both Orbs all side by side and got people comparing. Maybe I'll try to open that discussion, because it's clear to me that the community is quite divided on Exploiter Orb, with many praising it and a large number chewing it up as well.
  15. WOW, that is a MASSIVE change in rank. Now it's actually easier to get than Baruuk, which came first (unlike how Revenant was higher level bounties than Gara... though neither one of those required any actual standing). I heard people whining and moaning every time I logged in since Hildryn came out, saying they hated Little Duck more than anything else in the game. I guess they must have whined and moaned a lot at you, too. This strikes me as really quite odd, since no one ever complained about the Ventkids which are the most mindnumbingly boring grind in the game... at least you get to do a boss fight and actually engage in combat of some sort for Vox Solaris... I guess there just wasn't a warframe behind it.
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