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  1. This makes the most sense to me. Accelerant has been awesome, and is the only thing keeping her playable in high level content (despite the people who believe she is just low-level mob clear - she was just substandard because of the lack of survivability without anything like stealth or gimmicks to make to up for fragility) all this time. I was thinking the exact same thing about how it actually might not even be necessary however with the armor strip, but no reason to throw out something so iconic and which has kept her relevant all this time. Meanwhile, Fireball is still.... kind of awful. Makes sense just to combine all of this in the way you propose. Since the armor strip makes it so we probably won't need Accelerant on the trash mobs like Butchers and Lancers, we can instead make it single-target through a charged Fireball. Whack a Level 100 Bombard with first armor strip, then the current Accelerant effect (now on a charged Fireball) and he's going to be fried crispy and crunchy in no time. Now that sounds like satisfying gameplay that encourages good targeting and using abilities together (3 to armor strip, 1 for accelerant, and 4 or a heat-based weapon to finish). TL;DR - Putting the current Accelerant effect on charged Fireballs would be a smart move. It gives value to an ability that still doesn't look appealing to use, and avoids a missed opportunity in keeping the Accelerant effect in some way, shape, or form (as it is very satisfying and effective to use).
  2. These two are a big deal. Gauss farm was tons of fun for me because it offered strong incentives to stay as long as you possibly could (infinite C rotation) but without punishing players with no chance at the drop if they didn't have as much time on their hands that day (you know... like Arbitrations still do even after their update...). I absolutely had a blast and once stuck around so long on the Sedna node that the enemies had ramped up over Level 130. That was more time than I'd EVER spent in an Arbitration run, because the fast and repeating C rotations were highly satisfying to try for. All this said, I was worried there would be no reason for these long stays in Disruption after the warframe was acquired. Now, we see that DE has a plan to keep the incentives up to stay long in Disruption. This is GREAT news! By putting the coveted hardest-to-get Axi relics in the infinite C rotation, there's now an effective endless mode farm for those tricky relics that rewards you for keeping with it as long as you can. I'm very excited and hope to continue seeing this in future prime accesses. The looting changes... how it always should have been, really. 'Nuff said. Pilfering Swarm is still overbearing in its "ability group" because of its 100% chance, but if looting didn't "demand" that we have at least one Hydroid along, I suppose he would somehow be even less played. I still think DE is wrong to use loot as an incentive to use something when they have no other idea how to make it enticing and should tackle the roots of the problems (Hydroid not feeling engaging to most players), or simply accept certain warframes like Hydroid appeal more to a niche group (people who enjoy sedentary area control - he can do so much when allowed to stick in one place like go into an invincible puddle, tentacle swarm, and proc nonstop knockdowns to stunlock in a set area with his barrage - but it is that stationary playstyle that will only appeal to some players while most will look to other warframes). Either way, I'm just glad to see that it's no longer completely pointless to bring anything other than Hydroid to a looting run. DE sure had some circuitous logic in thinking it encouraged a broader choice of warframes.... by making it so that only one attempt can succeed in a world where a 100% to succeed warframe exists.... At least that is over with. Unrelated: Because most people are going to prefer this by far. Every time I've gotten a credit booster, someone has complained. Usually multiple people, if not the entire squad. And I do this public, so it's not just some clique of friends or clanmates or something. Credits are really easy to get. Really. Really. Easy. By the time people are doing sorties, they tend to have access to really good credit farms.... if they are not already completely in surplus. Reminder that Profit Taker exists and sorties unlock after The War Within, which is when you should be trying to get things like Vox Solaris standing for amp parts, and that's 125k without boosters per run. Also, the booster still exists from daily tribute sooo... you can still get it from the source from which it is more common to get it, as the sortie drop rate for that one booster was pretty low with it being one out of so many silver drops. Only time will tell if people find the mod booster enjoyable. I haven't made up my mind yet - I'll have to try it first.
  3. I have mixed feelings. Giving Arbitrations a normal rotation rate was loooooong overdue and it's finally here (also long overdue and finally implemented - Ghoul message spam removal: thank you). So that's great. But then you deliberately changed the rotation to take the exact same amount of time to reach the C rotation to "encourage the same time investment." Now, on one hand this is still better. I found myself putting much longer runs into Disruption than I ever had in Arbitrations previously (and despite the lower enemy starting levels, I reached higher levels than I ever saw in Arbitrations because I stayed THAT much longer) because it actually feels so much more rewarding with the infinite C rotation and faster drop rates. That said... this still means that I won't feel virtually any incentive to do an Arbitration if I don't have a walloping large amount of time on my hands after dealing with other daily content in Warframe... and given the amount of daily content, I find that unlikely on most days. On the other hand, it still feels like DE is trying to box us into making Warframe are "one recreational activity of all time" that we spend every free moment doing if we are to be allowed the privilege of playing "truly challenging" content like Arbitrations (which it... isn't really. Just extremely obnoxious because of the drones, and more restrictive in weapon and warframe choices). Secondly, the reward table changes are a severe downgrade. You reduced the drop rate of Endo? The one thing which Arbitrations let you farm previously, without having to die of boredom in the Sedna Arena? This would be PERFECTLY FINE if the new rewards were actually good. Instead, they are some of the worst mods I've seen implemented in the game to date, that no one is ever going to use even for meme builds. You take a game that is considered a "horde shooter" and put in a mod that PUNISHES you for killing enemies by deducting health? Really? Who thought that was a good idea? The arcanes are the only potentially usable content in the new rewards, but they are going to fall in the same "potentially powerful but too clunky to use" category as Vigorous Swap: the tedium of constant weapon-swapping making them feel miserable to use. The only exception is Arcane Pistoleer which seems like it could be game-breakingly powerful on pistols whose DPS is only gated by low-magazine sizes, and without requiring ridiculous tedium. Looking at weapons like the Twin Rogga. A lot of this just feels like taking three steps forward and two backward. It seems like an improvement overall, but one that is tarnished by a lot of things seemingly done just to screw with us, like diluting the reward tables with the worst mods put into the game to date and the whole "lol jk" on giving faster rotations... that take just as long to get to C.
  4. Someone being reasonable and considering both sides on internet forums? Treason! Jokes aside, I agree. No need to start raging against Conclave players for gatekeeping weapon cosmetics because they want to be recognized for putting time into a niche part of the game - instead, the focus should be on making it less niche if the community is going to keep requesting those rewards. That said, this raises another issue. Universal Medallions really only had value because they were PvE content that could be redeemed for PvP rewards. They offer hilariously pathetic standing for any syndicate (with an even more hilariously low drop rate), and were only conceivably of value in hitting PvP rank thresholds to get rewards for people that want to avoid it as much as possible. Universal Medallions now serve no real purpose other than drop table dilution. If DE is determined to move forward with this, I HIGHLY recommend they boost the value of the universal medallions significantly - to 5k or even 10k standing. Right now, they're more a laughingstock than anything else. On an unrelated note, the metal texture update seems like huge overkill. Everything is positively gleaming, and things that I swore had matte textures before are now glistening. Some things seem marginally improved and a lot of other things seem like they've just been oiled or waxed for no explicable reason. I'd really appreciate if DE could tone down whatever they implemented.... by quite a lot....
  5. Oh, wonderful. You actually have no idea how many times I've absentmindedly tried doing exactly that before slapping myself when nothing popped up and realizing I'd typed the name of the combined element I ultimately wanted, and not the name of the first element I wanted to apply in order to make it.
  6. Yeaaaaahhhh... I mean, at least it's a fix of an actual exploit - I figured they were considering using high rocks to "pause" the action (even if not the game) an exploit when I first read the RedText. So I guess they are taking the low route of allowing people to still AFK (just without exploitation) for reward farming rather than fixing the actual issue that the rewards are unobtainable without a grind that is completely unrealistic for what anyone would want to do in just the next week out of a goof-off game mode. I guess they're just going to consider things "fixed" because you can "have fun" participating if you want or get the rewards for free by just going AFK, thus giving us the apparent "freedom" to engage it on whatever level of enthusiasm we have... while ignoring the fact people feel compelled to AFK in the first place because the mode is so fundamentally flawed. What boggles my mind is they already did this game mode RIGHT in the version that it is SPOOFING (Rathuum). In Rathuum, you aim for a target number of kills (25) so you are rewarded for fighting as fast and furious as possible. It rewards you for engagement. Dog Days just holds you hostage for 5 minutes, on the threat that you'll never seen these exclusive items again (or most likely, until next year - knowing DE and their lack of permanent exclusivity outside of the Founder package) if you don't grind a couple hours a day over the entire event at a bare minimum just to acquire the exclusive items alone. And don't get me started on the noob-trap Executioner mods, for which you could easily farm an entire SET from Sedna assassinate faster than getting the pearls for ONE of them from Dog Days. No one wants to spend 2 hrs a day, every day, for over a week in a game mode that just holds you hostage for 5 minutes at a time. That should be obvious. Even the most mind-numbing farms in all of Warframe can at least be spiced up when they get boring by switching your loadout and trying out different weapons or warframe abilities for variety during the long grind. Dog Days takes away everything and gives you just the same squirt gun every time... and rewards you only for existing within the match, not for actually participating in any way. It's deeply flawed and would be perfectly fair and fun (and the rewards more realistic to farm) if it just worked like Rathuum with 50 pearls every time your team scores 25 points (and the match ENDING RIGHT THEN), but instead lets spend the time searching for the bugs in the code that allowed the timer to tick down in a pause menu while leaving the mode broken and boring...
  7. Awesome, this all looks nice. Main reason I am positing here though is because the previous hotfix is closed to further replies and I missed something: CORRECTION: K-drive jets ARE now fixed, whoops, my bad! I thought it was about time to post a reminder or two in hotfix notes and even though I read all the bullet points (or so I THOUGHT) I somehow skipped over the VERY thing I was looking for. Next time I'll use a Ctrl+F, lesson learned. Thanks for the fix on K-drive jets - Conversation animals from Plains still need their codex entries fixed though. Anyway, I just didn't want to misinform and give the impression K-drives were still broken when they are indeed fixed! Thanks @Julian_Skies for catching what I missed on the previous topic!
  8. I see some progress toward some highly community-requested features here, namely the Umbra scarf toggle (something I don't care for because I consider it too integral to him to ever unequip it, but that I know a lot of people wanted and should be harmless to add since people like me can just not use the toggle). Definitely helps encourage me you've got a good ear to the ground, but please try to get your team figuring out what's going wrong with two FIXES (not merely requested features that have been very long-standing now: - Plains Conservation targets cannot be completed in codex; they have black silhouettes that are never revealed no matter how many scans you take of the target. This has existed since Plains Conservation was added and clutters to codex with black silhouettes. - K-drive Jets cannot be color customized. This issue seems to go all the way back to the snafu over dual-color emissives and energy, and in this case it effects more than just energy or emissives. The entire jet cannot be color-customized and completely ruins any attempt to color-customize K-drives.
  9. I gotta second this - these issues have been long-standing for awhile. It always felt like "Probably not priority, I'm sure they'll get to it eventually" and not worth bugging DE over once I saw that threads had started on these topics. But it's been much too long now for the K-drives and the Codex to both be universally bugged and I'm starting to grow concerned this might just be forgotten if it's not advertised more. As for the requests made under the hidden contents tag, I have to agree those would be nice. I know that I for one can't hit Delete fast enough when I see another obnoxious message about the incessant Ghoul threat and then their subsequent "defeat" (for... what, two week?). This is way too minor of a gameplay feature to necessitate inbox spam. That said, the real issue are K-drives and Codex.
  10. These are the standout QoL changes to me. I thank DE for considering these even though - as far as I'm aware - no one was really asking for it. This is great. Also, I mentioned Zhuge Prime's "Alarming" firing before and mentioned I would be starting a thread if it was not changed... but it seems it's not Alarming? The impact of the bolts can cause enemy alertness, but this isn't much different from thrown Glaives drawing alertness if they miss and ricochet, and they are still considered "Silent" in my opinion (as melee weapons, they do not have this show up in UI though, as all melee are "assumed" to be Silent even though some, like Gunblades, are not). I feel like it would, no pun intended, silence a lot of complaint if the UI was just changed to read "Silent" on Zhuge Prime since the firing does not alert enemies to your individual location or break Ivara's Prowl. Zhuge Prime works a lot like Ballistica Prime as a weapon of misdirection, that causes triggers enemy alertness, but away from the player (by creating a ghost as a discount Loki Decoy or an explosion as a distraction). Ballistica Prime is called "Silent" in UI - why is Zhuge Prime not? I'm honestly confused at this point.
  11. Indeed, I had forgotten to consider this option, but it's up there, too. Unlikely, given the rarity of the events (Dakra Prime with Mag Prime, repurposed from what was going to be a Cronus Prime as I understand it, and only once ever again with Euphona Prime and Banshee Prime), but possible!
  12. Indeed, DE seems to have a problem these days with trying to make everything a crit weapon, ESPECIALLY enhanced versions (Prime, Vandal, Wraith, Prisma). There are precious few recent exceptions - Glaxion Vandal comes to mind which has almost the same stats (including awful low crit) as the base but is massively more powerful because of an AoE that spreads damage and status on any point the beam impacts (it can easily fully armor strip and wipe squads in almost no time with a Corrosive build). I have a good feeling Ivara may be primed with Daikyu as well, which should be a couple prime accesses off based on the release schedule (you never know though, especially with how Atlas just got shafted). Daikyu and Cernos Prime are my favorite bows and it would be an exciting time (even if my Daikyu riven disposition is going to tank - but that was mostly to counterbalance the changes during that primary weapon stat overhaul a while back where they inexplicably nerfed Daikyu base damage heavily and hence one-shotting power and provided unilateral buffs to things like Dread and Rakta Cernos, so I'll have gotten my money's worth from buying it off someone). However, DE needs to approach this carefully if they don't want to create a massive meta shift in bows. If they just slap crit on it, as you've pointed out... Things could get out of hand quickly. And no gimmicks readily come to mind that would be suitable for Daikyu Prime, so that's a hard sell, too. What to do? If DE remains perplexed about this as they very well might, I would hope to see Ivara come out with Attica Prime, since Rubico Prime and Zhuge Prime have now been stolen off the list by other primes in the time since this thread began with speculation. Just... for the love of all things good and true... Attica Prime better be silent. Making Zhuge Prime alarming was a massive slap in the face for the all the people waiting for primed crossbows, since an innately silent weapon (saves the mod slot for warframes like Ivara that would often silence other weapons) is one of the key selling points of crossbows. Bows, crossbows, and snipers are what come to mind when I think of Ivara Prime. Baza Prime is the only fringe case that I think would still make sense. All snipers have been used up, Daikyu is the only remaining Tenno faction bow, and Attica Prime is the only remaining Tenno faction crossbow. Of course, this is all assuming DE actually releases the prime access in a way that complements the warframe thematic... which we have all been assuming. I think there is a good chance they will, but we can't be certain. They might just come out of left field and release something silly. Her release secondary, Talons Prime, could still be on the table. I also do actually really like the idea of a Veldt Prime here that came up. Veldt I have found quite unimpressive in its release state, so I feel it deserves a second chance to prove itself with an early prime. If they gave it Silent firing as a gimmick (since the base is Alarming, as with all guns outside Baza) alongside buffed stats, it could make a very strong thematic complement to Ivara since it really does have that hunting rifle look to it. "Sniper lite" someone called the theoretical Veldt Prime if it went down a path that plays up its unique scoping - this would allow it to slide its way into that "sniper" category that fits Ivara without actually being one of the snipers since they're all gone now. All we can do is wait and see. The pool of thematically logical possibilities certainly has narrowed heavily since this discussion opened months back.
  13. I was never speaking about grind or monetization. On that I have no comment. You're straying off my point, which is that it benefits no one - not even them - to patch things late that they have decided make the game better (or more addictive, or however you interpret it) and cause unrest in the community. It makes players uncomfortable and potentially causes them eventual player loss from fatigue at trying to get things changed and not being sure what's going on. Those things aren't good for anybody, and DE stands to gain nothing from it.
  14. If they outright hated players, they wouldn't be implementing these fixes. If they acted to spite players as much as you claimed, I doubt they'd have any playerbase at all by this point and would have crashed and burned financially with no player support. I'm open to alternative viewpoints and interpretations of what is going on with the executive calls at DE (as I've said, their actions are at times very confusing), but there's no real foundation for your claims and no reason for us to believe we're in a war of the wills with some spiteful entity holding our favorite game hostage. I also disagree with you strongly on your assessment of gameplay. I believe the Profit Taker is great, and the Razorback in its current state is one of my favorite events in the entire game. Does this make me a pawn of a system trying to manipulate players? No, it just means I have a different opinion from you. Just because there are some things you don't like in game doesn't mean everyone else agrees those things are bad, just as it is does not mean that DE is trying to spite you. My issue arises from things DE has chosen to do belatedly despite almost unanimous player consensus. Things that DE even seems to agree are good changes - but ships them in their unpolished state, only to patch them at some date later on.
  15. I find it extremely strange that this hotfix exists, rather than the challenge description reading as it now does, on initial release. For anyone that doesn't understand - multiple people wrote as feedback on the official Nightwave feedback thread for planned changes in season 2 that this challenge was very vague and and unclear. It sounded like you needed to transmute three mods into one new one (which is impossible and would confuse new players) when you need to perform transmutations of four mods into one, a total of three times. This was asked for by many people, and no one recommended against it. This wasn't controversial is any way. The proposed change made by feedback was simply more precise language. Fast forward to now, the official patch goes live with the unclear language. I simply assumed DE found such trivialities as the exact semantics and wording beneath the concerns of getting Nightwave updated for a second release. Then, within days of launch, the need to change and clarify the language is so urgent a hotfix is pushed live just to correct that? ....Because I find it hard to believe this hotfix was already planned (being so soon after the Nightwave s2 launch) with so few fixes and that one suspicious description change. I don't get it. This reminds me tremendously of the Arbitration changes. DE created a workshop, got tons of feedback, didn't implement a SINGLE change to their proposed release. Then, mere days after the release of a very unpopular set of Arbitration changes, some of the most prominent suggestions from the workshop feedback were implemented as if some rushed response to backlash. It's CLEAR that DE is listening to and reading our feedback closely in an industry that I feel rarely has developers doing a good job at that. It's the only way to explain how they could change the wording to exactly what we proposed long ago on this challenge, or on such short order as a few days provide changes that lined up perfectly with what the Arbitration feedback workshop had suggested. So.... why release the broken version at all, if it's clear you can listen and incorporate feedback? Is it that much sin to wait two days on launch to finish making the last adjustments based on feedback to release a polished output, rather than a messy launch like the disastrous Arbitration update with its multitude of backlash? Based on this hotfix, it sounds like DE has not learned from that backlash and that worries me. I tend to trust DE because of the clear signs they listen (as shown here), but this trend of "listen closely, push release live unchanged anyway for ASAP release, patch two days later with feedback provided months before" worries me greatly. First impressions matter. People freak out and wonder if things will stay - permanently - in the state they launched. That freak-out reaction causes player stress, player stress can harm a community when it is ongoing for a long time. I don't want that to happen to us in this community. EDIT: Don't think I've forgotten Zhuge Prime has an Alarming firing sound and deals self-damage, removing all the selling points of taking crossbows and bows. This was the first primed crossbow. One or two more patches go by without this being switched to Silent at the very least, and I will have to create a dedicated topic on this in the forums as it is the ultimate letdown to all crossbow enthusiasts.
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