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  1. Something you don't even mention (and I agree with all your saying here) is how insufferable it feels to be forced to wait minutes on end for the Treasurer to even spawn in the first place. This is exacerbated by the fact that - as you point out - we are effectively mandated to take Mesa and Xoris to even have any chance at all of the C rotation reward, which is mandatory to progressing the farm. This means I have to spend literal hours of gameplay with my loadout effectively scripted to Mesa w/ Xoris regardless of how much I like or hate that loadout. Time not even spent progressing any so
  2. Yes, a very eloquent and convincing deconstruction of the my response to each of your points on the reply you left of equal length. You actually would be amazed how much of these sections DE reads, especially since they skim over the banter of people trading quick jabs at each other, and are more inclined to spend time on responses that appear thoughtful. Whether or not DE reads it, we at least know from your own admission that your desire to contribute to a discussion over Kuva Bramma's future as a weapon does not matter enough to you to be worth your time reading a post only margin
  3. I'm aware of this, but what Lenz did, Kuva Bramma has always done with greater consistency in getting those applications down for reliable kills. This was a mistake on my part in not emphasizing that reliability was a critical factor here. The unwieldiness was another factor I considered bringing up, but felt was tangential. You are absolutely correct that it was another factor that cemented Lenz's loss of popularity. Again, this is a place you lose me. You explain exactly how Bramma dominates everything else (before shortly below this) claiming that it was "never overpowered" and
  4. I still use kitguns heavily - a couple of them are my current go-to weapons because of how reliable and versatile they are in endgame content. Am I not part of the playerbase? This part I understand. The potential for this to turn into a musical chairs scenario is a valid concern. The trick to a healthy game state is knowing when to pull the trigger and yank something back in line because it just going too far (letting things go unchecked is just negligence, not respect for the players), and when to just let a popular thing be popular. I don't want people to lose the fun of a weapo
  5. I don't have a problem with individuals such as yourself arguing that some things get reconsidered. That's fine debate, and you make a fair point. As you can probably see, though, I was responding to a person who was extremely disingenuous to the developers and ranting without even understanding the discussion well enough to provide relevant feedback. Five ammo is ridiculously low. Maybe too low - I'll need to test it out for myself to know the answer to that, which I intend to do over the upcoming day... but I honestly do not think it will be too low. Here's why: Lenz was extrem
  6. No, they've adjusted usage for other widely overused weapons and strategies before that weren't launchers. The very fact people are calling this "Catchmoon 2.0" should have alerted you to the fact that DE isn't discriminatory specifically to launchers when it comes to pulling things in line. Actually, this was one of the most widely-requested ways of nerfing the weapon, as it reduces its ability to spam and fill the map with eye-bleed projectiles and encourages smart use rather than flailing it at even solo enemies where it takes overkill to a completely surreal level - and yet does a
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