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  1. why would anyone want to past over 4000? its even hard for me get into 4000
  2. so no more lv 145 awoo man? thats bit disappointing, i love wasting full 30 mnts killing him
  3. is there any way to see which data hashes you havent scan yet?
  4. zaw with exodia contagia wont work anymore with orb? is it intended?
  5. is the 10 mnt cooldown on archwingdeployer a bug or a feture?
  6. there is a 10 mnt cooldown on archgun deployer?
  7. damn i use vehicle to recast nova's 1st, so i cant do it anymore?
  8. anyone uses opticor here? i cant seem to damage jugernaut with my opticor since umbra update, is it only me?
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