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  1. 1). Can Pets be seen by other players in the dojo or have a room to have them play around and interact with? 2). New War, when do you guys think the new war will be safely released to pc and console? 3). Will Rail Jack be released this year as well? It is the end of September going into October you don't have long for this year. Plus it’s going to take even longer for the consoles to get rail jack or new war. 4). Will the Xbox have a rework of the prestige collection armor?
  2. DE I have a question. when will you complete the unfinished parts in Warframe. like lunaro or poe and etc. I actually would like to see that happen more than anything else it doesn't have to be all at one time but in parts with these updates have a small team work on this part and get feedback for the things that need to be changed. I hope that you do read this and take this into consideration and thought. - Kuri p.s life of rio has a very good point.
  3. I haven't gotten any drops since I started watching which was Thursday. so yeah.
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