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  1. DE I have a question. when will you complete the unfinished parts in Warframe. like lunaro or poe and etc. I actually would like to see that happen more than anything else it doesn't have to be all at one time but in parts with these updates have a small team work on this part and get feedback for the things that need to be changed. I hope that you do read this and take this into consideration and thought. - Kuri p.s life of rio has a very good point.
  2. I haven't gotten any drops since I started watching which was Thursday. so yeah.
  3. [Clan Name: Ente Crest Clan Tier: Ghost Clan Clan Platform: Xbox One Clan Role: Founding Warlord. The theme for this dojo is serenity and tranquility. Peace for a mind at war. The people who helped me with this are: AirlessScroll93, Victor Saber224,ShadowLigh7ning,Thebombdotcom01,wanather
  4. Ok, I have been trying to ask this for a while. In the dojos can our pets the ones not equipped roam the halls without their owners in the instance. I would like to see that. or like a pet room for the dojos. will there also be a skin for khora in the future or no.
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