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  1. you didnt and wont ever pay for nightwave. people payed money for tickets/ digital pass so there is more consideration because people spent money
  2. People travel.... Some people don't have instant access the day of.... PEOPLE WORK...lots of reasons... It hurts nothing to keep the duration what it is but helps all the people who where at the event and people that have busy lives
  3. Again does no one understand that Sony and Microsoft DO NOT set PA prices yes but they most likely charge DE a set price for data transfer and taxes or some other secondary charge for PA so if Sony and Microsoft start charging DE more for those secondary charges the item that is being bought will also increase in price. That is how Sony and Microsoft can say they do not "directly" set the PA price and be telling the truth but still be the direct cause why the price went up ONLY on consoles and why DE say's that its Sony and Microsoft that decide those prices cause they do. If DE was gonna raise the price of PA they would have done it across the board not just on consoles.
  4. Does no one question maybe Microsoft and Sony decided to charge DE more making your PA cost more cause that's how that works
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