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  1. The truth stings. Was waiting for that 😞
  2. Still haven't shown me where I've bashed the developers. If the proof of your claim exists, present it. Otherwise you're slandering me.
  3. She literally has half her theme built around aviation with her physical representation and her kit name. But ok.
  4. Which leads to the main topic: why ask us what we want, take what we ask for, and slap in onto two different frames and clam up when asked about the decision for years? That's what has some of us upset.
  5. Considering hovering was requested and added, just in a horrid state, developers disagree with you.
  6. That's kind of the entire issue here. They "maybes" and "eventually". We've been waiting for years already. And the requested features for zephyr have been twice now added to other warframe that could have been added to zephyr in response to the overwhelming requests of what players of zephyr wanted: flight that looked good and felt good.current tailwind doesn't meet the standard.
  7. My dude. What? This thread isn't about hyldrin. Its about hyldrin having a hover that was asked for zephyr.
  8. Almost a week but yes it's still going on. Dude!? Do you understand that not once have I made the "birb therefore must fly" argument? Stop attacking arguments I'm not making because it's dumb and misses the point entirely? So what? The entire issue is that when DE asked the zephyr community what we wanted for her when her turn on the chopping block for prime access update came, the overwhelmingly requested feature ignored and instead, turkey mode. You're not getting it in your hildryn zephyr distance speed challenge. It's not about who can do it faster, because that would be Titania with her Razorwing Blitz augment, which at max pwr str puts her almost as fast as an Itzal teleport. The thing about Hyldrin that has me bothered, is that her hover is what a lot of us Zephyr mains wanted for her hover mode, and a high speed flight mode to be her main travel skill, with the tailwind instant cast functioning exactly as it does now. We asked for things for Zephyr, and they were given to Titania and Hyldrin instead. We don't want "simulated flight" that has you stuck in your direction of travel until the animation is finished or unless you divebomb (MOAR POWAR) to get out of the skill.
  9. Naw pimp. You made the accusation, burden of proof falls on you. Show me where I bashed the developers, or retract your statement.
  10. .I'm asking a genuine question here, with no actual hostility in my tone voice or what I'm attempting to communicate: Can you actually read? Is someone reading this to you, for you? Show me exactly where I have attacked DE for starters, then by all means show me every post you claim I attacked them. Considering the scathing climate of "overprotection" on the forums and in game with censorship and the like, one would think that this thread would have already been deleted by someone if it were bashing or inflammatory in nature. And yet, it lives. You think I've not gotten posts reported in this thread? You do realize that someone has come through and deleted several posts, yet this thread remains. So again, can you read? Or at the least comprehend what you read? No flight surfaces? guess those things on her forearm aren't canards and it's definitely not an empennage between her legs. Doesn't read rework suggestion, but knows it won't work. Is this some kind of joke? What mystic psychic lands do you hail from, oh mighty Time Wizard? putting words in your mouth? You literally have no idea what it that we want and you sit and criticize what we're asking for. Lemme put this in clear words. That, is lunacy. Your argument boils down to, quite literally I might add " I don't know what you want but it won't work because it's stupid" as you pour boiling oil over your face. You're entirely ignorant on something that's easily accessible and you refuse to inform yourself, but still insist it won't work. So, if you're going to continue to make asinine claims about how we're attacking developer staff members(not true) and tell us all how what we want that you don't even understand isn't possible(also not true) then please cease from adding your uninformed opinion out there? We who actually play the frame with frequent to full use kinda don't need someone telling us what we want. we kinda know, we want her to fly.
  11. You're right. I actually legit forgot that the only way to get out of tailwind is to use more power. Tim Taylor would approve. Except that doesn't allow you to change vector, or avoid slamming into walls. and in response to your non-legit answers? Basically amounts to experience and knowledge is worthless. Nice. If its trivial to you, why bother even responding? What I find amusing is how people with either nothing or very little invested in the frame that's in question herecome simply to oppose when it won't really affect them. Maybe if you'd read my flight mechanic rework, you'd know that what you're saying isn't what we want. We want fast, controlled flight and the hover mechanic to have an actual use. If hildryn's flight mode were the new hover for zephyr, and we had a more high speed version for other than "stationary" flight, it'd be exactly as we want it. And by, the way, it is what the community wanted. every. single. time. it was brought up. When DE asked actual zephyr mains, you know, those of us with millions of affinity and an overwhelming usage rating versus time played? They did that. They reached out to me, another named CaptainBMF, and a few others with as they put it "extraordinary" usage. We all wanted some form of controlled flight. Thaylien made a series of(although I disagree with the direction they wanted) fantastic aerial reworks that could have still been better than turkey mode. What did we get? Turkey mode. The hover mechanic hyldrin got? suggested for Zephyr. The flight mode Titania got? requested for Zephyr. Granted yes Titania uses archwing mechanics, and yes she has her size reduced. However, the introduction of Zephyr in U12 saw the increase in hall width, and height as well as widening several open tilesets by several meters. They adjusted the playspace to acomodate something that broke from mechanical and traditional norms at the time. Now? We have archwing with the use of normal weapons. We have massive open spaces. And all that would need happen for Tailwind to give zephyr players of all playstyles what they want, is already present in the mechanic as it currently functions. Literally only needs to be re-aligned. So, please, if you're going to argue against myself, know what you're talking about? Don't sit there trying to tell us what we want isn't going to work when you don't even know what we want. And that is your view. Your view doesn't super-cede the view of anyone else, and it's quite rude to declare that something trivial to you, should be trivial to others. Those of us who fell in love with the frame at launch have used her for years as a favorite. I myself mained her exclusively for close to three years straight. So, when the developers ask those of us who are deeply attached to the frame what it is we'd like to see in her next balance pass. and the desired change is almost unanimous for "we want her to fly" and what we get is not "she can fly" but "she's the turkey of the sky" and now hyldrin has something that we genuinely feel would have been a massive QoL buff for our beloved zephyr. This, is the issue. We are tired of being asked specifically what it is we want about a specific frame that we choose to sink time into, only for the things we ask for in direct relation to being asked what we want, being given to another frame without so much as a "sorry bruh it wouldn't have worked" as a response.
  12. That is something I can definitely get behind as a starting point, sure.
  13. I wish I could tell ya. As is my computer has gone the route of toasterdom and as such barely able to play content of the plains and not even able to enter the valis. However, before hand I would also be targetd by AA guns on the plains as Titania, so hopefully they fixed that.
  14. That's the thing: "eventually" has been a word we toss around a lot. It's why the forums exploded when her prime came up as she was getting a balance pass. iirc zephyr's prime access didn't do well at all, but I'd need hard numbers to nail that one down.
  15. Because the small community of zephyr players who actually play the frame have been requesting these exact systems for YEARS but she doesn't get them and not one but two frames do. That is the issue.
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