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  1. "Just use this mouse" is not a solution to a mechanic that could be made much better with slight alterations. My suggestion would actually increase mobility and control I am aware of how armor works. How armor works is not the point of this post. It's to highlight how tailwind could be immensely improved. please xplain precisely in what way you feel that this alteration would not be a benefit. Or are you arguing that hopping around the entire mission is a viable game play method? the issue I have on the matter is that the ability could be much better and much more contr
  2. Let me start off by saying how pleased I am that we're almost at a truly sufficient tailwind mechanic, but not quite. The rest of Zephyr's kit and passive I've no issue with anymore so I won't be going into detail on them. I will instead be focusing on Tailwind, its mechanics and its' augment Target Fixation. Where the ability fails: The ability fails in being cohesive, and reduction of strain on play hands. How does it fail in cohesion? Let me explain. In order to go zooomy super speed you need only tap the ability on the ground or in the air. Neat. Works just as it always ha
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