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  1. "Just use this mouse" is not a solution to a mechanic that could be made much better with slight alterations. My suggestion would actually increase mobility and control I am aware of how armor works. How armor works is not the point of this post. It's to highlight how tailwind could be immensely improved. please xplain precisely in what way you feel that this alteration would not be a benefit. Or are you arguing that hopping around the entire mission is a viable game play method? the issue I have on the matter is that the ability could be much better and much more controllable than it presently is. I just faile to understand how anyone can think more control and better responses are a bad thing.
  2. Let me start off by saying how pleased I am that we're almost at a truly sufficient tailwind mechanic, but not quite. The rest of Zephyr's kit and passive I've no issue with anymore so I won't be going into detail on them. I will instead be focusing on Tailwind, its mechanics and its' augment Target Fixation. Where the ability fails: The ability fails in being cohesive, and reduction of strain on play hands. How does it fail in cohesion? Let me explain. In order to go zooomy super speed you need only tap the ability on the ground or in the air. Neat. Works just as it always has save for the divebomb effect being triggered by zippy zoom down instead of press 2 lul. The issue is the hover mechanics function, its' look (sweet merciful God why is she flying in fetal position?!) and its speed. Having to hold one while trying to engage in movement although not precisely difficult, it does eventually strain the hand, even on smaller keyboards. The speed of the hover is honestly a tad slow as well, leading to sluggish movement as one wades through bodies from above. Target Fixation as it stands within tailwinds current implementation does not work even remotely effectively. TF adds 100% damage to tailwind per enemy hit with tailwind, with a grace period of two seconds. This sounds quite wonderful on paper. It gives the impression that one will be able to literally rip through enemies if one connects with enough enemies. This does not actually work. Yes, damage is in fact increased. The problem is the fact that you have to actually be zipping through enough enemies to build a sufficient charge. And when level 110 corrupted bombards are taking minute ticks of damage with a 17000% bonus damage that takes monumental effort to get to I feel less than rewarded for my work. Where the ability succeeds: Lol Zephyr go brrrrrrrrt swish swish. How do we fix this with minimal work and maximum benefit: We simply re-align some mechanics to separate functions. First, we change pressing 1 to activate the hover, and we tie the actual tailwind animation and effects, divebomb included, to the sprint function. This leaves you tapping the ability one time, and pressing your sprint to go zoom zoom, which I imagine every player has their sprint function mapped to shift. Next, we unlock the Y axis for the hover mode. This lets you course correct should you have accidentally jumped too high before trying to engage your hover, which can be an issue for beam weapons. Finally, we take divebombs effects and make them trigger on enemy collision, ending with a hard stop only on hard surface collision. So how divebomb would now work is instead of slamming Zephyr directly into the ground, the impact force would carry in the direction of travel prior to impact. Essentially, if you're cruising through a crowded hallway, you're doing to "divebomb" every enemy in your way. You won't stop flying in the direciton you're aiming, but the enemies will still take the full effect of divebomb as if you had used the ability as currently functions with a vertical slam. Damage for divebomb iirc is scaled off of altitude and flight speed, so I'm not sure it that would need to be changed or not. What this change would bring about gameplay wise: Namely target fixation wouldn't be a wasted mod slot, The warframe would have greater opportunity or asserting air superiority and divebomb would function much better at and for crowd control or damage application. I do apologize for the haphazard post, I just recovered from food poisoning and haven't slept in about 18 hours but this needed to be posted before I forgot entirely. Please post your critiques agreements or disagreements, but please do so in a respectful manner as to avoid your posts being deleted. I honestly want the feedback and I can't read it if it gets ninja'd. Thanks for your time and consideration. ~Lee
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