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  1. disappointed to see the next prime vault.. was hoping something else 🥶🥵🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Warframe: Zephyr and Chroma Prime Vault
  2. Twitter Poll for guessing the release on Console Twitter link
  3. DE should have a prize for correctly guessing the exact date.. my guess is 12 April. put your guesses, lets see...
  4. HI DE The timings of stream are very focused on the north America audience. For rest of world these timings doesn't work all the time. Please plan for repeat telecast targeting to rest of world. You can always control the drops in such a way that users doesn't get it twice for repeat telecast.
  5. buggy system. no drop after watching full stream. got the helmet but not shawzin.. something wrong the twitch drop system
  6. hi Have anyone noticed that you cant use (Prime) Nekros's 4 ability "shadow of death" in Elite sanctuary onslaught mission. I kept on getting message "skill not ready" for 8 rounds. That's kind of lame. Has anyone else faced this issue as well? Any explanations?
  7. some points to address: 1. going to RJ, starting a mission and finding the crew itself a big time consuming problem. Need to simple method integrated with startchart to see the missions and # of open sqad 2. 50% of the time the RJ mission has crashed on me one way or another (player disconnect, host migration, loot lost etc). PLEASE PLEASE make it crash proof. 3. Earning the RJ items is very skewed and take lots of grind. 4. even the 1st RJ mission is not easy for new players. Highly solo-unfriendly 5. Loose the repair material, even if you loose mission. 6. RJ ha
  8. I am trying to complete this test with Wish and Skiajati/ Glaive. Put Enemy Sense and Motus Signal. Increase the Range if you wish... jump all the time and hold WISP in air, as it makes him invisible.. its difficult but doable after some practice and lots n lots of patience. Take your time. Dont hurry. Remember all the abilities and operator is locked in this test currently.
  9. Not everyone knows what these items looks like. please share a picture - Data Cube Pet Toy...
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