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  1. platform: xbox Mission - final fight with Sister. Expected result - Requiem Ultimatum drop shown on killing the sister. But missing in final reward page problem: Requiem Ultimatum shown during the mission (for killing the sister) is not awarded once the mission in complete. I am 1000% sure that I has 2 Requiem Ultimatums in my inventory AND 1000% sure that I for the Requiem Ultimatum after killing my sis. it showed while the mission progressed. But end-of mission it didn't show Requiem Ultimatum. I checked my inventory and I still have 2 Requiem Ultimatum. I think there is a bug on Requiem Ultimatum. Please check and help. Thanks.
  2. hi Here are links to check the weekly Riven trading Data https://tenno4life.com/mod/riven-trade-xbox/ https://tenno4life.com/mod/riven-trade-nintendo-switch/ https://tenno4life.com/mod/riven-trade-pc/ https://tenno4life.com/mod/riven-trade-play-station/ You can directly access the data for a weapon example - https://tenno4life.com/mod/riven-trading/?type=ps&weapon=broken-war Type = xb for XBOX, ns for Nintendo Switch, ps for Play Station and pc for PC. Hope this helps.
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