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  1. After a very long intermission, I decided to try and finish the Sands of Inaros quest. I made sure to look up on the wiki for the best place to farm denial bursas, and decided on Gulliver, Phobos. First time, I was the host, and was joined by someone who also was trying to finish the quest. We killed 4 denial bursas, though I only did damage to 2 of them. The mission ends, and I look at the urn for the quest, and it's 99% filled when before the mission it was empty. The next 6-8 runs I was not the host, and no amount of damage I did to any of the denial bursas that spawned brought the urn any closer to full. I tried running it solo and invite only, and the denial bursas never spawned. I even got an alliance member to join the mission to ensure that I would go into it as the host, killed two denial bursas, and I still didn't get credit for them somehow. I honestly don't know how to progress from here, beyond filling out a ticket, but I figured I'd try here first to see if anybody had any suggestions.
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