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  1. becca postou uma instabilidade no servidor bom observar a situacao do chat apos o proximo hotfix.
  2. we will always support you!!!! letsdoit #lifttogether love you boss love warframeteam
  3. sentients....? Cetus new season? ... Quest Khora and Garuda PLEASE... awesome lore pls quest now!!!
  4. @NaughtyKat your words my words ... @[DE]Megan look ...
  5. @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Megan hi ... thanks for hotfix... so new twitch prime pack is commming ? trinity prme and new saydana????
  6. @[DE]Megan NICE update thanks team... so glyph ... Clisthert Helm when?
  7. more infested things? armor, saydana, weapons ... glass armor for sentinels and companions ? companions and sentinel attachments? change color decorations! more simaris weapons more weapon syndicates mods New warframe?? When?
  8. @[DE]Rebecca Venari: Definitely a positive boost in the right direction with this ability. Idea 3: Skill VENARI: ATTACK >>> PROTECT >>>>> HEAL >>>>> STEALTH (hold position or follow) >>>>> LURE (choose one target like ash and Venari position)
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