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  1. rune_me

    The Rise of Anthem:- Warframe Overhaul?

    8 dollars for the skins in the shop. And it can all be earned in game though very fair grinding judging by the coins I've gotten so far. That's hardly overpriced.
  2. Well Anthem is a ton of fun so far. First major obstacle (and so far the most difficult opponent in the game) was the 30 minutes it took to actually log on to the servers after launch. Good job EA. And yeah I know, it was only 30 minute, and if this had been some small developers first foray into multiplayer games I'd easily have forgiven it. But this is a company that frankly should have both the money and the know-how to run game servers, and that charges you to get to play the game before anyone else, so I don't think being a bit salty about it is unreasonable. But once that was fixed, everything's great. I had lots of hickups and framedrops during the demo, but those are all gone and the game runs smoothly. And it's lots of fun so far. Dollar prices for new skins seems to be set around 8 dollars. It's too early to say how long it will take me to grind the coins in game for that same skin.
  3. rune_me

    How change profile pic on forums?

    Log out. Clear your browser cache. Log in again. It should fix it.
  4. rune_me

    Requesting short dev. answer RE: clan emblem

    Try in the feedback section. The devs usually read posts there.
  5. rune_me

    Prime Time #236's Twitch Drop is what?

    Just stream it in 160p. You don't have to be actually watching it to get the drops.
  6. rune_me

    just watched a nice trailer about warframe.Enjoy!

    I don't think EA/Bioware would have recruited him if they didn't think that. Like I said, that's kind of his thing, and he is a go to guy if you want to test the waters and see if there is a potential for a future movie. Personally, I kind of hope not. Let's be honest, movies based on video games are always terrible (except for Mortal Kombat, I still love that one). The last thing we need is another video game movie. A short film maybe, or an anime, sure that would be cool, but I kind of don't want a live action full length feature film. Not of Warframe either for that matter. But I get a feeling EA probably do want it, since they are in contact with Blomberg.
  7. Not really an issue any more since we're getting individual extraction. So now everyone can join whatever mission they like and stay for exactly as long as they like. No more convincing others to stay, or being stuck for 20 minutes longer than you wanted to. The issue is solved. Well you are allowed to think that. What you think is rude is not really relevant to anyone else but you. Just as you didn't care that the person sitting at extraction thinks you're being rude for not letting him extract. They're not going to stay if I'm there. Then you're going to leave with us.
  8. rune_me

    just watched a nice trailer about warframe.Enjoy!

    I mean it's a Blomkamp project, it's not really suppose to sell you on anything but an overall vibe. That's how he's always done things. He makes small 5-8 minutes "movies", sometimes backed up by people with money, release them to see how they are received, and if they become popular or someone decides to invest further, he turns them into movies, shorts or tv-shows. Sometimes they fizzle out and nothing comes of it, sometimes they turn into amazing movies like District 9 or Chappie
  9. Yes I agree with you that if you want to sure that you can leave after the first wave/5 minutes, you have to form a group before hand. Otherwise you don't know what you get and you risk being stuck for half an hour in a mission. But it goes both way. If you want to be sure that you can saty for half an hour or more, you also need to form a group before hand, or you risk being extracted after the first 5 minutes. Rule number one of online play: if you play in a public game you don't get to complain about the outcome afterwards. All I said was, that if one person wants to leave in a game I'm in, I have always joined him to trigger the extraction because it's the nice thing to do. And there's not much the remaining 2 players can do about that, since that's my choice. Though to be fair, if I'm done ranking weapons up in Hydron and the rest of my team ask if we can't stay for another 10 waves (or however many), I have also always agreed to stay even though I have nothing to gain for it, because again, that's the nice thing to do.
  10. Wether they go to chat to form a party or not is entirely up to them. I have no say in that matter. But the rules of online games are simple. If you play public, you have no control over who you end up with, so if two other players decide to leave your game after 5 minutes and that annoys you, that's entirely on you for playing public. No one said you should. But if you want to be certain you can stay with a 4 man team for 20+ minutes in an endless mission, you have no choice but to do it. Up to you, though. That entirely up to said player to decide. If said player don't want to go solo, there's nothing preventing said player from joining your team if you are playing a public game. I don't insist on anything. I just play the game the way I want to play it. Nothing you can do about that. Oh wait, there actually is, you could go to recruit chat and form a team, that way you won't end up in a match with me. But other than that, there really is nothing you can do about it. The difference between you an me is, that if I want the game to played in a specific way - opening specific relics, farming for specific mats, staying for a specific time in a mission - I form a team with my clan members or I go to recruit chat to form a team. That is indeed the norm and as such I very much conform to the standard. Whereas your insistence that the rest of your team in a public game should just conform to you, is very much not the standard.
  11. YouTube reserves their nukes for videos that dares to play 10 seconds of somebody else's copyrighted music.
  12. DE spend lots of money on advertising Fortuna. I mean they even had a giant screen in the middle of Times Square. That couldn't have been cheap by any definition of the word.
  13. rune_me

    How many have you murdered

    Five people. Oh no, six actually. ... Oh wait, you meant in the game. Never mind then.
  14. rune_me

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    But DE does give rewards based on contribution. There's a very clear rule that says you're not allowed to be AFK'ing. If you are for more than X minutes (I forgot how many) you will in fact not get any rewards at all, because you get flagged by the AFK timer. Because DE don't want you to do it, they have specified a clear rule not to, and coded preventive measures into their game to prevent you from doing it. The very thing I said was needed. If DE don't want you to do it, and if doing it results in a warning from the developer, then yes, it should be banned outright. Or like the AFK-timer, you should not be given any reward if you do it.
  15. rune_me

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    Sure, but while they were taking their time to fix it, there were no rule that you weren't allowed to use Chroma's abilities, there were no warning messages send to users and no one getting banned.