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  1. Nope, this is not a letter. It's a forum post. In the wrong sub section of the forum, even.
  2. We can not make the game better for everyone. Because everyone don't want the same thing. If I want Itzal nerfed and you don't, then how can we make the game better for both of us? That would be impossible. Since the Warframe community is not a hive mind, and since we clearly want very different things from the game, every decision made is bound to make someone happy, and someone else unhappy.
  3. Yeah I misunderstood you, then. And I agree it's censorship, and certainly never claimed otherwise. I'm Danish. We don't actually have any censorship on TV when it comes to what you can and can't say (we do for showing violence and nudity, but it's a lot less extreme than in the US). People can curse all they want in the evening news, nothing will be bleeped out.
  4. Not what's happening here at all. There's no party A and party B. We are all party A. It's not like I can call Nezha a trap all I want, but you aren't allowed to. Censorship is applied evenly across the board. It is no different than a TV station bleeping out the F-word because the producers and editors has decided they don't want that word in the evening news.
  5. I don't disagree at all. I have personally said from the start, that Warframe's chat is a product of being almost completely automated. Moderators are few and far between and the actual staff at DE has (as far as I can tell) nothing at all to do with it. It's mostly just a bot doing all the heavy lifting. Like you said "oversight from daily administrators" would go a long way. Just having more real people monitoring the chat and leaving the bot to only do simple tasks instead of handing out bans willy-nilly, would be ideal, in my opinion. But this has been suggested so many times, that at this point I don't really believe it will happen.
  6. This is an old dilemma that has been around since the dawn of chat and forum moderation and is nothing new under the sun. To give you an example. Once in Warframe's chat, if you wrote your entire sentence in all caps, it would get deleted. Then people came up with the "brilliant" idea to write the sentence in all caps, except for the last word of the sentence, thus "tricking" the bot and not getting the post deleted. So the rule has changed so that now, if your post contains more than X words in caps, it will get deleted. People thinking they could get away with breaking the rules, caused additional restrictions to be added to the bot to prevent them from doing it. This is why the bot is so strict. When you could in fact freely write the name of said country in chat, people used the name of that country to mean a racial slur, as an intentional misspelling, to trick the bot. So they had to add the misspelling (indeed different forms of misspellings) to the bot as well. This is not to prevent you from typing the name of a country, but to prevent people from intentionally circumventing the rules by misspelling a word. Similarly, when people found out they could not say "trap" in chat, some "clever" people decided to test the limits of the bot and what they could get away with. Such as linking to [Siphon trap], asking questions about Vauban, etc. If people had just accepted straight away that you couldn't type "Nezha is a trap" in chat, there would have been no need make stricter rules. But people couldn't do that. They poked the hornets nest, and then they are hear afterwards complaining that they got stung. Their desire to trick the bot and get away with breaking the rules, is why the rules are now as strict as they are. While I agree that none of this should lead to an instant, automatic ban (because insta-banning for a week seems harsh to me for all but the most serious offenders), there most certainly is a reason why the name of a country could get flagged by the bot. It's nothing unique to Warframe's chat either. In most games and online forums where the censoring process is automated, they include the possibility of intentional misspellings in their filters.
  7. This has always been the case. Most people who complain about chat moderation never actually got in trouble themselves, they just heard someone else complain and decided to get offended on their behalf, which is why so few people actually knows how these bans works. They are second-hand complainers, so to speak. But you can say the word trap just fine in the chat. I suspect if your post contains the words "is a trap" is what triggers it, but I wouldn't know. But just saying trap isn't enough.
  8. I am acting like it's facts because it is fact. If you believe otherwise, feel free to disprove me by showing me where in laws of what country it states that a media outlet does not have the right to censor their own media as long as they aren't discriminating. I'm not holding my breath, though.
  9. Not at all true. Video games, online forums, etc, are free to censor whatever they like. In most countries they aren't allowed to discriminate, but that is a different law and has nothing to do with censorship. Just as a tv-station is free to bleep out words they find offensive, so to video games are free to censor, restrict and ban words, phrases and behaviors the developers has deemed inappropriate. No law at all is being broken here. If you think a law is being broken you should report it to your authorities. I assure you, though, that they will tell you this is not the case. Corporations do have right to privacy for sure. You can't just barge unto their property. The government and lawyers needs subpoenas to investigate them, same as with people. Corporations are required by law to share certain data, but for the most part those are the same as a normal individual are required to share (like tax records). Also not true at all. Every casino in the world has dress codes. They are free to kick you out if you wear clothes they haven't approved of. This doesn't harm other customers, but it is in fact perfectly legal. Again, they are not allowed to discriminate, so the rules has to apply evenly across the board. So you can say "you can't wear a t-shirt in here" or "you aren't allowed to say so-and-so" on our forums. That is perfectly legal. You can not however say "women aren't allowed to wear t-shirts" or "people of [insert ethnic group here] aren't allowed to say so-and-so".
  10. Nor are they being violated. Your right to express yourself does not mean your right to express yourself in someone else's newspaper (the newspaper is free to not publish an article you write, if they so choose), in someone else's home or business (if I don't like how you express yourself in my house, I am free to kick you out the door) or in someone else's forum or game-chat. Freedom of expression just means you get to express yourself without fear of being arrested or persecuted by your government. That's it. That's all it means. Yes they do. In any so-called "free" country, corporations very much have rights. If they didn't, they wouldn't be allowed to make contracts, sue, be sued, etc. You couldn't fine them, they wouldn't have to pay taxes. And so on. It's called Corporate Personhood and means that corporations have - to a limited extent - the same legal rights as a human being, and that those rights exists separate from the individual people that comprise the corporation. Again, nor is that the case. You have no inalienable right to say what you want on Facebook or Twitter. Or in a restaurant where you are dining. Or in my house. Or rather, you can say what you want, but not without consequences. One such consequence may be that you get thrown out of the restaurant. Or banned from a forum or game. As long as you aren't being arrested or charged with a crime, your inalienable rights aren't being violated.
  11. There never was "freedom of expression" without limitations when expressing yourself through other people's mediums. Every newspaper, tv-station, media outlet in the world jas editors and publishers that applies censorship according to their own rules and regulations. Here's the good news. This doesn't in any way violate your freedom of expression. You are still free to stand on an street corner, or start your own chat/game/forum/whatever and express yourself all you want. But "freedom of expression" does not mean the right to express yourself through someone else's media, in someone else's house or restaurant or game. It never did and it never will, because the rights of those people to run their home or their business is just as important as your "freedom of expression".
  12. I think you are failing to understood what chat moderation is. It's not about what you find offensive. It's also not about what the majority finds offensive. It's about what the people who runs the chat and makes the rules finds offensive. They are the ones who program the kickbot, so they decide what words will trigger it.
  13. Well yeah, exactly. If it is all subjective, then there can be no objective rule as to what is right and wrong to say. That means it becomes up to each individual person or organization to make up some rules that fits into their world-view and their morality. If we all agreed which words were good or bad, there would not be a need for any rules at all, because we would all just avoid ever using those "bad" words. But since we can't agree, we need rules. That's true for most things where we make up rules and regulations. If we could all agree on what driving responsibly meant, we wouldn't need speed limits either. Ultimately that's why a chat like this has rules. Because, as is very evident by this thread, we clearly can't all agree. So it falls to the owners, in this case DE, to make some rules and tell us what is and isn't okay. That is the result of it being, as you correctly said, all subjective.
  14. Being able to call yourself what you want in the chat of a game is not a right, is what I'm saying. It's a service being offered. Your rights aren't being taken away from you. If saying the word or calling yourself that were made illegal, if you were fined or persecuted for doing it, etc, then it would violate your rights. This is not the case.
  15. Lol, chill. They have in no way, shape or form been denied their rights or their freedom of expression. They still have a right to exist, a right to express themselves, a right to name themselves and call themselves whatever they want. Banning a word from a chat in a game has no effect what so ever on anyone's rights.
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