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  1. i think it takes awhile cause nintendo trying to be too safe cause they dont want there systems to get hacked more then they already have in the past
  2. pretty sure the old blood situation had something to do with an earthquake that happen in japan
  3. forgot to mention to you the reason old blood got delayed badly was due to an earthquake in japan
  4. and what some people dont get is that the reason old blood update got delayed on switch for so long was due to an earthquake
  5. im pretty sure that was link to a accented that happen in japan i believe it was an earth quake
  6. i just found out nintendo of america handles the cert process and they only have 1 or 2 people who handle it also you also i forgot to mention you dont buy a nintendo console for indie games you buy it for the 1st party titles
  7. to be fair we are in the middle of a pandemic so it is also the reason why the update will be late
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