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  1. I don't mind if they change blink tho. I really want to use other AW too. But everytime i don't use Itzal, the bounty is done before i can reach the point. So it's kind of boring to not have Itzal. They can implement things on kdrives that AW lacks. Like for example, equipping mining/fishing gears, tranq rifle; or kdrives could have an innate open world resource radar. Something like that. They can also increase the speed of kdrives that is faster than a modded AW - kdrives do need to mind the terrain still.
  2. They're comparable but not entirely overshadows another. I get what you are saying since recent frames' most skills are side-graded combinations of multiple abilities of other frames.
  3. The recent devs showed Garuda deluxe. GARUDA!!! Which is not yet a year old frame. And she isn't even ugly!!! And her tennogen skin is amazing. And yet frames like base Hydroid has not even gotten one yet. Common, Hydroid needs that thicc legs reduced. There more fames like Zephyr, and Mirage. (their prime variants are good looking though).
  4. ..and her 4 is very beautiful. That's it. It's like Revenant's 4, but focused on a point rather than circling around.
  5. I just think that her 1 is very tedious to use; by Wisp or by another frame. You have to cast it then take it. There is a lot that can happen between those 2 animations. And her 3 is very non-existent. They should have put it in her 1. It's because her 3 is useless without casting her 1. I know synergy is a thing, but this is a forced synergy. IMO.
  6. So will weapons like Kohm have the same dispo for the rest of the future dispo updates?
  7. Thanks for this. The forma is a good compensation, I guess. back to formaing and leveling.
  8. When are we getting the fix for this!?
  9. Why is there still no fix for this? It happened to me and its frustrating.
  10. Update: [I just saw a similar topic, So I don't mind if this is unnoticed] I just finished leveling my recently forma-d Plague Keewar. Then I swapped the polarities, and it resulted in removing the stance polarity. At first, I didn't notice, because all the mods i have now fit, and it still has 4 excess capacity, but due to the not matching elemental combination, I swapped the polarities. And it removed one mod. I panicked, I didn't know what happened. And i noticed that the polarity in the stance mod is not green. and there i realized that the stance polarity is gone. This is frustrating!!!
  11. I just experienced this now with my Plague Keewar. It was excess of 4 more capacity. So i removed the mods and rearranged the polarities. But when i'm returning the mods, it just didn't fit. Then i noticed, the innate stance polarity(v) is gone.
  12. So Spellbind still lets enemies fly to Neverland. It's a good CC, but annoying. It should at least...uhm... be attracted to Lantern (I guess?) so that it is not flying away aimlessly. And Spellbind still just drops enemy weapons, not completely disarm them. TITANIA NEEDS MOOOOOOOOAR!!!
  13. When/where is the Titania rework/changes? Any news on the flying Eidolon? Can KDrive standing be earned in PoE?
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