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  1. All of this in orb vallis profit taker stage 4: (The first one isn't host migration but I'd rather not start a different topic for it, probably caused by bad host though) 1) at start, bugged for 30 seconds after trying to go into arching, couldn't do anything, no abilities. moving, nothing 2)Host migration happened, archweapon got (DE)equipped, profit taker shields became full. QUE ANOTHER HOST MIGRATION 3)Got downed, put into operator, operator died, got stuck like this. can move, nothing else, not even jumping and you move slow as hell, and no, not even dying. http://prntscr.com/ni2b8r not 4) Following that, everyone had the same fate, aka 1 more guy, they too left, and then this http://prntscr.com/ni2c40 profit taker orb does nothing except shoot 1-2 mortars every so often, quest doesn't progress, server's frozen, LD sometimes kills something.
  2. So, currently exalted weapons are buggy as hell, or at least on valkyr they are. If you have hysterical assault and you leap to an enemy, and for some reason it is cancelled, your FOV is fubbernucked until you do it again, and when it expires after that you're left unarmed and also sometimes unable to roll. This isn't meant to be a bug report topic though, but it's worth noting. I believe these changes are directly due to the melee 3 system, which in my opinion is absolutely horrible currently. I'd like to be able to switch to my melee and stay on it, not get switched off for pressing either mouse button, and exalted weapons are also no longer locked to being constantly out, and you may forget about them and be like "where did my energy go?". Over all, I'd like to have an option of 'old melee' mode, or something similar, because I find the current system absolutely horrible.
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