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  1. Celebrate indeed. Good fighting alongside you, Tenno.
  2. Just got into 29.5.1 to test. Garuda's Talons, Valky Talons, and Exalted Blade all are benefiting from the mods you would expect, even thought DE didn't mention anything about the exalted weapons.
  3. This is very good news. Thank you for confirming that the reported Garuda's Talons bug was in fact a bug and is being worked on. What about exalted melees not being effected by the Gladiator set bonus when equiped on the exalted melee itself or a regular melee / sentinal melee?
  4. There's a good change the only reason this might be fixed is because Garuda is getting a new augment that effects her talons.
  5. Is this what hope feels like? I wonder if they will even acknowledge the bug in the patch notes. Either way I'm excited for this.
  6. I wish I had better news for you, Tenno. I really do. Maybe with the new Garuda augment this issue will be stealth fixed. But I'm not holding my breath.
  7. @[DE]Rebeccain the quoted clip you say that Garuda's Talons are able to "get your crit going up and up" but that's not the case right now. This has been broken for MONTHS. Please, we have been screaming but have not been able to get any attention on the issue.
  8. @[DE]Meganwhat can we do about this crippling bug? Several of my favorite frames have been broken for months now. There has been radio silence on this bug from DE and all we can do is scream about it.
  9. Another hotfix, another disappointment. Still broken in 29.3.2.
  10. I've been regularly posting to this thread, to the bug report megathread, and myself and several others @DE in every single hotfix thread. I have no idea what else to do at this point.
  11. @[DE]Meganplease, we've been screaming about this issue for months now. Please address this issue in any way. The core unique mechanic of these frames is crippled by this long lasting bug.
  12. Oh boy, Tennogen for a still broken Garuda. DE, please, we're begging for any word on if this is known or being looked into.
  13. @[DE]Rebeccaplease, can we hear anything on this bug? Is it at least known? It is being looked into? Anything at all, please.
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