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  1. @[DE]RebeccaCan we please get any word on this issue? We have been screaming for months now trying to get at least an acknowledgement only to receive nothing.
  2. DE what do we have to do to get any attention on this matter? I've lost count of how many weeks this bug has been present and how many times I've posted about it. I just want to be able to play my favorite frames again without knowing they have a massive bug preventing them from being just barely viable. I can't bring myself to play Warframe again knowing this bug is still present and that we can't even get an acknowledgement about the bug. Please DE, give us anything on this issue, I'm begging you.
  3. @[DE]Megancan we please get any word on this near 5 month bug? We can only scream so loud with no response.
  4. @[DE]Saskeany word on if this bug is being looked into? It's been 18 weeks of no word.
  5. @[DE]Meganplease can we get some information on this 18 week old bug? Many of us have been begging for at least an acknowledgement and have received nothing.
  6. Popped in to check hotfix 29.2.1, still just as broken.
  7. They are in a strange place as is. Equipping the set mods on an exalted weapon doesn't increase the set counter. DE has stated that this is intended. However, if the set mods are equipped on a different piece of equipment they still count for the exalted weapon (the one exception to this is the Sacrificial set, it and only it works by being on an exalted melee). This can easily be seen with Vigilant set bonus. Get the 6 set from other equipment, use an exalted primary, and see the improved crits. I don't have any of the new set mods that could effect exalted weapons as I just can't bring mysel
  8. @[DE]MeganI've been posting this every patch in the bug report megathread. Several other poeple as well as myself have been linking this in every hotfix thread. I've been testing this every hotfix. Can we PLEASE get any information on this long lasting bug?
  9. Here we are, week 18, hotfix 29.2.0, still broken and no word from DE :(
  10. @[DE]Rebeccait has been 17 weeks of this bug that is crippling very specific weapons. Please, anything, even just an acknowledgement that it's being looked into. We've had radio silence.
  11. It's a bug till stated otherwise. There are no patch notes anywhere stating these changes. Even if the mod interactions are intended then there's a bug of them being equippable with no benefit. Please read through the entire thread and don't just respond to the latest message with no context.
  12. @[DE]Meganwe have been reporting this 16 week old bug several times in each new hotfix post as well as keeping a long running thread going. Can we please get any recognition from DE if it's intended or not or at least it's being looked into?
  13. Here we go again on our own. Another hotfix down and still no body knows.
  14. @[DE]Meganwe're on week 16 of this being a bug with no word if it's an actual bug or a new undocumented feature. Please, can we get any confirmation either way?
  15. Another hotfix, STILL broken and no word if it's intended or not.
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