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  1. "Having a ‘signature’ weapon now actually benefits you!" "-Tekko: Additional 6% status when wielded by Atlas" April Fools! In all seriousness, cool update. Some of those sig buffs though....they are really kinda S#&$e compared to other buffs you gave out. Why not have the Tekko have an Impact weighting when wielded by Atlas? Or perhaps just straight melee damage, maybe a buff to crit? Something worth enough to countermand the fact as he sits right now, there are many, many reasons to use the jaw Sword (Aug+dispo = highest landslide damage afaik), Kogake Prime (you don't lose too much for modding it straight damage, so you still have a decent quick-melee), Amphis (Highest Dispo), Mire(+tox), or other High Dispo melee weapons- For landslide and VS other weapons you can run, how would it be worth the 1.4 Dispo the Tekko have *for 6% more status chance* (which, even if you ran it, would it even apply to landslide? And when/if atlas gets primed this June [Next male frame intensifies], say we get the Tekko Prime- Will they also have this benefit?) On a related note:
  2. Makes sense, and I see your point with those proposed numbers- although obviously those could be changed. Part of the reason for the concept of having duration matter for more than just having a 50 second petrify CC would be the concept of some new possibilities with Atlas, but having added decay AND landslide costing rubble could make that infeasible with negative duration (maybe just have landslide still cost energy, with increased gain and uncap and increased drain?). I would like to make an argument though that by uncapping rubble and having it be so much easier to attain passively, that perhaps the increased gain and stockpile may accommodate for the added drain. As for removing the fact its a targeting ability, and that it matters less due to the few enemies you can't target, the main idea behind this proposed rework was with the 3.0 changes altering melee- As it stands now, by comparison to say, Valkyr or Baruuk, Atlas simply landslides at the enemy for incredible damage. The proposed change, and especially with a proper built stance to go with it, would let you hopefully still have that targeting punch feel (or atleast a very controllable actions like Gaia's Tragedy's flips), while also letting you have new mobility options- Actual melee combo options instead of left right uppercut, and things that could synch well with 3.0 very well depending on what they change. Pair that with again, while there aren't many things you can't target, those things are becoming increasingly important, and there are more of them (Profit Taker/Exploiter, the Eidolons), Or old bosses (Lephantis, (Shadow) Stalker now being untargetable for some reason, Saturn Six Wolf just being generally resistant to abilities) and so on and so on. Imagine actually being able to utilize these cool exalted abilities we have in warframe to up-end a hulking monstrosity
  3. Makes sense- And I run a negative duration build right now, so I can understand the hesitation there- Part of the reason I wanted Rumblers unaffected by duration XD. The main concern with 3.0 in general, and why I would favor a change to his 1, is for things you CAN'T target. The idea behind this idea was that Duration would still be useful, but running 12.5% duration would still have some slight downsides- Efficiency, however, would play less of a role in this build. He would still be a Strength and/or Range focused frame. With his 1 being exalted, if you did have it drain a LOT of rubble with a -duration build, you'd still have ways to generate far better than say, a -duration Baruuk. Also, depending on what changes occur with 3.0, you could feasibly still have a melee combo that sends you flying forward at things, just now without needing a valid target to hit.
  4. I'd love to see craters behind where I walk, like every step quaked the earth ... Yes, Im an Atlas main, what of it? XD
  5. Greetings! I've played Atlas for basically the entire time I've played warframe- He's something like 80% of my in game playtime. I've always really enjoyed being able to smash things into orbit with a proper built Landslide, but recently with more and more of the games content being untargetable by warframe abilities, and with as hard as he would be for most people to get (assuming you don't buy him early on), he's lost just a little bit of that luster he had originally, especially in comparison to frames like Chroma, Rhino, or even Nidus (Nidus being probably the best comparison to Atlas of that list, and somewhat of the inspiration for 1 or 2 of these ideas) I've really enjoyed the frame, but with Melee 3.0's full changes looming on the horizon, I have a few worries about our good friend the earth brawler. I can however think of a few decent solutions all summed up in a singular rework concept. To begin with, while I don't have experience with Khora or Gara, I know their respective abilities, and that they also have "exalted" abilities that scale off melee mods, while not being truly "exalted". While this has benefits, such as in the form of Riven Mods, it also has its downsides, in that it cannot really benefit from any of 3.0's changes (You can't slam with targeting abilities, as a quick example) and sortie missions with any version of Primary or Secondary only prevent these frames from using those damaging abilities to any degree of effectiveness. If I could get any feedback from Gara or Khora players in that regard, or if there are more Atlas players out there I have yet to run into, feedback would be appreciated, but personally I believe that Atlas's Landslide could benefit greatly from being exalted. Now, hold on a minute- Making Atlas's Landslide exalted would be a nerf...wouldn't it? I mean, you'd lose the benefits of Rivens, and technically speaking, some of the melee combo to an extent! Assuming you even keep the 0-2-4-4-4... etc combo, how would it even work? You'd have to basically reprogram the ability from scratch! Indeed. In the long run, this would dramatically change Atlas as a warframe. My proposed concepts would alter his playstyle to put more emphasis on the Earth aspect, rather than the Brawler. For starters, his reworked passive: Monolith works fine as it is. This is the simple part, and one I'd hope to see even if the frame wasn't totally reworked: -Uncap rubble -Give Atlas a small % weapon damage increase per piece of rubble (Even something like .1% per rubble would be sufficient, or perhaps even a bit high) -A new functionality for Rubble is that an enemy (killed by Atlas, by any means) will drop 10 rubble, while a Petrified Enemy (killed by anyone, by any means) will drop 50 rubble on death, 100 if they are killed by Landslide. -For countermeasure, increasing the drain to something like 7 Rubble/s, and have duration affect the drain rate. In terms of Atlas himself: -20 more base hp However -Remove his shields. -Lower his energy to 200 at max The idea behind this is that with no shields to buffer his health, Rubble will play more of an active role in keeping him alive, while also giving him an increase in base survivability. By giving him 10 Rubble per enemy killed but increasing the drain, the goal would be to allow Atlas use of his reconfigured 1st ability AND give him an easy way to keep his rubble tended to, but not to any real degree of growing it. Now, for the rest of the rework, it'd be a bit more complicated. (The rest of the proposed rework is based of the above Rubble configurations and base stat alterations) With his 1, Landslide, being changed into an exalted (assuming this whole idea would be implemented), it would become an actual exalted weapon -Separately modifiable, with its own Stance -No longer needing to outright target enemies However: -It would not longer benefit from Rivens -It would be turned off by a Nullifier effect The best comparison to it would be something like Baruuk's Desert Wind (The ability could cost rubble to activate, and it would be a Fist stance- even if it was just a mimic'd Gaia's Tragedy, it'd work for this purpose- The AoE on the punch scaling with range would be nice to have considering the build some people go for is a range-focused uppercut) It would retain its current base damage stats (350 at max rank, 100% of it impact), and could have an (increased) critical chance and critical damage of 20% and 2.5x, with the same 5% status chance. It would now however be affected by Attack Speed, and would have a base attack speed of .9. Atlas would gain invulnerability ONLY while attacking with Landslide. -The 0,2,4 combo COULD still remain in place when it comes to the actual stance combo options- have the later hits of the combo deal increased damage. -The Augment, Path of Statues, would probably need a rework as well -Range, Strength, Duration, and Efficiency would continue to affect this Ability. The base cost to activate Landslide would be 25 Rubble, and the drain could then be a 5 Rubble/s (This would stack with Rubble's new passive decay of 7/s, for a total of 12 rubble/s decay if you aren't gaining rubble, again, at base) The goal here would mainly be updating Atlas with Melee 3.0- With the changes that could be coming to the combo multiplier, as well as just the general purpose reworks to melee itself, updating these target abilities like Landslide would keep them interesting along with the rest of 3.0. Petrify would become his new 2, and cost 35 energy. The rest of the ability would remain unchanged -(Ore Gaze, the augment, could use a minor buff in terms of its chance to grant additional loot, but this would not be required) Simple enough, more so to justify the increased energy cost of what was his former 2, and the slight decrease in cost for this ability. His 3, Tectonics, would see the greatest change of his kit -The ability would now cost 60 energy base. -You could now place up to 2/3/4/5 walls (The augment could add 25% damage to the ability, and/or increase this cap by a further 3). You would not be able to activate the ability when you have the max number of walls placed. -The walls would no longer be able to be rolled at the enemy, but instead would break upon being hit by Landslide, causing X- Impact/Blast (60/40% weighting) damage (affected by strength) in a 10m radius (affected by range) around the wall -Duration would now affect the ability: Walls would last 11/14/17/20 seconds at base. -When the walls are broken by landslide, or expire, they drop 50 rubble, 75 if broken by landslide. Walls broken by damage do not generate rubble. This change is mainly meant to fix Atlas's worst ability- In the current game, Tectonics is really only useful when placed in front of a mobile defense console, and MANY frames can do that job better. This would take a lackluster defensive ability and rework it into an interesting offensive one. His 4, Rumblers, would receive a fair degree of change as well -It would now cost Rubble to activate (100, not affected by Efficiency) -You could now charge the Rumblers to give them increased HP and deal increased damage, but cost additional rubble (Up to a cap of say 250 total rubble, for 1.5x stats) -Duration would now no longer affect the Rumblers, but recasting the ability will still destroy the Rumblers that are currently alive, allowing you to spawn new Rumblers by casting the ability again. -Rumblers would no longer drop Rubble on death. -Strength would no longer affect the Health and Armor of the Rumblers, but would still affect the damage dealt and overall size of the Rumblers, and health and armor mods would still affect the Hp and Armor of the Rumblers. -Shield mods would no longer affect Rumblers (as, they would no longer affect Atlas with this rework) This change would mainly be due to the addition of damage from rubble. As it stands in current gamestate, a high efficiency Zenurik Atlas can generate rubble with his 4 pretty much on demand. By removing the rubble generation, and making his Rumblers require rubble, you'd be paying a bit of damage and armor to create 2 decently large bodies that would aid you in combat, gaining damage both from strength and rubble, while having durability from your hp and armor mods. All in all, Atlas is in a fine place currently. His Petrify and Landslide are both amazing abilities as they are, and even if he isn't changed, he'll still be the frame I play the most, in all likelihood. The purpose behind this long-winded (and, hopefully balanced) suggestion would be to give Atlas something to do with his 2, and to buff up his Rumblers to an extent, while giving Rubble more of a purpose in his kit. If nothing else from this entire idea were to get implemented, I would be more than content with the small buff to Atlas himself, in the form of an uncapped Monolith that gives him a small damage boost per rubble, and a slight increase in health for no shields and a slight reduction in energy. It would majorly help him in content like the Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna, where the monsters of the open world are unable to be assailed by Warframe Abilities. It would make him a more interesting and versatile frame, without infringing too much on frames like Chroma and Rhino. Thank you for your time, and if you have any suggestions or comments, I'd love to hear them!
  6. Atlas Deluxe? Atlas Blade of the Lotus? Hell, Nidus Blade of the Lotus? ....Nope Just more excal skins \/(''/)\/
  7. A user by the name of CorerMaximus wanted me to make sure this got to you staff-members of DE, seeing as they'd miss the Fortuna drop due to mid-terms, and I second the message whole-heartedly: "I know words don't do my feelings justice, but while the patch is still downloading, I wanted to take a moment and appreciate all the work you folks at Digital Extremes has put into this. The sheer amount of effort, commitment, and love the team has put into makes me proud to be a part of this community, and has made the game inarguably one with not just the best community and sheer amount of great content, but also one with the best development team behind it- Thank you, everyone at Digital Extremes!" We wanted to make sure you got a positive message for all the great work all of you put in! See you in Fortuna!
  8. Interesting assessment, but I see one MAJOR flaw: No matter what the weapon of the meta is, that weapon will have an expensive riven, and any change to dispo will either create relics from before the nerf that are worth insane amounts, or hallowed husks of weapons that once were, and now are worth nothing. The Lanka, for example, is superb at killing eidolons, and so a "godly" riven for a powerful weapon is going to be expensive. (While I will say them costing upwards of 4000 plat is not awesome as a buyer, trying to sell something with amazing stats for a good weapon should have it be worth something, especially so when that thing is achieved by rolling or unveiling it at random chance.) The Torid as an example can't even effectively hit eidolons, so while the weapon itself is decent, some content is locked to it. Its riven price is a lot lower not just because its an average dispo but because it just doesn't boast the same power or use. The Vectis, a more related comparison, is another powerful sniper. it's rivens, however, have seen a major drop in price because its no longer the most sought after sniper on the market, even if it can be one of the hardest hitting guns in the game. With the infinitesimal variables that rivens allow for, and with how well done the re-rolling system is, you can't really put an exact figure on say Max CC/Max CD/ Max damage/ -zoom riven for a Tiberon. Its going to make that gun amazingly powerful, with no really harmful negatives. There would be 2 ways I could see DE going about balancing in the manner you described- Option 1: If you tweak its riven dispo, and don't change the current stats of all existing rivens to match. Downside, that one "godly" Tiberon riven is going to be even more insane in terms of price (if its even for sale), and no sane person would ever reroll the thing to change it. Option 2: If you do change the existing stats to go with the dispo. Downside, you're screwing people over who have all these expensive things by suddenly making them worthless, or at the very least worth a lot less than these people have in them. If you buy a Tiberon riven now, it's not cheap, but the second a nerf is even hinted at coming its way, many people are going to try and offload the rivens and book it out of dodge, and the price will nosedive. After a nerf of any serious scale, a riven you paid 1,000 for might not be worth 250. That's what happens with things like the Arca Plasmor. It was nuts, a nerf hit it, and riven prices tanked. Its still good now, and the rivens are still worth something, but not in the realm they used to be. The new shotgun, the Phantasma, is a decently powerful weapon, and with the hype behind it, the other shotgun rivens have lost a lot of value. The Tigris Prime can hit for insane numbers, but rivens for it have plummeted because of its lower dispo AND that its no longer the most desired shotgun. Vaulting the set actually hurt the price of the riven because less people want them now. Simply put, Its a Has V.S Has-nots debate as to how valuable the thing being had is. If any weapon has a better disposition than any other weapon, like if you lower the Tiberon to a 2 to balance it but make the soma a 5 (because as it stands now the soma isn't all that potent), suddenly the Soma will be the new powerful, expensive thing on the block, and the Tiberon rivens will be worth basically nothing in comparison to what they are now. People would buy Soma rivens for insane amounts of plat, sell tiberon rivens for basically nothing, and we'll be back where we started with expensive and powerful weapons, except that the top-gun of the scenario is different. None of these ways really truly work, and at some point fighting broken with broken is the best you can really hope for. Taking turns results in a meta heavy style that a slight tap of the nerf-hammer nerf kicks you out of, and fun-sized simply isn't fun in most cases. Plat isn't so much inflated to worthlessness either- As it is now, its the fact these rivens are immensely powerful, and any changes to them have to be handled with extreme care so as not to alienate a chunk of the player-base that has these things or break an otherwise floating economy to accommodate for the has-nots. Look at what happened with Scoliac rivens after the "nerf" to spin-to-win builds, when they could no longer hit through walls. What was one an easy 2000+plat riven in the form of Range/SlideC/-neg, Scoliac rivens now run for under 1000 plat, and unrolled rivens that used to sell for 700 now sell for 350. If you made it have a terrible disposition, those rivens would plummet further. Sure, everyone could have one, but it wouldn't matter as much. They'd be 50-100 plat at most. Soon, there would be nobody who would need one after a while, and with the weapon weakened, the purpose it had crippled, it would fall into the same realm as the Torid- Relatively cheap rivens, and basically nobody who cares about the weapon because other weapons that are simply better exist. Sure, some people would use it, and most would rank it up for mastery, and even one or two people would cling to it because they enjoy the lawn-mower playstyle, but the nerf to its power will severely wound the weapon as a whole if it was to be nerfed. In the larger scale, nerfing things into the ground threatens the player-base as much as having disgustingly overpowered things does. As a final selling note, this isn't PvP oriented balance either- this is with PvE. Rivens not even being available in the Conclave, the only balance really needed in warframe, from what I've seen, is between fun and challenge, 75% fun and 25% challenge. In summary, I find your assessment somewhat threatening to the game's balance and economy as a whole, and am curious why having valuable, powerful weapon enhancements is a bad thing in a PvE game like Warframe.
  9. There's only one slight problem with this: There can be something quite satisfying about seeing the map melt, even as not the Saryn in a Saryn squad. Either way, sounds like a slight touch-up, will require research (again).
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