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  1. It's been brought up many times. It's never going to happen. Too much potential for abuse.
  2. I think you forgot one. The Leech - a person who extorts profit from or sponges on others. And I'm willing to bet every player in Warframe has been The Leech at some time during their Warframe experience. Even if it was unintentional.
  3. What was it you said to several of us in the reactor thread? Oh yeah, "so stop hyperventilating into your paper bags already." Take some of your own advice.
  4. I also have this problem. If I delete the wreckage with the black spot, then the spot just moves to another piece of wreckage in my inventory.
  5. Thank you DE for the reactor buffs, including those of us that already had reactors in the 90 range. Win-win for all!
  6. 27.0.10 When entering a crew ship, I sometimes appear to have zero mods on my warframe and weapons. My abilities are terrible and my weapons hardly do any damage. If I exit the crewship and enter it again, the problem is resolved. However, it may or may not occur again on the next crew ship - seems kind of random. Second, when entering a crew ship with Loki and using invisibility, sometimes I am visible to the Grineer. I can run all over the ship invisible and they are chasing me down and attacking. It's usually a death situation. Exiting the crew ship and entering again fixes the problem temporarily. It might happen again on the next crew ship, or it might not.
  7. I'm hoping Vidar reactors currently owned that are greater than 90 but less than 100 also get a reroll. For example, a +93 Vidar reactor gets rolled and you get 97, so you upgrade to 97. But if the roll is 91, then you keep the original 93.
  8. 27.0.10 Archwing inside crew ship still happens when omni back to ship. It is incredibly fast inside the ship but not useful. Melee will exit out of archwing and fix it. Railjack weapons still appearing inside the ship.
  9. Sometimes when Loki is invisible, Grineer on crew ships can still see and target Loki. After the Grineer kill Loki, reviving fixes the issue and invisibility works correctly.
  10. The problem with the new Zenistar is the heavy attack build constantly throws and recalls the disk. First heavy attack throws the disk, next heavy attack recalls the disk again which makes the disk worthless. You are forced to make a standard build and try to build combo to use the disk, or build for heavy attack and forget about the disk, except for the initial combo you get out of heavy attack build, which is still pathetic disk time. The Zenistar needs a separate disk deploy keybind now instead of deployed/recall on heavy attack, but we don't have that option. I believe DE's intention was to kill off the Zenistar altogether so the majority of players would stop using it. Normally I wouldn't care, but since this was a 300 day login reward that got turned into a paperweight, I feel robbed.
  11. My archgun is showing deployed when I'm using the crew ship cipher, which blocks my view and makes it super annoying somewhat less user friendly.
  12. Another bug: After a host migration I got a pop-up that said I had to be Rank 4 Tactical to use my Omni to warp, but I am rank 8.
  13. After hotfix 27.0.9 Still had a problem with a base door that would not open on Vand Cluster, Saturn. I was the host, it would not open for me or anyone in the party. We had to abort mission.
  14. Speaking of slingshot, I had one of the coolest bugs ever yesterday. I shot out of the slingshot and just kept going... At first I thought I was locked up in slingshot flight, but I waited and eventually I stopped. I was 30,000 km away from the ship when I stopped. lol
  15. Board, hack/esc panel, shoot reactor with Tigris Prime, run to front X to kill pilot and capture ship, exit pilot seat, kill grineer and pop containers, timer expires, ship blows collect loot orb in space. Repeat. Check friends list, you'll have tons of new friend requests. lol
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