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  1. A quick description of the problem Became stuck in Progress & Rewards screen after mission completed but before returning to Dry Dock. Any steps you may have that can reproduce the issue Pressed P during hyper drive, Progress & Rewards displayed, but unable to scroll rewards nor exit screen with button or escape. Any screenshots you may have taken None Any additional information you may think is relevant to the bug in hand I could still use the chat screen, but that is all. Had to exit and reload game.
  2. Meh.. Let the founders keep their exclusive weapons and warframe. They took a chance and spent money on a failing startup, and received some in-game digital content tied to an account they'll never own. The real winners were DE with their founder marketing to help save the game. Sure you won't get the MR, but the founders paid for that 12K extra MR. Maybe DE will create a market item and let you purchase a one-time 12K MR, maybe not. And besides, Tactical Potato mocking everyone who doesn't have the founder weapons shouldn't be tweaking you "fekkers." Just be thankful you're better looking than him!
  3. Really? You brought politics into this? As if things weren't already toxic enough...
  4. SMH, someone asking for a nerf...again. How about DE nerfs your plat account and distributes it to those needing more plat, because, you know, no one should be too powerful or have too much of anything, right?
  5. I think high range Radial Disarm Loki is also very fast clearing Hydron since disarming enemies causes them to rush the defense point. Try Speed Nova with Radial Disarm Loki. Wow.
  6. Power creep is just an inherent mechanic in MMO games. It makes money and developers capitalize on that as much as possible. Most people want the best stuff (weapons, armor, cosmetics) to feel Godly, and be the envy of all other players - it's all gamer psychology. Great examples of power creep monetization are WoW. You work months raiding, grinding epic gear, then a new expansion pack is released and your hard earned epic gear is worthless overnight, replaced by starter level green items. But it makes a ton of money, moves the goal posts, and the race to epic gear begins again. The entire economy is reset. Just look what happened to riven prices after the melee rebalance. Many garbage melee weapons riven prices skyrocketed, generating higher platinum demand to buy these rivens, driving higher platinum sales for DE. DE is wise to capitalize on power creep. I'm just not sure their implementation is on par with many other games that do it better by adding new, challenging content in conjunction with power creep. But Warframe has come a long way in development, maybe DE will work it all out in future releases.
  7. Lich down, parazon check, computer chokes on decision. I'm thinking you seriously need to upgrade your computer.
  8. World of Warcraft comes to mind... Played forever and still never made it into some of the very high level content/raids. Especially before they implemented the public raid finder option. Warframe has made us all comfortable with the idea of getting new frames and weapons in a day to a week of gameplay, unlike other MMO games that take months and maybe even never to get some new items. Having said that, items that take forever to get or requires very high level endgame, in other games, are VERY OP as a reward for such elite achievements. We cannot have these things in Warframe since OP items are easy to get and then super nerfed since DE wants total balance. So, you would think that if new players, and even vets, have to spend months completing railjack, there would be an "un-nerfable" super item as a reward. But knowing this game, you'll probably spend months completing railjack to get your shiny new railjack ephemera. LOL
  9. And yet your challenge earlier was: 10 minutes in Mot or ESO will not be level 300+ enemies. So you're just flexing single target overkill damage to top low level damage stats.
  10. Topping damage by overkill is significantly less important than total mission kills. So what if you topped the damage meter by killing a few single targets? When your Ivara kill count is 100 and Sayrn's kill count is 900, the clear winner is Saryn with lower damage output.
  11. You're the office tyrant that never gets invited to the employee parties. Eventually they all leave for better working conditions and you're fired due to the high attrition rate. That's your future as a railjack captain. Lighten up dude. It's not even released yet, let's see how it goes before all the whining and complaining starts.
  12. I vote no. I like the new flight mode. Although drifting was fun, the controls felt too squishy.
  13. I want Cephalon Cylon! and Cephalon Dalek! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!!
  14. Why does a super high tech warframe with predator style helmets that could be augmented with multi-spectrum low light and night vision optics even need a flashlight? Seriously...
  15. And steals your hard earned or purchased platinum, don't forget that. Nothing sucks worse than spending plat to buy a great riven or build up a weapon, warframe, etc., and DE nerfs it into useless garbage. About the only thing one can safely invest platinum is cosmetics.
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