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  1. Screenshot shows this bug in action but I have no idea how it happened and it hasn't happened again. The bugged guns were persistent after the ability timed out, however, the guns did not fire. It did look absolutely cool to have a complete circle of guns around me though!
  2. Thanks for the explanation. So a low health helminth Xaku with cold elemental ward is a bust. He just doesn't have the health base or armor to make it work.
  3. I read the wiki, it says cold reflects incoming projectiles but not melee, but when I test out cold elemental ward in the sim, no hitscan bullets or projectiles seem to be reflected and I die very fast. It appears to do nothing other than increase armor. Am I missing something on how it is supposed to work? I was expecting to be a lot more tanky.
  4. I finally got the Cortege parts - grind from Hell. Gonna forma it up and see if it's worth it.
  5. Sometimes upon entering a Corpus Tileset mission, I am unable to activate the Granum Void entrances, they seem to be deactivated. Other times, when entering the mission the entrance is active and allows me to enter the Granum Void. It seems to be random but probably about a 50/50 chance for me to get an active or inactive Granum Void entrance. Can you please look into this, it's very frustrating when farming for guns and Protea. Mission: Skyresh - Capture Just entered, the entrance is inactive, but i already captured the target. Just entered, the entrance is active, but
  6. Is it just me, or is the drop rate for damaged cortege parts incredibly low? RNG is not kind.
  7. Bug: matchmaking Description: After Hotfix 29.0.2 I have been unable to join any public bounties in Deimos, no players join. REPRODUCTION RATE: Tried at least ten times, aborting, restarting game, etc. EXPECTED RESULT: I play as the lone player in public OBSERVED RESULT: I play as the lone player in public REPRODUCTION RATE: So far, every time I tried to start a bounty from Mother. Just now started working again.
  8. Three attempts at Syndicate disruption mission today, Venera (Venus) corpus. A few enemies spawned at the beginning, but then it just stops and cannot get keys. Happened both solo and with full team, we stayed until the mission timed out.
  9. I left Warframe for a while, took a little break. I came back, there was the Xoris and I was having sooo much fun! And now DE, once again, says NO FUN FOR YOU! Nerf-nerf-nerf. Xoris is dead.
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