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  1. Let me start with thanks DE for trying to get this amid the current pandemic. I like the new event, but it has a few issues. So here are some of my observations thus far. First let’s address the basic formula for every new event there has been for a bit. Stuff will be broken, the grind will be insane. Stuff is broken because it is new content being put in. The grind is insane because of two reasons. It kind of lengthens the time spent on the new content and it is an upper threshold that will be reduced. That is way better than making it too easy. Making it harder it is easier to scale down. And it gives the team time to work on mechanics/bug work/give them more data. We as players find different things fun or rewarding and trying to find a middle ground between new, casual, vet, hardcore, etc. players is tough. People argue even if they are making the same point. Meh, it is the internet. To date the best event I have played right out the gate with few problems was the Dog Days event. Frames didn’t matter, and we all had the same weapon. And that one dude was crazy fast and Kela was drunk/high. What also made it fun was that it was easy to pick up, it had difficulty and it equalized everyone. And adjustments were still made to the mode as we played. This is hard to replicate for other events. And not every event needs to be like this one. But it probably had the fewest mechanics as part of it, so I understand more code means more problems. So this event. Yup grind is rough. I will say it is hard to get a metric on what would feel right when parts are less than optimal. Getting Shedu parts was nice. But I couldn’t ever tell how many credits I was getting, and what is the purpose of the score number next to our names? Yes some railjack teams to get the code priority, but part of that might be due to a few things. My squad got out of the Railjack portion after not getting more codes. I finally saw why. We had 7 teams on railjack and 7 on the ground. Of the 7 on the ground only two were generating codes. The other 5 were doing other parts and were not giving codes. So the squads that were linked were getting the codes. Grineer and sentients boarding the ship at the same time was kind of fun, but most of my squad had trouble doing damage and so it became less and less fun. I think this may have been after 4 or 5 murex ships were sent back home. So maybe this was by design? But with so few codes being sent and low reward credits made it tough to keep going. The new enemy sentient is kind of tough to figure out how to kill it. As well as other things tied to the event. Still working on that. I figure we will all figure it out like when eidolons first showed up. After a bit sentients stopped spawning and we were stuck there waiting for code that weren’t coming with no enemies. It felt like a nice breather, but then it extended too long and they would slowly trickle in. leading to more long wait times even though they were high level. Not saying they need to be harder, they just need to be more numerous while still giving players some breathing room maybe?
  2. Frame Theme: Melee/Blade Synopsis: A female frame who's kit has a blade theme to it. Rationale: Excalibur is to blades as Volt is to speed. Each frame has it as part of them, but in the case of Gauss, he embodies speed. So I have thought we could have a frame who really goes with a blade theme. Also we have a limited combo system dependent on what weapon and type we have. This idea is spawned from also wanting to see a dual wielding Greatsword Warframe. As well as we have guns, guns, and more guns. Let's have a melee..ish based frame where we can kind of create our own combo. Powers (not really in order): The powers would be split between tap and hold abilities. Power 1: Hold: Sword Summon. She would summon a sword and throw it at an enemy. Tap: Traversal ability. Basically you move a distance ahead disappearing into a swirling mass of sword strikes damaging any enemies in your path. Power 2: Hold: Ranged Ground Blade. She strikes the ground in front of her causing a path of blades to pop out of the ground. Tap: A few quick sword strikes in front of her. Power 3: Hold: Rain of Blades. She summons a larger form of her Blade that strikes the ground around her, causing a rolling wave of blades to appear out from the ground. Tap: AOE Blade Attack. She seems to split and strike the enemies immediately around her. Power 4: Hold: Unsheath. She pulls out two greatswords her attacks with them increase her speed, damage, give her overshields, and some life. Other players close by get a reduced amount of overshields and life as well. Also while in this form she has shadowy echos that trail behind her. The animation for the sword attacks would be a variant of the dual sword animations. Tap: Deactivates Unsheath. Not married to any of this, just kind of some random thoughts on a frame that could use abilities like many other frame, but also be able to do some form of other combos other than the regular weapon abilities.that we could blend with warframe abilities also.
  3. Are we going to get any more mini games for the Ludoplex? Bursa Bumber cars or racing? Galaga/Soldier Blade/1942/Pinball type games? How about different orbiter ships/skins? Railjack also? I have a friend/fellow tenno who gets motion sick. Railjack wasn't fun for him. He was kind of hyped for new war, any chance some of the missions locked behind railjack might be available in another way? In railjack are we ever going to get large bosses like Jordas?
  4. So let me first start off with I seem to started off on the wrong foot or something. I mentioned some of my suggestions only out of the idea of "Hey we have slightly different play styles maybe we can meet in the middle" and not that one was better than the other. If that is the impression I gave sorry about that. In any case good luck with your idea.
  5. MC is bad for more than just that. In a defense mission it lengthens the time until the next wave can start. So if you are just starting or accidentally cast it it causes issues. MC doesn't taunt. It also doesn't follow you that well in a game where everyone is racing to the end sometimes. Also if Nyx player uses it on a Juggernaut, but a fellow tenno needs drops from juggernaut....well they will have to wait awhile or leave it. 6 Psychic Bolts is useless with hordes of enemies. Reason being yes you strip defenses, but you aren't damaging them a lot. In a horde with no indicator as to which ones you stripped is kind of useless. No you don't need to be in the middle, but it is cast around you. Also yes you are right it would make it powerful, nothing was said about not giving it a cool down or cap. Yup self damage is going away. But it will have an animation mechanic to replace it. Being in bubble means not having to worry about the mechanic. Or using it to shield you while firing other weapons or helping a downed tenno are still options. Still no need to rework it.
  6. So I have been a Nyx fan for quite a bit. Some of the suggestions have been interesting and would like to add my own comments. Her passive honestly I have wondered about having it cause blindness on enemies affected by her abilties (including absorb/assimilate) for a short duration. Get rid of Mind Control honestly. People have said Nyx is a mind control frame, I always thought her a psychic frame. The difference is psychic abilities can be almost "force" like. Instead I suggest give her the ability to target an enemy, thrash it around for a bit (damaging nearby enemies) and then fire the enemy off in a direction. Causing them to create a knock down of enemies hit by this new projectile. Augment could also armor strip and cause enemies to shoot at the enemy projectile before firing it off. Basically a portable meat shield. Mind control is just kind of rough in the game. Defense mission? Not a good idea especially if it lasts too long. And some enemies wind up having issues while affected. Psychic Bolts is kind of useless. I loved being able to help do damage from afar on early levels but after rework and going into later levels it really doesn't help much. Having blindness as her passive though would help the utility of it even if it doesn't damage. Maybe have it be the new 1 ability and the telekinetic ability mentioned above be her 2. Or I do kind of like the Psylocke idea is but still almost makes her Psylocke and not Nyx. One idea could be interesting is she adds psychic energies to her melee that increases the range of it as well as give her overshields or something. I never felt Chaos was her surviviablity ability. CC mostly, not survivability. Main reason is this, you cast it on those around you. They will target anything near themselves and fellow tenno. You would have to use 4 to blast them back first then use chaos otherwise they would still fire on you if they are close. Just make it so they are allies and not like they were hit with radiation. Absorb/Assimilate.... So yeah I am a Terminator Nyx. I revive down allies, use self damage weapons, the whole business. So I might be biased. I think leaving absorb and Assimilate as they are. If her passive was blindness and it affected enemies hit by her 4, that works for me.
  7. Well the thing is Nyx's style is suppose to be psychic, but traditionally "psychic powers" can have multiple variants. Telekinesis is just another of those variants. Right now 3 of her abilities technically attack the mind of her enemies and her 4 prevents damage to her (which could be argued as kind of telekinesis). So let me explain it this way: I mentioned Oberon's Reckoning because it does Impact, Knockdown, and Radiation. So everything you just wrote is pretty much was why I mentioned it. Knockdown will make them stop attacking and slowly get back up and the radiation will make them attack each other. But figured players would want something a little different than the same exact ability. It's your idea on how you want her and that's cool. But to be honest, people struggle with Nyx because they are unsure how to use her effectively. And many players want her to be a completely different frame. I feel her 4 is fine. The taunt is ok, but it will probably make her Absorb/Assimilate bubble pop faster. It would edge closer to when other players could pop her protective bubble. Yeah that sucked. What she needs is more effective CC. But then again I use a Terminator Nyx while everyone runs to Revenant with self damage weapons. So more invulnerability abilities even if for different reasons seems like her play style will change to "no one can ever harm me". And that is why absorb and assimilate keep taking hits when it comes to reworks. But this is all just my thoughts. Good luck with the suggestion!
  8. I think the 1 augment might be a bit much. It does kind of make sense, but the permanent aspect can make a 1 ability too powerful. Most of her survivability comes from her 4 Absorb/Assimilate. So invulnerable 1 with an invulnerable 4 is too much. My personal thought has been for awhile: get rid of psychic bolts and give her a telekinetic slam. Or some telekinetic ability like Oberon's Reckoning or Force choke them (they are stunned/passed out for a bit then get up, yeah basically reckoning). Or even pick up an enemy and bash it into other enemies.
  9. So only a few quick questions: Is DE going to release a Cookbook? Like "Recipes from the Void" as a title or something? Is Zenistar going to be unnerfed at any point, it seems such an odd choice. I used it more to hold a control point in an interception mission while I helped other tenno with my abilities and guns at their control points. Ok is there any chance of getting different ships besides the liset, scimitar, xiphos, and mantis in the future?
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