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  1. Any word on the new Nyx skin? Also is there a chance the regular oro ornament coming back or a different one from the regular and eros ones?
  2. Ok a few quick questions (more like a wish list): I am guessing this will be answered in the devstream, but just in case: Any word yet on when Nyx will get her new deluxe that was designed by my fav artist, Mr Death Vigil himself? Any possibility of a top down spaceship/liset shooter for ludoplex? Or behind the ship like a gummi ship or something? Any plans for being able to copy some of the things we build in the dojo. I built Metal Gear Rex, but I think I want to move it to another room. Weapon articula? Pyranna Prime effect on a Greatsword/heavy blade or maybe a shadow energy effect with each swing instead? Swords attached to companions (Beasts and/or Sentinels)? Silly question - AkLenz when?
  3. It sounds good so far, but I have a few questions and comments. You say you can choose the reward mechanic, is this blind choosing or absolute choosing? So are we playing three card monte or we can see what we are selecting? I kind of feel the endo rewards and possibly even the amount of resource rewards needs to be a little higher. Not saying we need sortie level endo, but maybe a little higher, maybe an extra 50 on the numbers presented. I am not sure, but I think there needs to be a reminder: This system is to encourage playing daily and to keep playing in the future. Asking for basing this system solely on MR is kind of a huge step back. Any player can quickly get to a higher MR. That being the case yeah you can get most of the good rewards in a shorter time than years (days or even months) if MR only was the case, but then what? Feels kind of like setting up a poor quality of life solely for grofit. So blending of both daily login times and MR feels more balanced.
  4. Just a few things: Vomvalyst skin for Dethcube or possibly some other sentient companion? Any possibility of being able to ride MOAs or maybe a Bursa (Corpus Bumper Cars)? Any other mini games beside Frame Fighter being thought of? Vertical scrolling liset shooter, Twisted Metal Black style vehicle combat ha ha, etc. Frame Fighter, release date? Any updates on Nyx rework? Hopefully the new ability will be a damage ability. My 43% usage Nyx is scared... Any more Gunblades in the future? Is there a possibility of a Twin Heavy blade weapon. I know silly, but sounds kind of fun. Or at least a skin for dual blades? Any more articula coming? Like the Acolytes or something?
  5. Ok a few questions. So Frame Fighter. Is there any more you can tell us? There hasn't been a whole lot of coverage besides it was at Tennocon. Release date for PC and console, etc? Railjack looks great, will that too be part of PVP? What else can you tell us? The vehicle that was showcased in a previous devstream (the one that rolled and exploded when it went upside down). Will it make the light of day? K-Drive, so awesome, but will you get more moves while using it (flips and such) and will it get fleshed out more to have it's own mini game type thing? Are there any other mini games in the future planning like a vertically scrolling Liset shooter? Or even Komi being released? Will there be a possible place to house mini games like an arcade or relay? This might include Happy Zephyr and Wyrmius. Can Ordis be a peculiar mod that talks when you shoot? Or a vampire Lotus visual effect whenever Lotus speaks? Will the Acolytes be coming back in a different way with all the new stuff coming out (as enemies in Frame Fighter, Railjack, etc.)? So Reb does the voice Lotus, Meg did the voice work for Valkyr, and Geoff a pillar. Any other DE staff in the game somewhere?* Will we get to have We will all lift together on our orbiter or railjack? * Edit forgot Danielle did Octavia's Mo Cap
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