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  1. if a host leaves a sanctuary onslaught group in the first area (before the first zone) the portal becomes unusable
  2. THIS somuch! i NEED tis before the dude who makes corpa skins does harrow" harrows default body would look SO WIERD with corpus style even if he gets a corpus helmet!

    Ideas for new Dojo rooms

    kingpinroom (jk)
  4. now that archguns are a thing in normal missions i hope we get a corpus archgun (ideally something like the suprya but bigger) soon. the grineer allready have an archgun of their own

    Why dont we have throwable granades?

    do you really wanna add more AOE damage to this AOE spamfest of a game? do you really wanna add more powercreep?

    Emotion mods for weapons.

    TIL that sleep is an emotion

    stat locking on rivens considered harmful

    id saylet us lock all stats that dont affect damage: punchthrough, firerate, critchance, critdamage, damage, statuschance, multishot etc would be unlockable but stuf like reloadspeed or zoom etc would be lockable. problem solved

    Akvasto prime has really aggressive recoil.

    have you ever used secura dual cestra? THAT is recoil

    For Your Consideration: Prime Zaws

    makes no sense. primegear is of orokin make. the ostrons are not orokin and cant make primegear because of that. all primegear we have was invented by orokin
  10. so im a HUGE corpus fanboy and i really like where DE is going with corpus weapons. i love the infinite ammo gimmick of the cycron the plinx and the arcane for kitguns because it fits SO WELL with the hitech theme of the corpus. it actually feels like you are holding an energygun! i sincrerely hope DE will utilize this in future corpus arms or even apply it to old ones. (fingerscrossed for supra with this gimmick) it really helps to set apart corpus weapons in more than just a visual aspect from other factions gear. tl;dr: please add the infinite ammogimmick to more future corpus weapons. it gives great flavor and utility.
  11. KRANOT

    Nyx rework 1.5 (More to Psychic themed)

    too weak. she still needs a buff. her mindbolts should have been replaced instead of changed. its too random. also the new passive is barely noticable but its better than discount lokidisarm i guess
  12. i love this! FINALLY i can enjoy playing alongside a limbo!
  13. KRANOT

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.4

    thats a wierd thing too demand... if you wanna survive as nyx just jus her 4 augment
  14. you really think the strongest assultrifle ingame can't handle 1 hour surv? thats pretty low expectations for a good weapon.
  15. if i where a panthera player sure but i am not a fan of panthera to begin with. but maybe it will be nice after the buff. i recon 1hour surv in endgameareas is just as feasible with soma P. or a wellbuilt bow. tonkor is still trash nomatter how you look at it. its a noobs weapon of choice because it makes shiny big OP numbers appear without any tradeoff whatsoever.