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  1. Reported this once or twice myself also. Did they fix larvae color to match his colors if changed? im on about his 2nd ability
  2. This has happened to me since they introduced it, so i gave up and only use 12 items makign the 13th my cipher and reequipping it nowe and again when it removes itself
  3. Can confirm this is DEFINITELY a bug. I own and also use Xpadder which allows me to customise personal keybinds for equipment wheel faster. Using this I was able to confirm the controller IS FUNCTIONING however warframe tends to not pickup the keys pressed. I will now in fact prove what I am saying with a screen caputre of xpadder showing the keys being pressed but me not being able to aim ingame. https://imgur.com/a/mSHc6bA Here is a screen capture with annotations explaining what is happening I am tabbed into game and xpadder is picking up the LT is indeed working. The game howev
  4. This isnt me but a bug i discovered when do daily syndicate 8/8 runs. i thought it was a puzzle but cant for the life of me figure this out! But then someone showed me this. Its the extraction tile of the latest corpus ship tileset.
  5. Some kind of delay it worked the second time but not immediately. Some kind of script error? Either way the first time it did not work at all and its still a bug. Here is what happened if it helps replicating. 1. Completed a challenge in Plains of eidolon for complete 5 bounties. 2. Return to Cetus and see the challenge completed and another old challenge has appeared (Gild 1 modular item) 3. Gild an item 4.Nothing happens
  6. Having the challenge given back to me for "Gild 1 modular item" I gilded a zaw at Hok in Cetus and got no challenge complete. so I returned to orbiter completed another challenge then came back. i gilded another item... Again no challenge unlock. This needs to be looked at. Was repeatable as i was able to replicate it a second time.
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