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  1. I suggest a mod or maybe even an UPGRADE to our parazon. Enabling it to gain murmurs x2 faster maybe. At a cost of a grind itself this could be a quality of life thing. Much like the Simaris x2 scan upgrade segment . Maybe a mod drop. Was sitting here thinking about this. Seems a good idea so I suggested it. I'm sure alot of people would like this also. ❤️

  2. On 2019-11-23 at 11:51 PM, LIEBUST00 said:

    Adding more idea, we don't know what happen we finish our Railjack ship, and getting our from clan that you build your ship in.  Both finished or working.  Is it destroyed? or is it move to your next clan?  How about not getting in clan?  What happen that time?  I don't know.  We all don't know.  Only DE knows and they should work on those problem.  I'm pretty sure and believe DE for they are working those problems.  

    But waiting time is so painful for me.  I can't help our clanmates, that is also painful.  At least we could farm together, it could be work on that way.  But waiting, is it must be 12 hours? 

    As I said, I saw so many friends who just delete and quit Warframe because they have to wait 72 hours to finish Warframe, 12 to 24 hours to finish weapons, and 1 to 2 hours to finish some parts of your quest.  Even the Atlas quest, you need 7 hours wait time.  That made my friend quit this amazing game.  I think the Railjack is next thing to make my friends or other player who are hates to wait will be quit this game.  Even I can wait with play another games or having time with doing other stuffs, it is too much. 

    Well theres lots to do. Have you farmed every frame. Weapons. Own every mod ingame? Maxed syndicates and own all the stuff they offer? Open worlds? Do you own 20x all arcanes? Completed all codex scans? Maybe take time to re decorate orbiter after update. Maybe do arbitration for endo for maxing all primed mods. Conclave even. So much to do. Pick something and do just multitask make the most of your time. There no rush to do this yet. Take your time. Even of the timer was 24 hours I'd call it generous. Its a big ship. 

  3. When i compare my modless kuva twin stubbas with a tag of the kuva twin stubbas the slash damage is off. Not sure if elemental bonus math doesnt still add up but I didnt read anythign in the hotfix that fixed this issue yet. Im just farming requiem mods ready for the hotfix because I have a bad feeling the fix will not be retroactive to weapons idk. I say this because i have 2 of the same weapon type and both modless 1 is better than the other(physical damage stats). idk what is happening with the calulations but im sure they are still wrong. Wish i could go do some more lich in no fear of being punished later down the line by this math error

  4. REVERT changes to squad share LICH murmur. It's disgusting level grind now!!! It also promotes selfish gameplay. Seen plenty of experiences where people just extract because its not THEIR Lich showing or they just run past the lich now. I dont blame them I blame the changes made!. 3 steps forward and 2 back 

  5. Then stop being selfish and play solo. Thos ewho want to play with others and help lichs want to play the game the way it was intended. Just ignore your lich completely accept stolen items and stay solo for lich missions. You can brute force the code by guessing and either way the cap is level 5 of a lich it doesnt get that much harder. Accept that not attempting is progress hostage for the rest of the squad and extremely trollish imo. Devs need to either enable multiple lich spawns or introduce a mechanic that penalises not attempting at all.


    And Arkenstar I call BS in my 7 lichs ive never seen that happen unless as i stated its a friendly lich. They spawn back to back but never at the same time (unless friendly)

  6. 5 minutes ago, Arkennstar said:

    It doesnt do that. I've seen as many as three liches spawn simultaneously in the same mission. Its not limited to one. So rest assured, your lich isnt not spawning because of theirs staying.

    P.S. - Mission objective isnt halted due to the lich.. if you kill all other enemies in a defense while the lich is still alive, the wave will complete and move on.. or mission will end. There is no obstruction to the mission due to the lich.

    on my 7th lich i have plenty of exp . NEVER has more than 1 lich appeared at a time UNLESS its converted and helping... so that is invalid unless you can prove otherwise. im saying its holding progress hostage... those that refuse to clear should be forced at least to go solo for x time after that. Public and ignoring liches is extremely annoying. devs need to fix it or make a counterplay to it. its making alot of toxicity in this game right now

  7. Just now, Arkennstar said:

    Er whats the problem? Its their lich, their loss.. you ignore it too.. Doesnt hurt you..

    AND some people run from their liches because they don't want them to level up. Some people want their liches leveled up, some dont. Its a valid reason. I see no drawback od disadvantage to the team to justify penalizing the action.

    it denies my lich spawning... so yes... wasting my time and every else in mission. THOSE people should run solo... either way... face your lich or lose progress imo

  8. There needs to be a mechanic inserted that punishes players who ignore their lich in public missions. this happens 33% of the time. These players do not belong in public sessions imo they are ruining the game for others denying the rest of progress. I suggest murmur progress loss or maybe even the current items stolen to be permanently stolen. An incentive to face the lich at least. Right now it absolutely terrible in this concept. Something needs to change

  9. Seen here https://imgur.com/3JJPugW Nekros shadows reverse/degrade hack progress in Jupiter sabotage missions. resulting in mission fail. only work-around is to run 100m away and recast 4 to stop them. 


    Also on this subject sometimes in fortuna previously (a while ago not sure if still a bug) his shadows deployed beacons which i couldn't destroy and added to my wanted level making stuff very difficult sometimes.


    nekros shadows AI seems bugged, resulting in mission failed or much harder difficulty.

  10. Well I currently own over 5200 ciphers I'll probably never need to make them again and its not that expensive to make so many you don't need more. https://imgur.com/a/wzYdU2m IF they were to change it like it was a unlimited use thing then maybe they should make the grind very hard to make it. like 5000x the components or make it ALOT more expensive. Else just grind what you need. The game is casual enough to worry about such a QOL thing imo. 

  11. i disagree. As easy as hacks are, I still ALWAYS use ciphers as they save me a few seconds each time and it adds up. cheap as hell to make. Maybe make a different version that work in sorties and make them require argon crystals or something yeah but ciphers should stay as they are in 10x bundles.

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