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  1. I agree with this!!! Please give us the option in gameplay settings to turn on auto switch melee please! I prefer quick attack and no swap. it also really messes up cephalon simaris scanning
  2. Who else is missing daily nightwave challenge? It seems alot of players didnt get the capture mission daily today, myself included. https://imgur.com/frQBEZ1 here's a pic. no daily for me... fix it fast please!
  3. Seen here https://imgur.com/3JJPugW Nekros shadows reverse/degrade hack progress in Jupiter sabotage missions. resulting in mission fail. only work-around is to run 100m away and recast 4 to stop them. Also on this subject sometimes in fortuna previously (a while ago not sure if still a bug) his shadows deployed beacons which i couldn't destroy and added to my wanted level making stuff very difficult sometimes. nekros shadows AI seems bugged, resulting in mission failed or much harder difficulty.
  4. How do i access this locked off area in jupiter please anyone? https://imgur.com/a/JNWe0r9 I looked for a good 10 minutes.
  5. I for one would love an infested Ephemera. One based on probably the Tar moas acid ground shots (the ones that slow you down usually) maybe? (in smaller variants) a possibility. Either way a infested or toxin ephemera should definitely come out and i think where better to introduce than the Nidus drop table. This will also encourage players to help others to farm Nidus as i think that node is a bit quiet at times. Rot C 4% drop chance maybe?
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