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  1. Literally the first sentence of the thread
  2. A whole lot of silliness going on in this thread, if anyone's made this point yet forgive me for repeating it. I stopped reading after a page or two because i lack the patience. I'm not white knighting for DE here, i just feel like some of you could use a reality check/updated reading comprehension lessons. Plaguestar isn't delayed because of the Xbox issues, it's delayed because there are problems with the event that they have said make it impossible to complete. With all of the plains of eidolon changes since the last plaguestar you can't expect them to be able to just copy and paste the event in and send it out. There are things that need fixing, and sometimes the fix isn't immediately obvious. They have to diagnose the problem, replicate it, and work around it. They've probably been working on it for a while already. So can we have less self-entitled whining please? We'll get it when it's ready. Development can be hard work. Also chill with the whole PC vs Console thing. What you're playing on really doesn't matter much. Just enjoy the game.
  3. What? My idea of endgame doesn't revolve around nerfing everything to the ground to make regular missions more relevant. The whole "2 hour survival" thing was just an example of a challenge, and it's purely self inflicted as to there being no real challenging content. Anything fun with a reward relevant to late-game players would be welcome. I don't include arbitrations in this as it's not very fun and the rewards are underwhelming. The way health/shields/armour scales is the barrier, It starts getting obscene at later levels. We go from one shotting everything to getting one shot by everything with little to no in-between. Widespread nerfs aren't the answer, and unrelated to the point i was trying to make. We have different ideas of what an endgame is.
  4. Erm, Yes? It's not a game that I'd want to invest all of this time into, only to get stuck with nothing relevant to do once I've done the majority of it. Endless survivals/ESO/Arbitrations are a step in the direction I'd like but they're just not hitting the spot. Spending 2 hours in a mission just to get to a level of difficulty that's almost a challenge isn't my idea of a good time. Is it yours? Why wouldn't we want an endgame?
  5. Why would you do this to ivara?!
  6. I mean... Did a thread need to be made for this? It's something most of us are innately doing anyway.
  7. "Coming in mainline PC this week." Don't get your hopes up that you'll see redtext today.
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