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  1. Had the same problem, lost over 50 toroids, placed a support ticket and they said they can only restore 1 (ONE) item... yeah that's right... all lost because a player (host) left the game and everyone loses (I had booster also)
  2. Welcome to the famous host migration problem... never fixed and I think it will never be... just pray the host has good connection or don't be an idiot and leave the game... In the end just the host gets everything and the other players get #*!%ed.
  3. I had no problems with Exploiter, but Profit Taker is a 80% chance to crash my game randomly... not fun, not fun at all... bad battle design (9999999999 enemies shooting you... like if the boss it self isn't bad enough already knocking you down every 5 seconds, taking out your energy with bullS#&$ attacks, homing missiles, minutes to be able to use archgun so you have to go searching for a specific enemy among 99999999 others to re-enable the damn gun -_- and that's why I hate warframe sometimes, these battles seems to be crafted only for specific wf because if you aren't warframe like chroma or rhino 'hard to die' you're just wasting yours and others time ... the battle is supposed to be a challenge but is boring as #*!%) Besides all that, the game keeps crashing... great huh?
  4. This happens to me a LOT, sometimes I can finish the battle but when I try again it has great chance to crash at Fortuna door... most of time it crashes when i'm void dashing or returning to the warframe.
  5. i can't mod her weapon because i have no weapon in the arsenal to mod... what's going on? it's her weapon not moddable? [
  6. não sei pra que isso, poderia ter um sistema onde não importa onde faça o login, você estará na sua conta, com seus warframes, suas armas... é muita limitação. Comecei no PS4 e queria ir pro PC, mas não quero perder tudo que consegui...
  7. what a joke, i lost 42 vega toroid, a hildryn neuro and posted the videos with the bug, HOST leaves and everyone is #*!%ed, LOST everything... i'm yet to see their answer into the ticket support (4 days already) I'm on PS4 by the way.
  8. game CRASHES constantly... it's IMPOSSIBLE.
  9. i really doubt that, too much of a coincidence, played for like 2 hours straight and as soon i got the maximum i started to get a lot of endo instead of debt bounds...
  10. there are a daily limit for debt bonds? i was playing and getting at least 2 per run then after i reached my dialy cap of solaris united, I started to get endo and synth fiber (which is rare) one after another... not a single was dropped since.
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