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  1. (PS4)iQuedas

    How are you meant to solo plains?

    I think you need to progress in the game a little further, review your mods and get new mods, because bounties in plain are very, very easy, even the high level ones. You don't even need defensive frames or fully formad weapons.
  2. (PS4)iQuedas

    Megaman X Operator

  3. (PS4)iQuedas

    Megaman X Operator

    I was trying to get my operator to look a little bit like X, but I suck at coloring and fashion frame in general. Any suggestions?
  4. (PS4)iQuedas


    Now that you mention it, I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but, yeah, Sharpened Claws affects many attacks. Yup, Venari is much more aggressive and it has a much bigger "aggro range", as in she attacks alerted/engaged enemies that are much further, when compared to other Kavats. IDK because I don't use/like this mod (mostly because of cases of AoE and stray bullets) IDK, I haven't payed much attention to each of her attacks. I do remember her teleporting to do something other than Snare a few times. Whether that attack stuns or not, I don't know.
  5. (PS4)iQuedas

    PS4 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfixes!)

    MR26, here I go
  6. (PS4)iQuedas

    "Change of plans, Tenno. Ignore your previous objective."

    It's not. A spy only becomes an extermination if you trigger the alarms in all three vaults and successfully retrieve all data. Triggering the alarms in two vaults, retrieving their data, but failing the last vault, or triggering the alarms in two vaults, retrieving their data, and doing the last one stealthily, won't make the mission become an extermination.
  7. (PS4)iQuedas

    Kuva flood

    Once an hour, however I think you can be taxied to one by someone who hasn't done it already (and still get lots of kuva for it). Also, matchmaking queue is the same for kuva flood and kuva siphon, so if you complete a kuva flood node and now that node became a kuva siphon, then there's a chance that pub matchmaking will throw you in a ongoing kuva flood session (and you'll still get lots of kuva for it). ALSO, under some internet connection issues, the starchart won't update immediately after finishing a kuva flood, allowing to do it again (and still get lots of kuva for it).
  8. (PS4)iQuedas

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Hey, Nyx might be useful with those changes.
  9. Then use them. I don't use Khora just for CC. She also has decent armor, high movement speed, Venari (which, unless something can one shot me, will keep my HP always topped up), and her synergy between the first and fourth skill to quickly finish enemies caught.
  10. Or maybe Lato Vandal is a thing...
  11. I main her, and she is great, mainly for CC. I do sorties and kuva floods just fine with her.
  12. (PS4)iQuedas

    What are your WARFRAME ways of playing?

    I close the game and go play something else. At this point, I'm only logging in for the attendance check daily rewards.
  13. (PS4)iQuedas

    How do I get useful at this game to people?

    Don't be afraid to play public. No one's gonna expect anyone to carry the team or stuff like that. If anything, play a lot of public. You can learn a lot by observing how others play/move. The warframe community is mostly helpful. I was very surprised as well on my first few weeks (maybe bc I was too used to highly toxic communities). A few tips: 1 - Research a bit (google, youtube, ask here in the forums) before spending platinum. You basically wasted platinum on Volt there, because you can get him for free when you get in a clan, but it's okay, you can earn more platinum once you start to get into the market. 2 - GET IN A CLAN! Go to the recruit chat, there should be a lot of clans willing to take in new players there. In clans you can get help, get more weapons and frames, and make friends. 3 - One thing the game doesn't make very clear is how the foundry system works. You can get weapons/frames in many ways, but what you should know now is that you can craft weapons and frames. When you visit the store and check the frame/weapon tabs, you can either purchase a pre-built weapon/frame for platinum (and very few for credits) OR you can select that warframe/weapon and go to the right tab (I think it has an icon of a credit). In this tab you can buy the blueprint of the frame/weapon you want, and all you need to do is gather the materials to craft them. Most frame parts are dropped by bosses (they drop blueprints for those parts, so you need to craft those too), while most weapons only take a few resources. So, it's always worth checking the store after increasing your Mastery Level (number beside your glyph/photo in the game menu) for new weapons. I.e., you can get every weapon and frame for free, through farming and some will power, if you're too unlucky. 4 - To increase your mastery level (MR), you need to level different weapons and frames (and pets, later) to level 30 to get mastery points. Once you have enough mastery points, you can take a test to increase your MR. 5 - Mk1 weapons are pretty much the worst weapons, there is a slightly better standard version of them in the store for credits. Lato is great tho. There's just so much more I could tell, but I'm afraid it might be a bit overwhelming. Extra tip: Have fun. Take your time to explore the game or maps. Go for weapons/frames you find fun. Took me almost two weeks just to get to Mercury, but I had a blast re-running missions I enjoyed on Venus.
  14. (PS4)iQuedas

    Fortuna on consoles

    Probably next month, as usual.
  15. (PS4)iQuedas

    Void Amp?? 3,2,3 what??

    On the best amp, X-2-3. When dealing with Eidolons and vomvalysts, the T2 Scaffold is all you need. Prism is really up to you.