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  1. (PS4)iQuedas

    PoE Wisps/Resources/Ores should respawn.

    Wisps do respawn.
  2. (PS4)iQuedas


    I wasn't impressed with her either, but I gave her a chance any way, and she's pretty good, tho I basically NEVER use her 2nd and 3rd ability. I built mine for Duration and Range, while keeping my Strength at 100% and Efficiency at 130%, with Hunter's Adrenaline, Arcane Guardian and Arcane Energize. Whenever I need HP, if ever, I just wait for Venari to hit any enemy, and since she's always attacking enemies, my HP is constantly being refilled. Just be smart about your 4th skill. Some times it's much better to use it on strategic places, like entrances and places where you can make choke points on multiple floors (just pay attention to enemy pathing), than just using it ON the defense target, since enemies can just shoot the target from a distance.
  3. (PS4)iQuedas

    the Hystrix

    Alternate fire button (R3, as standard)
  4. Because you didn't state you were doing everything "right" nor that you're using max loot radar. No need to be rude about it. Best you can do is just keep trying. If you don't find it in mission 1, just abort the mission and retry.
  5. Try using a few loot radar mods, and don't forget to bullet jump up, because of the 10 meter-vertical range. On my first time doing the sacrifice, I found cephalon/somachord fragments just fine, as well as two sculptures. Other than that, wait for a hotfix. There's always a chance it's bugged on Day 1.
  6. (PS4)iQuedas

    New players rushing to get the newest items in game

    You can get to MR 5 in 5 days, even without boosters, and you don't need an slightly upgraded operator to complete CoH, your operator is invincible.
  7. (PS4)iQuedas

    Most Loved / Most Avoided Warframes you have

    Favorites/most used: Excalibur (WIP, because of Umbra, but so far I'm enjoying revisiting him), Khora, Saryn, and Zephyr. Least used: Banshee, Hydroid, Mirage, Nezha, Nidus, and Volt. Shall never touch/too boring for me: Atlas, Frost, Vauban, and Wukong.
  8. (PS4)iQuedas

    About Khora...

    I'd suggest you try your luck first... I got her whole set in 8 runs, I think. I went to Sanctuary to level her after putting formas (4~5 formas = +8~+10 runs) and got another set. And Sanctuary is the best place for leveling right now, you can passively farm her by just leveling your gear there.
  9. (PS4)iQuedas

    Kavat Genes change Idea

    I think it's fine as is. You can get dozens of codes in very few vault runs (less than one hour) with a squad.
  10. (PS4)iQuedas

    RiVEN capacity X SORTiEs

    Not sure if this would be good... there would be people complaining that they didn't get a riven and that they didn't know about this penalty...
  11. (PS4)iQuedas

    Limbo vs Hyena pack lvl 100. I need help

    Does it work on them? I thought bosses were "immune" to it.
  12. (PS4)iQuedas

    Limbo vs Hyena pack lvl 100. I need help

    >Bring a weapon with high burst damage (snipers, shotguns, opticor) >Shoot them dead before they can even fire at you Slide inside the rift to reposition yourself, if needed.
  13. (PS4)iQuedas

    Adjust Equinox craft

    Nah, things are fine as is.
  14. Nah, prime access already has enough exclusives.
  15. (PS4)iQuedas

    Legendary core from sortie

    Sell it. You can buy enough sculptures to upgrade those mods with less than half the price you can sell that L. Core.