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  1. Some projectile weapons, mostly bows, really are disadvantageous for most cases in Warframe. It's like they are there for fun only. I would like an increase in projectile speed for SOME weapons. Not 200m/s like Lanka, or like some are exaggerating here, but something close to Daikyu's. It's very satisfying hitting a target with a Bow from very far away, but that's it, it just feels satisfying, nothing else.
  2. (PS4)iQuedas

    Forma Rank Up For Platinum

    My take on this is "No". Re-levelling gear is one of the main activities late game. Keeping all affinity is a bit too much (maybe retain 50% of it?). And then there's the price, which is quite high/not attractive, and most people would use that only for warframes, because they need more affinity than weapons to level up.
  3. (PS4)iQuedas

    The Prime Vault is Open!

    @[DE]Helen Prime Access packs for Nova, Mag and their accessories aren't showing up in the South American PS Store (Brazil). I tried looking in the expansion area for Warframe and also directly in the game store menu (the options are there, but once I hit it, it only shows Chroma's Prime Access).
  4. (PS4)iQuedas

    Rivens NERFados... Qual é a sua opinião?

    Já era hora de terem atualizado as disposições. Isso deveria acontecer com mais frequência para não ter o mesmo impacto que teve. Os nerfs/buffs foram pequenos, mas tem muita gente fazendo um drama, como se tivessem deletado seu warframe favorito do jogo. Boa parte do povo que tá quitando por causa dessas alterações em breve voltam ao jogo. O argumento de que alguém se esforçou para rolar um riven não cola para mim. Riven se baseia completamente na sorte e não em esforço. Ou um riven rolado 1x vs um riven rolado 200x tem o mesmo valor de esforço para você? É a mesma coisa que achar que alguém deveria ganhar na loteria só pq ele aposta semanalmente vs. alguém que apostou só duas vezes. Não tem esforço em rolar riven e conseguir stats bons, é pura sorte ou azar. Conseguir os stats que vc quer com 1x roll vs 200x rolls não vai fazer seu riven valer mais ou menos. O único esforço que dá para ter nisso é farmar platina para comprar o riven que vc quer, mas todos já sabiam que a disposição de rivens pode e vai mudar, gastou/desperdiçou 2k+ de pl em um riven quem quis. Rivens não são obrigatórios para nenhum conteúdo do jogo, são apenas um bônus opcional. A pior parte dos rivens é conseguir um conjunto de stats que vc quer, depois disso pouco importa a disposição, pois o riven já vai estar valendo aquele slot na build. Eu realmente espero que atualizem os rivens com mais frequência, pelo menos a cada 3 meses. Os rivens de melee vão ser atualizados com melee 3.0, então já aguardo choro, mas provavelmente vai ser bem menor. Vai depender bastante do novo meta de atributos para melee. No geral, to rindo bastante do choro de algumas pessoas.
  5. (PS4)iQuedas

    WTB Paracesis Riven

    It can be a trash one (many rolls and/or bad stats), 700pl.
  6. (PS4)iQuedas

    Riven mod unvieling help

    I think it's twice every 5 waves.
  7. (PS4)iQuedas

    Riven mod unvieling help

    Yes. They don't appear in every wave, but they do spawn there.
  8. (PS4)iQuedas

    About fondators mastery points

    I don't care as long as everybody can get to max mastery rank... some day. A select group of people getting there earlier doesn't affect/annoy/upset me in the slightest.
  9. (PS4)iQuedas

    Riven mod unvieling help

    I think any explosive weapon can do this one. Penta should be enough (with damage/multishot/any elemental mods). I normally go to Tessera in Venus to do this one. Enemies are really low level over there, so anything kills them really easily, even without a full build.
  10. (PS4)iQuedas

    Twitch Drops!!!

    Yeah, it's not working properly. I got drops just fine on the first day, but after that they just stopped coming.
  11. (PS4)iQuedas

    Khora, Gara, or Valkyr??

    Khora is in no way squishy. She has a pretty decent amount of armor and, If you're not using Hunter Recovery on Venari, you're building her wrong. I can easily do Kuva Floods and Sortie bosses solo with her, without dying.
  12. (PS4)iQuedas

    Literally unplayable

    That doesn't seem like a bug tho... maybe feedback area.
  13. In hydron, loki is pretty close to useless. I mean, he doesn't benefit the team, which is mostly people leveling up. And as a leveling place, it's not like there isn't enough leeching over there. If it was a sortie defense, then you could go with a disarm build.
  14. (PS4)iQuedas

    Khora, Gara, or Valkyr??

    If bounties haven't changed, all Gara's parts are ALWAYS available at Konzu. Valkyr is pretty easy to get. Khora is the one that might potentially take a very long time, but I strongly recommend you test your luck first over there. It's really not hard to get to round 8, even if you're leveling gear. They are all "worth it" depending on your playstyle. EDIT: Just checked the wiki, and Gara's parts are always available in Konzu bounties.