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  1. The first time the event came around, it was a cakewalk. On the second time, DE buffed the boss. Without suitable frames for the fight (Nova, Rhino, and a few others), the whole operation can be a REAL drag.
  2. (PS4)iQuedas

    Selling rivens can cause you to have negative plat

    Does anyone know which platform suffers the most with this? I don't think this happens a lot on PS4, because you'd get your PS4 account banned/blocked as well if one does a chargeback.
  3. (PS4)iQuedas

    Selling rivens can cause you to have negative plat

    Check Community Moderator Letter13's replies in this thread.
  4. (PS4)iQuedas

    Selling rivens can cause you to have negative plat

    It does, and the perp's main account too. @OP I think you can ask support to revert the trade. Some screenshots would help.
  5. (PS4)iQuedas

    consoles need an immediat catchup update

    Since I started playing (Aug/2017), consoles were always one month behind PC. PC gets things first, they play and test, then, after DE hotfixes a few, or lot of, bugs, they send everything to cert, which takes a few days. Consoles will never be up-to-date with PC, and this has worked just fine. If you wanna play content on Day 1, then play on PC.
  6. (PS4)iQuedas

    consoles need an immediat catchup update

    No, thank you. I rather have polished updates. And 1 month behind PC isn't that bad, and it's pretty much the standard at this point.
  7. (PS4)iQuedas

    Plague Star best rewards?

    Pretty much grab all zaws parts, maybe more than one of each to try different combinations later. Also grab the Snipetron for MR, and maybe a set of arcanes for funsies. After that, I suggest you stock on gems and formas, because they take much more time to farm than wisps. IMO buying Wisps is a waste of operation points, unless you're one of those who can't stand casually flying around the plains for a few minutes. With the time it takes to complete the whole Plague Star bounty, you can actually get more wisps doing dedicated runs.
  8. (PS4)iQuedas

    Petition To Return Prime Trailers!

    Nah, Prime Trailers are a waste of time/resource. I think it's better to focus that time on new cinematic quests.
  9. (PS4)iQuedas

    How does Region/servers selection affect the game?

    Changing region helps a lot. I live in Brazil and the Brazilian server/chat is pretty much dead empty. Now, when I switched to North America, there were/are hundreds of people in chat and I have no issues running pug missions with full random squads.
  10. (PS4)iQuedas

    Nitain extract...*nuff said*

    Best way to farm it, not-so-reliably, is the ghouls bounties (two attempts with ~5% chance each). Not at the same time, but they do have a similar interval (some times with -1h ~ +1h difference). On my first month playing, I would always predict the alerts by checking the game after each interval, and the alert was there or showed up a few minutes later.
  11. (PS4)iQuedas

    Cetus Wisps for Amps - Please Make Them Purchasable!

    Seriously, with a booster, you can get 40+ wisps in less than an hour.
  12. (PS4)iQuedas

    Conditioned overload not dropping or vicious frost

    Best place to farm Condition Overload is Ophelia in Uranus (Survival). It has a very low chance to drop, so it might take a while. You can get Vicious Frost doing low level spy missions. Just pick whatever vault type you like (Grineer or Corpus) and good luck.
  13. (PS4)iQuedas

    Bows are outclassed by Snipers

    I don't think it's fair to compare bows with different weapon types, but if we really had to, bows are pretty lacking in warframe. Don't get me wrong, they are viable, but there are much better choices. Bows sure could use some unique system for them.
  14. (PS4)iQuedas

    Cetus Wisps for Amps - Please Make Them Purchasable!

    It's really not much difficult/low % RNG, unless you're that one person from the statistics that will get only one wisp in 10+ runs. Are you using loot radar mods? Are you always checking the radar? What route are you taking? Are you sure you're not flying too high with your archwing (loot radar has an altitude cap)? And a 3-day booster is really cheap, only 40pl. Just farm some prime sets/junk and sell it.
  15. (PS4)iQuedas

    Cetus Wisps for Amps - Please Make Them Purchasable!

    A full day to get 6-8 wisps? A resource booster doesn't speed things up a tiny bit. It speeds things up a lot. Like, 6~8 wisps in a single 3-min run during day time. And they only cost 40pl (3 days). I think you're doing something very wrong to take you this long to get such a small amount of wisps. And wisps do respawn... kinda... I've seen them respawn in a weird place, but it requires more testing.