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  1. A QOL for Nova I feel is in order. Her 1 (Null Star) has about a second and a half to 2 second delay after activating it which prevents shooting, melee-ing, and casting other abilities. It's small, but before her most recent augment was released, activating Null Star has gotten me killed more than the damage reduction has saved me
  2. 2 Bugs I've found 1: Attempting to use the archgun launcher while archgun is already equipped will put the launcher on cooldown and archgun will still be equipped 2: Using Mesa's Peacemaker while holding an Archgun will disable the use of further abilities, Peacemaker will not finish casting, and (if I'm remembering this right) will swap archgun to primary
  3. Loving the Garuda changes, only QOL change I personally would like to see, and I'd imagine others will agree, make the hover from charging Dread Mirror and Seeking Talons should be bound to aiming so the movement can be kept fluid if you're just doing a brief charge. An alternative could be to keep a little momentum when charging rather than a complete halt. Seeking Talons right now depending on your height you might not be able to act out of it before landing resulting in a hard drop. Most of the time if you're high enough or low enough this won't happen, but through just playing a defense I've had it happen more often than I'd like to admit. Great job with the hotfixes though, keep it up DE, love your stuff!
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