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  1. Could you fix the Vayas prime mask (Tenno cosmetic) being in Eye Accessories ? It makes no sense while you cann use any mask with it which will be glitched... Even for the Vayas prime diadem ... https://imgur.com/JPkCLQu https://imgur.com/Qg8q2AI
  2. At the moment you add the functionnality to call a crewship member tagged by the "On-Call" status. It's an incredible feature, as long our entire farm in the game is worth nonetheless for us but for a companion regardless to kubrow / kavas / robots. We can specialize them more as fighter than pilot or gunner or else. To be honest it's an incredible feature. But there is something which deceive me, it's how we can call this "On-Call crewship member". Even if it's good, the principle to call a pnj who last only 2min30 ~ 3min make it usable as the specters in normal missions. I don't wa
  3. Could you remove the duration for On-Call crewship member in normal mission ?
  4. Could you remove the duration for the On Call crewship members ?
  5. I'd like to understand, why the "On Call" crewships member has a duration in regular mission ??? Can't it be possible to get it as a simple PNJ like specter ? Please just give a look at this.. Otherwise it's a useless feature .. :( I'd like to play in regular mission with my crewmate and a friend doing the same thing.
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