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  1. On 2018-07-20 at 7:26 AM, MrMysticalPotato said:

    You're still wrong. I never mentioned Eidolon. But, while we're here, let's look at that shall we? Is the expansion called "Cetus"? No. That is the location.  Your argument is so weak and you basically  just walked yourself  into a big, deep hole. Your statement proves how easy it is to see you are wrong. So I'm sorry for you, that you would think Plains of Eidolon was going  to be called Cetus, just like you think Railjack is called Fortuna. Who's right? Well, that's obvious. Dense? Ahh yes, the good ol' vitriolic response when lacking any actual valid argument. You lose any and every argument by default by doing that. Even if you were right, which we know you aren't. Dense? Oh the irony.


    Funny that even every single article on the subject in the gaming media says the same thing. An example: "I wish I could articulate what it was like seeing two thousand people's heads explode when Warframe developer Digital Extremes showed off their upcoming expansion, Railjack"





    All of them wrong eh? 😂


    The only troll is you, trolling yourself because you made a mistake and can't be like "oh, ok. It's actually called Railjack. Ok" No - you have to stick to your erroneous statement and argue with someone you don't know, have never met and think you can call me a troll and whine and that it's going to make you somehow right? Well, bummer for you. You're wrong. It's called Railjack. End of story. The location is Fortuna. Even the video you posted above is called.....oh....wait for it......RAILJACK. Lmao. Thanks for proving the point. You are clueless, deluded and also incapable of admitting when you're wrong.


    DE are the final authority on this, so I will adhere to them. "Codename : "Railjack" It's right there on your screen, yet you continue to deny the obvious. It's on the title of the video you posted, yet you claim otherwise......you are a very strange individual. I hope you have less attitude IRL or you will not go far.

    Actually no if you check the star map both plains of eidolon and cetus are locations you can travel to. Various npcs including the lotus all call the outskirts of cetus the plains of eidolon. Cetus has nothing to do with this? 

    Since we are on the subject of gaming media. 

    Same people you linked https://www.pcgamer.com/warframes-new-expansion-is-a-stunning-alien-landscape-full-of-giant-robo-bugs/

    "Orb Vallis is the central addition to Warframe's Fortuna expansion, which will be arriving later this year."


    "WARFRAME OFFERS SNEAK PEEK AT FROSTY VENUS, AS WELL AS MORE DETAILS FOR FORTUNA, ORB VALLIS, AND RAILJACK"  (Notice how they use commas to show they are seperate things) 

    Another site you linked https://www.mmorpg.com/mobile/features.cfm?read=12847&game=1017&ismb=1

    "The new expansion coming this fall is called The Fortuna Expansion." 
    Read more at https://www.mmorpg.com/warframe/previews/fortuna-takes-tennos-to-venus-and-railjack-revealed-1000012847#z5Q5vP5rtJmL5IKu.99"

    Various sources including two you tried to use on me confirmed to say fortuna was the update and railjack was it's own thing. Heck they even use that bit of grammar you hate that lists things without using the word "and" you know this symbol ","? What are you going to tell me journalism isnt a reliable source of information and contradict your own statement? 

    Also since you brought up DE they've already confirmed on this devstream #114 that there are separate teams for separate things which one of those things is a expansion called *gasp* Fortuna. You know the same fortuna you have been claiming isn't a update and is part of railjack when it's clear now its not and railjack will likely not even be a part of fortuna's update? The same one you argued the crap over despite there being evidence that they are seperate updates to their own thing and the video itself was purely for show? 

    You can grasp for straws all you want by trying to change the subject with ad hominems but it won't change anything.

    Also as a added note you completely missed why I posted that video it was to show WHAT IS RAILJACK AKA NOT THE VENUS OPEN WORLD

  2. 9 hours ago, (PS4)recote_marlon said:

    If it were like FFXIV, then they are going to have to reset or sync Warframe level.

    its a cool concept though

    FFXIV didn't rely on syncing for PoTD. I actually know because I own a lala character on there and used to grind the hell out of deep dungeons.

    What you had was a seperate levelling path, it was much faster to reach 1- 60 (70 if you have stormblood) but the actual levels only applied to potd. After a game ended you gained a heap of exp for your main level instead.

    DE can likely make something similar but it would require a seperate levelling pool that only applies to a tower gamemode.

  3. DE already created something to commeorate football.

    *smirks* Lunaro


    Also from another english dude. Our nation isn't great its a dump that has a hard time scoring a clean brexit let alone any world cups.

  4. On 2018-06-19 at 2:27 AM, LSG501 said:

    DE have said in a devstream that there will likely be more umbra frames but it won't be every frame like prime frames.  Even the quest implied there were more than one frame created via this method. 

    I'm betting on the closed beta frames being umbras only. This including frost.

    Early on initially not all frames were gonna get primes because certain ones were counted as failures. This was before primes in general were retconned. Its likely DE is going to take that and apply it to umbras instead.

  5. 1 hour ago, cocoapebbles10 said:


    So hologram Lotus is Ordis simulating what Lotus would have said in those situations, correct? On normal mission types which we've done millions of times and on the plains that works alright, but how would Ordis know how she would react to the events of Fortuna? It'd be weird if she just starts talking about its lore and history as a hologram, but it'd be equally weird if someone else takes over running missions only on Venus. It'd be nice if there was a quest similar to the apostasy prologue in between then and now where we get to choose our mission controller besides the holoLotus. Just my thoughts. 

    What do you all think?

    I think considering we didn't hear from lotus at all during tennocon its safe to say shes gone and ordis will be taking over the mission directives.

  6. Corpus are basically what hapens when capitalism and religion mix.

    And of course thats a unhealthy combination fo two evils. Nef clearly knows this and takes advantage of it as a con artist while also putting other sin debt to build a personal workforce running on free labor.

    Frohd Bek was also a individual I don't like mainly because after realizing all the events we had with him he was merely distracting us with Alad so he could market his new ambulas.

    The only one I have mixed views about is Alad. Sure he gave us information in exchange for protecting him from acolytes but he could have left us without any leads to hunhow at all. Only reason I even have a different attitude to him is because he might be able to change.

  7. 1 minute ago, kaldewej said:

    Ok, that makes sense. But what speaks against dedicated servers? This is a long overdue feature, host migration is still buggy as hell.

    Nothing speaks against dedicated servers and yes its long overdue. Really, long, overdue. You don't understand how fustrating it is to just want to play a match and no be hsot only for the game to not bother looking for a match you can join and make you the host so everyone can complain about how laggy their experience is.

    God I hate peer 2 peer so much. Especially when its one host shared among others and not everyone sharing a bit of each others network.

  8. 1 minute ago, Koldraxon-732 said:

    Until the chat servers are up again, that is.

    ...We need the ability to make and host our own chat channels. Only then can the complaints fade.

    Honestly was suggesting discord intergration so we can have our server's channel relayed to us within ingame instead of global chats.

  9. 55 minutes ago, -MortisThorne- said:

    I'm sure you're all aware of the broken down bridge near the entrance to Cetus. It leads to what the Ostrons call "The Unum". I don't recall if they've ever explained why the bridge was broken, but I do hope that at some point, it could be fixed and we'll be able to access a whole new part of Cetus. New NPCs or merchants maybe... or possibly access to a "mini-game" that allows us to assist the Ostrons in salvaging it for standing or new rewards. What do you think? 


    Honestly make unum tower like palace of the dead is to ffxiv.

    100 floors, seperate levelling system so you start level 1 up to level to 30 within the tower and every 10th floor is a boss. After 100 floors you can go beyond for as far as you can but the enemies and bosses will be insanely hard.

    Each floor has a chance of having a treasure you can obtain ranking in bronze, silver, gold and platinum with platinum being treasures found on floor 100+

    Have them exchanged for random loot be it cosmetics, weapons exclusive to the game mode or in bronze/silver's case likely warframe parts.

  10. Fun fact if you are the host you don't even need a vote kick option. Just a way to to track incoming connections so you can block them off which will force them to disconnect form your group. It will either a. fail the mission for them and kick them back into orbiter or b. create a session for them where they are running the mission solo.

    Whenever people want to leave at bitesize times in survive i always pull my ethernet out for 10 seconds and plug it back in. Rather continue on alone that be kicked off the mission.

  11. 15 hours ago, GnarlsDarkley said:

    Depends on whats exactly on your mind.

    Choose which abilities the warframe will have? Big no go. Discussed many times: these frames would be way too overpowered.

    Doubting on abilities but visual design could be possible. Choosing from arms/torso/legs to make a unique zawframe/ Could it vary their stats based on armor/health/shields/energy? Maybe? But i'd only see it in negilible amounts.

    Gilding would basically be their equivilant to primes.

    Rivens on frames though is a big nono.

  12. 4 hours ago, (PS4)RhinoCharging00 said:

    Is it free?

    Where can I get a free Switch?

    Please, give me directions. 

    Where can I get a free PC?

    Please, give me directions.

    Warframe is free to play. No a nintendo switch isn't free and neither is a PC, PS4 or Xbone.

    Nobody knows what the quality of the game will be but its not going to be like what NFS games were when ported to a DS. Sure it might have settings lowered and other things to optimize it for bigger areas like plains but it will still be the same game. You won't be getting a watered down minecraft pocket edition tier game because the switch is at a point where it doesn't need to do that.

    We didn't get a watered down doom or wolfenstein and yes I know differen't games using differen't apis but thats also a factor to throw in we don't know if this port will be DX based or be using vulkan/opengl.

    The switch has shown it can run full games if the porting is good enough and nintendo has also left the whole custom architecture mess earlier gen consoles had to save coding difficulty and porting issues. 

    Will it be as good as PC or consoles in terms of visual capabilities? Probably not, no. Will it still be warframe. Yes. I see no reason to chop apart warframe to make a special switch build if the thing is capable of running a 50gb game with optimizations.

  13. 34 minutes ago, Chewarette said:

    ... His sickness was the infestation, he was probably in perfect health before Ballas poisoned him.

    Even so ballas's perfect soldier was someone without the mental capacity to be loyal to him. Which for someone like ballas should have seen as a flaw as his punishment was exposure for trying to stop ballas from betraying the orokin.

    Ballas preys on those who show weakness as they are easier to convert into loyal soldiers. Or were until umbra was his example fo that not working since he used a soldier who may or may not have been at peak performance but was mentally unloyal to ballas which for him should have been a flaw to begin with.

    If you feel he wouldn't even consider using anyone that may be missing a limb look at octavia her entire leg design is outright impossible for a healthy human without breaking apart bones which would ruin the structure anyway. Not to mention the width.

    Its already confirmed with the Jordas golem that the infestation can make new limbs. Just the strain he has can't make them from machinery I mean helminth can make a freaking dog out of a egg with any bone structure he wants.

    There is a reason why I never brought up prostetics or even machine ligaments because its not even needed. The infestation can create new limbs if it feels certain ones are unusable or missing.

  14. 6 hours ago, Chewarette said:
      Reveal hidden contents

    "We took our greatest, volunteers or not."

    I have a hard time believing he would see an Amputee as "our greatest", especially given that he probably picked Dax soldiers for this project. I have a really hard time believing someone like Ballas, with all his superiority complex, would think a one-legged soldier is the best to serve his interests.

    And don't use the "robotic leg/arm" argument. The whole concept of bio-drones with the Helminth was to avoid any kind of technology to fight Sentients.

    You mean the same ballas who gave a sick dax soldier infestation as a "cure" when ti was jsut to creat ehim as a super soldier which ultimately failed? The same Ballas who decided a dax soldier who is bedridden would be the perfect canidate because of his history as a soldier?

    The same Dax soldier midn you that was gravely ill before turning into umbra? Nah maybe you are right. Ballas wouldn't use people who are sick to create warframes so who would even think if a soldier got a limb torn off in battle he would find them even remotely useful.

  15. Of all the people we've met with some evil traits Balls is by far the worse. Don't be fooled by his love obession and think he is unwell or give pity because he was margulis's executioner and still went through with it instead of refusing to kill her.

    He's a sociopath and extremely narcissitc which he shows in the entire sacrifice quest both acting mighty umbra is under is control regardless if they try to fight and also the trauma he put umbra through and left to re live over and over.

    Did margulis's death drive him mad? No. I feel he didn't care regardless. Even now I feel he's using lotus for hunhow's sake and doesn't actually have any real feelings for her.

  16. 6 hours ago, (XB1)ShadowBlood89 said:


    too long ago as there small limited window of time they will return things if you sell on accident.

    I got a excal prime recovered as a one off from Seline in the zendesk staff when I sold him off accidentally dating far back as oberon's update and coming back to nidus's update. Courtesy of DE.

    Its possible but they will only do it once as a gesture of goodwill and it will end up being a unranked excalibur prime.


  17. On 2018-07-10 at 5:10 AM, MrMysticalPotato said:

    Fortuna is the location you numpty. The update is called Railjack. Seems you can't read.

    0/10 troll harder

    Next you are gonna tell me plains of eidolon was just a location and not also the name of the update that came with it.

    Edit: So the official play warframe site has cut up the steam into each seperate update. This is Railjack and its after Fortuna. Maybe next time don't be so dense.


  18. 24 minutes ago, (XB1)TheFearsomeRat said:

    I thought Excalibur Prime is legally signed to NOT be released outside of the founders packs and even a skin has the potential to violate that.

    "DE is bound, legally by contract, to keep Excal Prime exclusive to the founders that bought him during the founders program. He will never be available again unless 100% of all the people that bought into the founders program break the contract off officially with DE. There are founders that will not under any circumstances break that contract off, and so long as even a single one doesn't, it will remain exclusive. DE doesn't have time or the money for the class action lawsuit they'd deal with regarding the redistribution of 3 IPs that others hold rights to."

    Not sure how tangible that is but better safe then sorry right?
    That's all I could find and I'm going off 0 hours of sleep so when I'm a bit more awake I'll do some more digging on the Excal Prime skin release idea to see if it's possible unless one of the Devs come and answers it first, since I feel like they would be taking a large risk with it coming out even as a skin since they have confirmed that Lato, Skana and Excalibur Prime are never going to be available again since they don't intend to bring the founders program back.

    so in a way really a Excal Prime skin would be like a game of minesweeper we just don't know if it's possible on a legal front and if it is possible we don't know if they would actually do it.

    Just a fyi unless you have the excal prime helmet and skin in your inventory (which you need excal prime to begin with) you won't be able to equip it anyway so technically its not breaking the founders agreement because only founders are getting it as they only own excalibur prime.

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