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  1. Already tried that, but the scan never found anything 😕 I'm going to download the game again, this is like the third time that Steam uninstalled Warframe without a reason, it's a boomber because I was finishing leveling Gauss xD but oh well, thanks for the answer!
  2. Ah lastima, si, voy a tener que descargarlo de nuevo, no es la primera vez que Steam me desinstala Warframe porque sí 😕 Gracias!
  3. Hello Tennos, first of all, sorry if this isn't the correct place to post this kind of stuff, first time using the forums. This is my problem, I tried to launch Warframe, but its listed as not installed on the Steam Library, I tried to make Steam to recognize the local files, but nothing. The folder that is on Steam/Steamapps/Common/Warframe is 200Mb, but on my Control Panel, Warframe is listed as a fully installed program (21.7Gb) Is there anyway to solve this? Or do I have to download the entire game? (that will take at least 2 days for me 💤) Thanks a lot! (and I don't want to be that guy, but if my english is wonky lol)
  4. Hola Tennos, primero mil disculpas si este hilo no va acá, es mi primera vez en el foro. El problema es este, hoy intenté iniciar Warframe, y me encuentro con que en Steam aparece como desinstalado, intenté que Steam reconozca los archivos locales, pero nada. La carpeta que está en Steam/Steamapps/Common/Warframe pesa alrededor de 200Mb, pero cuando voy a mi Panel de Control, Warframe figura instalado (21,7Gb). Hay alguna manera de "forzar" a Steam a reconocer los archivos? O tengo que descargarlo todo de nuevo? (lo que me tomaría 2 días 💤) Muchas gracias!
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