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  1. It shouldn't be an augment though...it should be part of his base offerings.
  2. My point in bringing up raids highlights the fact that Conclave's continued existence should be in question. You, instead, opted to assume it's because I was a salty Raider as a means to deflect. This is incorrect... It is merely my opinion that a tacked on PvP mode has less right to exist in this game than a tacked on PvE mode does. It needs to go. @Leavith apologies to you I had left your thread alone as my point was made and I don't want to be disrespectful to you.
  3. Yes...It isn't. I didn't do trials when they did exist as I didn't find what they implemented as a raid particularly interesting. Conclave simply has less reason to exist than Raiding...That's simply fact. Your point? They removed dead weight from a dead mode...My point is that they didn't remove enough. Dark Sectors trolled the bulk of the playerbase...it needed the axe and got it. Conclave events never returned because PvE players didn't like being forced to PvP to participate in events. Had players wanted Conclave to enjoy parity...then it's what you (and others) should have been asking for to begin with as opposed to asking for exclusivity. The difference in this case is that Conclavers have now demanded considerations and threatened reprisals at the expense of the core gameplay. ...That means Conclave needs the axe. This is on-topic... This thread has a #conclave tag on it and I want to know why DE lets Conclave exist. What makes a mode that has no balance and rewards what would amount to outright cheating in any other game have a redeeming value here? I say,"Nothing" and you aren't convincing me otherwise. There isn't one thing I have said that isn't true about the Conclave at this point and DE has definitely abandoned other modes for less. As such, Why are they keeping this farce around? Is that argumentative? ...Or is it just inconvenient? Because the question of whether or not it should still exist needs to be asked at this point imo.
  4. Don't mistake Raiding as my axe...My concern is that Conclave shouldn't exist at all. Raiding, comparatively, at least had the benefit of being PvE and DE removed it anyway...leaving the question of why Conclave is allowed to exist looming quite large to me now. I'm entirely fine with calling for the removal of Conclave at this point for a few reasons: It's not balanced. It won't be balanced without additional development and assets that it doesn't rate. It rewards garbage gameplay in that builds outperform skill...I do not think you can honestly assert otherwise (which, incidentally, makes this whole thread a farce) It rewards geeking latency. Put simply, Conclave is a mode that currently rewards unfair gameplay against other players while not being a tentpole for this game's revenue to begin with. It's less about the rewards (most are trash) and more about a couple of different things... The moment PvP dictated development decisions in a PVE game the question should immediately be about what drives the business. Clearly, PvP doesn't drive the business here. It's patently obvious that there is nothing balanced or fair about Conclave all the way down to how poor the hosting for matches is. Yet, DE has opted to incentivize this for some insane reason. So while you might think the topic is about enticing new suckers to come get fleeced in your Conclave....I think the question should be about why Conclave is allowed to exist at the expense of PvE to begin with. Can you answer that question?... I bet you can't.
  5. This makes my stance entirely relevant given that I don't think PvP should exist here any longer. Period. That said...Inviting, instructing, or encouraging players to take part in Conclave is your right. My opinion in regard to Conclave just so happens to be mine. Yes, I read your post and assert that the premise of your post regards an irrelevant mode that should no longer exist in this game. Attempting to teach players about damage does nothing but mislead them into thinking that gameplay in the Conclaves is potentially fair...It isn't. Builds and synergies will routinely outperform skill or tactics due to balance issues. Peer hosted matches allow for mismatches in both skill and latency. Put simply...There is no guarantee of a fair match in Conclave for players. If a game mode is inherently unfair but rewards winning...Why offer it at all? In order to fix these things DE would have to devote development time and assets—Conclave is less deserving of this than PvE modes. At this point, I would rather see DE plug more effort into making Rathuum or the Index more rewarding than I would see Conclave receive another second of development time.
  6. Perhaps, and this is without a hint of disrespect to you personally, the ideas are better left for an entirely different game where pvp isn't tacked on but planned for from the outset. Up to this point, Conclave has been something most folks could simply ignore if they didn't want to bother with it...Sure they lost out on cosmetic exclusives that all players should have had reasonable access to some variation of... But it was what it was. Now though, given the fact that we have Conclave players posting demands to the Devs for what PvE players should (or shouldn't) be entitled to... I think it's a mode that needs to be scrapped entirely. All of it... Teshin, Lunaro, and the entire conclave ladder system needs to go. If Trials aren't worthy of getting a minute of development man-hours, iterations, or exclusives then Conclave shouldn't be getting it either. Those assets need to go where they will have the most impact and that is PvE.
  7. Constructive feedback is always helpful. That said, the climate that games live in now makes for scenarios where legitimate constructive feedback gets hidden by specious complaints. "If we complain loud enough they will address it" used to be a viable tactic—It's not as viable as it used to be industry wide imo because it's been abused. DE is an especially good example of this as the company used to post surveys and ask for opinions and feedback alot more than they do now and the current feedback threads ask that players have actually tested the item/mechanic out before offering that feedback...The fact DE has to actually ask that players take the time to test changes before posting feedback speaks volumes about the quality of player feedback here now. It wasn't always like this... But it is now. Kudos and positive feedback is just as important to any development process as constructive feedback. To say otherwise is functionally equivalent to asserting that what you do like is less important to you than what you don't. If you expect any company to offer a product you like then you probably need to tell them what you like about it as well as what you don't.
  8. There's irony in posters asking for challenge and then modding their way out of having to deal with it. The simple answer to your question is: Probably never... As long as there is a meta, youtubers to tell players how to mod, mechanics, synergies, and interactions to trivialize gameplay— then the game will never be challenging for some players. That's no one's fault...It just is what it is.
  9. I didn't find it obvious which I guess means I was oblivious to the obvious.🥺 Sadly, I see people misuse words all the time in the interests of writing what they think they have heard...It happens. No one is perfect on the matter...I mangled "Chocobo" for years until one of my friends corrected me on it because he didn't know what the heck I was talking about otherwise.
  10. Yes. That would mean that the idea merely resonates with you. In other words, it validates a thought you already had. Demonkey's commentary was a play on poor spelling. The poster who said that the "point was mute" meant that the "point was moot". It's like people using the word melee and calling it "Me-Lee" instead of "May-Lay".
  11. Liches were the Kingpin system that was supposed to be part of Empyrean and got introduced via The Old Blood. We don't know what changes they will undergo during Empyrean. Regardless, DE isn't asking folks to pay anything to get access to it...I think that was @White_Matter's point. Don't charge me for a promised Mercedes but give me a Kia instead.
  12. Well, they haven't... DE hasn't asked anyone to pay for anything they promised to deliver. No Man's Sky might have (unclear on the current result) and Anthem clearly has. Anything said in a Devstream is spit-balling and Empyrean was never promised to be about exploration to begin with. Someone here had to explain that to me... I was fully under the impression that a ship and a new uncharted system meant exploration as opposed to just more "aim and shoot stuff". I was wrong.
  13. I'd enjoy a game that was exploration based but it comes with a massive number of challenges that I don't think DE is up for the challenge on. Numerous varied worlds? They can do that. Numerous varied worlds that are noticeably different? Doubtful. Exploration quests on each of these worlds each giving answers to new questions and offering unique loot found nowhere else? Definitely not. More than anything: Loot. I love Warframe but assert that it is probably the least rewarding game I have played. Exploration always needs the impetus of the expectation of discovering something. Answers, sights, or treasure tend to be the drivers for it...None of them would exist here aside from sights and that gets stale fast. That said, It is exactly what I had hoped to see from Empyrean... but that was me deluding myself.
  14. Gotta be careful with that. Empyrean has fans and so did Eidolan Hunts. ...But everyone isn't a fan of either. I don't, necessarily, disagree with the sentiments but see the idea as being potentially harmful long term on a bunch of different levels. What we think of as the interests for the fans of this game has changed radically since it launched if the forum is any indicator. While that change isn't conclusive of the whole game, we know that there are walkers and talkers in any persistent service. Talkers let you know what they are thinking and generally amount to canaries in the coal mine...Some of those canaries aren't honest, of course. Walkers do just that...Walk away and give no reason. They are always the bulk of any service/community. DE wouldn't know if changes of the type you are suggesting would grow, retain, or reduce their active player base until after they did it..And by that point it's already too late. Put simply, the more radical the decision— the greater the risk.
  15. How about you take your own advice instead, hmm? My point was that your comments are so filled with make-believe that you contradict yourself constantly. I've already made my point...It's obvious to anyone having read this thread. As such, I don't need to "cherry pick" what you say because everything you say is suspect. You may now continue pretending to know what you are talking about.
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