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  1. I don't think there is anything to actually solve in the first place...This game is years old now and the cadence for how it gets played is fairly well cemented at this point. When players clamor for balance, they are generally speaking of 3 distinct things: Parity: That state of balance where things exist comparative to each other. It's more prevalent now than it was in years past for frames and weapons never had it to begin with. Risk:Reward ratio: The ratio of Risk to Reward in this game has always been tenuous and would better be called Grind:Reward. It's not, cur
  2. This may just be me... I would have rather seen them create a sliding scale scenario where you had up to 3 or 4 railjacks with their individual loadouts in the same mission and scaled enemy count and difficulty slid up to suit. That'd be a scenario where you'd actually need an engineer and side gunners with enough people to deploy away team(s) for different objectives. In essence, Switch the extermination/sabotage nature of RailJack into a hardcore Survival mission with objectives that you have to manage to complete while your ship doesn't get blown up because enemies may never
  3. Just remember that everything can be a Jojo reference and you'll be fine.
  4. I haven't told you what you should or shouldn't do... Because, with respect, I don't care about you or whatever it is that you do daily. All that feel/felt doesn't change the fact that what you have stated is both functionally and factually incorrect... "Less" is "Less"... "Less" = "not as much"... "Less" does not mean "as much" I'm not sure how you've arrived at all these extra conclusions regarding what I think and haven't one clue why you've decided to play martyr. Likewise, I genuinely don't care what you get up to in missions as I won't ever run them with yo
  5. Fair enough. I apologize for responding to a rhetorical question and will leave you to whatever conclusions you have arrived at instead.
  6. You are Super Jumping to the wrong conclusion little buddy... It's not about what I think you shouldn't do— It's about what I know you won't do... That would be: As much. You won't do as much of whatever it is you are doing with energy now because you won't have as much energy to do it with. Again, that is literally the result of a closed loophole.
  7. I know this isn't addressed to me but the route they took instead seemed to be adding the removal mechanics to mobs instead...Which they seem to have begun reducing in the last year or so. To me, it seems like they are gating aspects of the newer content behind other limiting mechanics besides just energy now. So, I wouldn't say minds have changed so much as approaches might be.
  8. I'm not sure how you arrived at this conclusion given the fact that I haven't said how I would want you to use energy to begin with... Here is what you do know: That energy, as a limiting mechanic, is irrelevant... That the Devs have stated they don't like the fact that energy, as a limiting mechanic, hasn't proven to be effective to its' purpose any longer... That said, IF DE ever decides to close energy loopholes it would be a nerf to energy input (and quite possibly output too). I'm not sure how you managed to arrive at any other conclusions given that is l
  9. Favorite Warframe? I don't have a distinct favorite any more as designs have changed but would say it's probably Vauban, Baruuk, Ash, Lavos, and Revenant vying for 1st place currently though. That said, I still make time for Rhino, Hydroid, Volt, and Frost. Mission Type? Railjack, Capture, Mobile Defense, Sabotage, and Assassination missions Weapon? Changes based on my mood... I will typically have a shotgun equipped somewhere because I love the sfx though. Quest? The Second Dream Aspect? I've always enjoyed how improvisational I can get with the game. Character? Prob
  10. Completely agree and have asked for that periodically for years now... It would reduce some of that friction by grouping like players together. That said, there have been many that don't want such strictures because they feel it would limit their grouping options...Which I understand. They have that much impact here and have for years... It's, if I had to guess, a large reason why this forum is so vocal to begin with. You are welcome to disregard that or seek out other players to confirm or deny my stance on the matter and take from that what you will. My job isn't to co
  11. Some of those players do... And some also come here complaining to get the game changed... Successfully. Like it or not, That's just a reality. Asserting "what should be" and "human behavior" while ignoring the realities of both is a bit of a double standard, don't you think? And for what it's worth, code doesn't have to control human behavior to limit it's impact... That's why it was called "nerf" to begin with. You can cite any behavioral ideology you'd like and it won't change the fact that things get nerfed/buffed based on player feedback. Or th
  12. That's true... That said, the healer has the option of rolling a tank or DPS instead—A fairly obvious solution to a problem of personal preference. The player in COD complaining is merely grousing about a lack of skill, luck, or both—Luck of the draw or lack of skill is also nothing to kvetch about. Both are fairly pedantic as complaints go... Unfortunately, neither of those apply here as the issue in question here regards the removal of choice by other players or imposing one's own playstyle on them. Given the number of effects that this has caused here over the year
  13. Or you won't— Because you shouldn't have had to in the first place. And that's the point... No one wants their coop game experience dictated to them by other players/systems/mechanics/etc. When that happens, players come here complaining about it... When those complaints reach the level of categorizing whatever they are complaining about as "not fun" that thing generally gets looked for adjustment to be made fun to play around. It's why more things than I could count have been changed in this game over the years. Reducing it down to "caring about kills" drastical
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