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  1. That's a good question... A predictable enmity/threat mechanic and enmity creation/management is what I would view as the litmus for a tank as it relates to the trinity. This game has neither and uses armor, control, and mitigation as the litmus for what defines a "tank" Saryn comes with higher average armor and a mitigation tool that only gets better with subsequent modding. Eh, Saryn can. Most players just don't mod her to bother with most of that though. It's faster to wipe whole rooms than it is to keep them doubled over and dying while she stands there looking at them do so. I do agree with your stance that mods can make almost any frame tanky though. Sadly, they can't make almost any frame a nuker too. ...The fact that they can't is the bait being dangled by threads like this one.
  2. Some have and will continue to...The people that opt to do so have grounds (in their minds) for the complaint given that the roles aren't equally balanced. That said, if you have opted to argue the merits of the point, you have fallen for the bait set by the OP imo. I don't necessarily disagree with your stance... I would note that Frost's design intent was originally referred to as a ranged cc caster tank...As was Hydroid's. Likewise, Applying your logic makes Saryn neither a nuke or a tank frame when we know she is actually both.
  3. That entire Progress and Rewards/Mission Summary roll-up is hot garbage, if truth be told, imo...Damage being the hottest on the list. Once upon a time, many of us used to just say, "Ignore the Mission Summary"...but people seem to be putting way more stock in that results page than they need to be nowadays. Since DE is adamant about keeping it to spur friendly competition, I'd greatly prefer that they made two versions instead. The first:. A Simple Dimple version showing the basic stats and number of kills per player. Include objectives completed if it applies, and heals. Let players vote for an MVP even. The second?: A deep dive ultra nerd version posting granular breakdowns and what contributed to the damage and by how much. Include all of it....Mods, skills, weapons, pets/companions for each player.
  4. Hard to call them "White Knights" when what they are saying can be proven empirically. Destiny did do a F2P period and it did nothing significant to Warframe player numbers. The simple facts are that the two games share very little in common... They are both Sci-Fi based and that's about it. 1st vs 3rd person view PvE vs PvP Free vs Paid Very different communities Very different development styles IMO, you are complaining about apples vs oranges. Had it been managed properly... Anthem, funnily enough, could have carved out a reliable niche siphoning from both playerbases though as it had a lot in common with both games.
  5. Been that way for a long time now. That said, DE seems to have opted to cross those roles over from time too though. We can choose to see it as sexist but there are supports for the notion that the female in many species is the more dangerous of the two and just let it be what it is.
  6. It's an interesting notion and the infrastructure already exists I just can't see how the idea is a good deal for the average gamer unless a purchase via stadia could be ported to at least one other device. Otherwise the average consumer will be paying $9 to eat up their bandwidth and have shell out another $50 for unlimited data through their ISP...not counting the cost of the game. It's an awesome idea for a very casual (or infrequent) gamer or a household already carrying unlimited data and not wanting to commit to expensive upgrade(s).
  7. She was definitely enigmatic for a long time. That said, her mission commands and event commentary shape the narrative of the game we play currently. ...That narrative has us at odds with most of the factions on the star chart currently and toppled the Orokin Empire (which, incidentally, caused instability to every inhabited portion of the star chart). That, in and of itself, is bad enough....what makes it worse is the fact that the reasoning behind the mission commands were a bunch of half truths and lies to begin with. At this point, killing her off is a public service imo. ...It can be our first and last truly noble act before Void Daddy manages to drive us insane.
  8. She's a traitorous lying wretch with the blood of billions on her hands as the cost of her many deceits.
  9. Both can be true in this case, imo, tbh. Before 2.0 the mods didn't exist to tackle the higher tiers of enemies (those weren't calibrated for balance to begin with iirc and were super spongy) we see today and scaling dps wasn't that great. 2.0 and the changes made prior to it fixed a lot of things but changed(maybe even broke) a ton of others with subsequent mod releases compounding the effects. The old conventions and ways are gone away now though and it seems DE just wants to entertain. The farm times people, like the OP, are complaining about have always been there...They just apply to everything now instead. The aspect of challenge wasn't always as subjective as it is today...But we can all agree that it's a legitimately subjective gripe as the game stands right now.
  10. Yuppers. Been watching folks play it ( which is huge as I detest that kinda stuff) and just kinda waiting to see what NCsoft is going to say before I jump in. My son and some old friends of mine will probably be tooling around Atlas Park inside the next week or so regardless unless NCsoft breaks their silence on the matter. I've missed that game tons and constantly wished some publisher had purchased it from NCsoft instead of them burying it. Edit: I'll tell you this much... One of my friends is so excited about COH returning he hit newegg and ordered parts for a new PC just to play it because he'd gone to console only and his current rig is basically a moldy potato.
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