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  1. I don't know if it checks all the boxes, but being that it's you, I'd call it worthy of a response: For my part, I haven't said otherwise—In fact, nothing I have said so far speaks to anything other than the PvE community being opposed to having PvP in it and that there is enough documented instances to support why that is. That's, literally, been my point this entire thread... In regard to your "other half of the story"? I haven't a clue... When exactly was that done? Have you asked DE? Was it within the same timeframe as when they removed Alerts? Absent that, I would say tha
  2. Yes. That's precisely why it's cordoned off... I agree that the analogy is inane (I didn't make it) but it's clearly served it's purpose if you've gleaned that much. I'm thinking that's only because you've opted to only see what you want to... If you actually played the game during that period then I know that the statement you've made above is either rose tinted bias or an outright lie. If you did not then you actually haven't one clue on the matter and I'd invite you to read previous portions of this thread and get yourself clued in instead. Your forum account is way too
  3. With respect, I feel you've become rather redundant on the matter and you've made no statement that has effectively countered what I have said so far. Anyone here back then saw exactly how those players acted in-game, on the forums, and with that control... DE killed it because it was toxic Asserting that it's DE's fault is goofy. Asserting it wouldn't happen again is disingenuous for the purposes of getting what you want— At best. Your analogy... Well... It isn't relevant unless 78+% of the office professed to have a Seltzer alllergy... Had they done so, your boss wou
  4. Players weren't forced to play Dark Sector nodes but since they provided more affinity and more loot than normal missions (along with rare mods drop chances from specific mobs having been higher there) players weren't so much forced as they were strongly encouraged instead. PvP'ers mistreating that system is why it got closed down to begin with... The "everyone else" in that sentence literally describes the minority in question... That'd be the group that shouldn't be dictating the play experience for the vast majority of the players in the game to begin with.
  5. That's correct... The PvP community here is in the minority. It shouldn't be allowed to dictate the play experiences of the vast majority of the community. On the last few occasions where DE introduced it into the game globally...That is precisely what happened. The fact that you think the alternative is fair betrays your bias on the matter. The fact that you think the outcome would be different is, with respect, insane. The fact that you blame that outcome on DE simply makes no sense... It's functionally equivalent to a thief blaming the place they robbed for having stu
  6. I've made no mention of whether or not DE "can"— I have no doubts they could... It's less a question of method than it is intent. It doesn't matter what methods DE employs to curb the behavior as the player's intent won't have changed. Arguing that DE could insulate it enough to keep the types of toxic behavior that's happened every other time they allowed any form of PvP (indirect or otherwise) into the main game from happening again seriously underestimates the lengths people will go to either troll or exploit. DE has plugged enough time, energy, and money into introducing Pv
  7. With respect to you, I don't think you know what the OP is talking about when they reference the "Old Relays and Solar Rails"... Those aren't Conclave as you know them today. Conclave, as you know it, is a much more structured and normalized environment from the ones referenced.
  8. I don't want to dismiss your argument( as I think that it has some measure of merit). That said, what you've mentioned was tried and proved to be fairly toxic. DE appears to be a group fairly steeped in their love for PvP and if it was something that could be integrated without rampant cheating or general toxicity they, no doubt, would do so. The simple fact that you can reference "old Relays and solar rails" highlights my point...
  9. Put simply, camping is just smarter than roaming based on the missions design and affinity range. Back in the forever ago, a team camping a passage meant that someone could get rez'd if they died and everyone got the affinity and drops equally with the mobs eventually becoming dangerous enough to kill the average roamer regardless. Power creep has basically removed that need (for most content) but the mission's design still makes camping a smarter (more lucrative) option compared to roaming. The only things I can think a roamer wants is to either: Actually contribute indiv
  10. Worker's rights... On topic: I think this is one of the most "cooldown friendly" games I have played given the number of insane abilities that operate without them entirely.
  11. I don't disagree with your points and I've said similar in the past (moreso relating to it being a past-time for people with entirely too much traded plat in inventory already) I will say though that Rivens came about from an entirely innocent request regarding finding ways to bridge the power gap between top tier gear and low level/ Gen 1 gear. Much like ducats, what the players legit asked for wasn't what they wound up getting upon implementation. @Brinstar7777 I would suggest checking warframe.market to find a cheap riven and talking to that player as they will sometimes ta
  12. I wanted to be a Xaku fan but it didn't pan out for me. I can't fault DE the tweaks they made( as players asked for them specifically) but will say that having it be tied to it's 4 ( the cosmetics on it's 4 too) is off-putting for me although I can't say it's not unique. Definitely a top tier performing frame as-is now— I'm just not a fan of having to be skeletal to play it.
  13. Willy Wonka-esque musical interludes with life lessons sung by a cast of Corpus Crewman
  14. Tell ya what...You quote for me where I've specifically made such a statement and post it in a reply here. That's faster than chasing your shifting goalposts and perhaps if you go chasing down whatever it is you thought you read you might actually manage to read it again for the first time instead. You cherry-picked past facts you knew you couldn't argue in the hopes of landing on one you thought you actually could... Only to be wrong again anyway, huh? Karma... You don't have to like the fact that DE being under Tencent gives them access to capital and infrastructure th
  15. You are certainly welcome to your opinions, I'm afraid I don't find them particularly informed though... For example, Warframe accounted for closer to 80% (175m) of Leyou's revenue generation in 2019— No one can speak to 2020 as they got bought out by Tencent then. Where you got "10-20%" is anyone's guess... Additionally, It's not like Tencent hasn't already released Warframe on their own cloud platform (WeGame) already as well... Or that you can't already download it from the Epic Games (Also ostensibly Tencent's) store either... Put simply, DE has never had a publisher
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