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  1. Anyone else the tenno that would hit the button knowing it would drag that guy back down regardless? You mean they can remove it from their game... There are frames, builds, and equipment that everyone isn't going to like (some are actually painful) to play around. Likewise, there are people who make themselves unpleasant to be around regardless of what they have equipped. Opting to nerf oneself to not be exposed to that (or that guy) is what players do now by going solo instead...What's the difference between those two styles? This type of ignore system would encourage more group play scenarios as opposed to the binary versions we have now which we all know encourages fewer with more fractured experiences anyway. It would also encourage more considerate behavior from players who want to access to more groups. There used to be a time in the dim past where a player's reputation mattered as it got them more group invites, etc but the downside to that was that it meant new/unknown players struggled to find groups... Now things have swung in the opposite direction because of how transactional groups have become. Yes, it's easy to find groups... But they tend to suck. How many nerfs/tweaks/adjustments (we don't even want to count actual posts) have we seen where the real issue wasn't so much mechanics as it was inconsiderate gameplay? I can think of at least a dozen off the top of my head. It's an idea with enough merit to, at least, be beta'd in-game by DE. The worst thing that can happen is that folks complain.
  2. I don't hate this idea. At it's core, petty means spiteful, and malicious... We can definitely say those fit the tax in this case. That said, the OPs actions in this case evidence the same things... OP knows that blitzing missions won't be appreciated by everyone... But does it in public regardless for the extra rewards chances... We could call it inconsideration but the OP cites efficiency so it actually only qualifies as petty. OP chose a frame with the ability to blitz the mission with the least amount of effort and leaving nothing for other team-members to do...Petty. So I guess we can say that the Tenno that did the Equinox tax out-pettied the OP?
  3. True that... The irony there is that the only players who join missions while harboring the intent to do nothing are leechers...But we don't like, and publicly deride leeches. We should have a group finder that allows players to classify themselves as either sharks, remoras, or just plain fish. Then the tryhards can all be grouped with leeches in these types of missions and the normal players(that want to actually do something) can get left to themselves.
  4. That's clearly not the case given the substance of your complaint. Groups are merely potentially more profitable as they offer more shots at a different mission reward. In this case, you joined a pub to run a fissure, blitzed it as an Equinox and got mad that a member didn't do what you wanted, when you wanted them to do it, so you could go do it again as fast as possible. In other words, you put random players into the role of npc's to increase your chance at loot and one of them went off-script...And then told you why. Bare in mind that the minute they made you wait was probably 2-3 minutes less than the time you had them twiddling their thumbs since you blitzed the mission to begin with. ...Seems kinda fair to me tbh. I'll bet that tenno enjoyed reading you whine about it though... I wonder if they are on the forums witnessing your meltdown as well too?
  5. So you need to be MR 8 to do the MR 9 test? Relay much? On Topic: @S.Dust I think it all depends on the players build of choice. I don't think it's hard to mod yourself to be practically invincible but you can also opt to not be and missions become harder in the process.
  6. Gaming is like a significant other... If you are gonna be with them then accept them as-is. If you don't, then you should leave as opposed to sticking around and being unhappy. Every line of what you listed expresses annoyance at things that likely aren't changing so you need to make a decision about what you are going to do going forward.
  7. There is no one answer and theorycrafting won't help because everyone's frame choice and playstyle is different. That style of play makes sense to me if the player had adopted a flatfooted playstyle to begin with. Players who rely on movement and had adopted rolling as a means to absorb bigger strike would be driven crazy trying to play that way unless they were playing Limbo where rolls/dashes had to be thought of differently to begin with. Of course, on Limbo the mod is practically perfect anyway. Sure they would... It happens all the time for any number of reasons regardless of their "fear of death". You probably do it yourself without realizing it on some frames.
  8. The Ghost in the Machine metaphor is probably spot on imo. But I would hesitate to assert that it's specifically our mind in the frame when it acts independently. based on the way the story and quests have leaned. There is a duality in our story where the player knows there is more than just one Tenno but the story is written in a manner where every Tenno is that same one. The Operator is literally joyriding around in the assorted armor of a whole pantheon of demigods whereas the remainder of the Tenno are doing so in mass produced copies of their armor instead. i.e. your armor is special whereas everyone else's is generic. That said, I don't disagree with your opinion insomuch as I don't know that it applies to the central story Operator's frames. I am probably not conveying that all too well and hopefully some lore-hound will come clean up the mess I have made trying to explain it.
  9. That doesn't make Rolling Guard better than Quick Thinking or Adaptation though... Just different. Rolling Guard is awesome and really shouldn't be compared to other mods.
  10. Eh, I'm not really getting that vibe at all... There are a ton of folks who don't like that the operators are angsty kiddos, but I don't really see folks opining that it was a marketing stunt of some sort. Mesa's butt, otoh, just appeals to the demographic I guess. For my part, I only took issue with how DE glorified the change at all as they had really mostly steered clear of those objectification tropes until then imo. Or they can be neither... We've already seen in the storyline that the capacity exists for any frame to be either of the things you mentioned but also to valiantly protect and fight on behalf of the operator (in all cases)and others (in select cases)exists as well. Simply put, They don't need operators insomuch as they do a reason they actually still feel strongly about. On a side note: That would actually be a pretty sweet feature DE could tie to use % and mastery with a symbiosis meter of some sort for any frame.
  11. Because that's the direction they chose to take the story and I don't think any other direction was ever in the cards in hindsight. While I don't disagree with your stance, I can also understand why DE has the story going in the direction they do and respect the decision even though I detest the Operator. I think most cat people know that cats are sapient. They tear your furniture up when you are too far away to do something about it. They speak in a pitch designed to mimic that of a baby. They bond with the strongest personality in the house. They don't eat poo. Dogs are awesome too... But they don't see much wrong with eating poop though.
  12. I don't hate it's current iteration insomuch as I don't think about it at all. It doesn't offer much in the way of universal benefits once you got what you needed from it. Team missions aren't plentiful (or fun when they are) and solo missions tend to feel like a slog imo. Sharkwing, otoh, just isn't fun. And feels both tacked on and needless. If that planet's maps were all water only approaches where you left the Liset at high orbit and had to infiltrate the facility from outside (both water and air combat possible), and then extract the same way, that would be more interesting....I don't know if that interest would actually be sustainable or just novel though.
  13. Corpus and Corpus derived mobs are the most annoying by a landslide imo. This tends to be offset by the fact that they are typically the easiest mobs to kill too. Be mindful of your surroundings in encounters and develop strategies for when your abilities are impaired Keep moving... Most of their stuff is fairly easy to dodge provided you don't remain flat-footed. Develop a kill order for Corpus enemies that works well for you. Corpus enemies, imo, are different from the other factions in that they throw a whole bunch of enemies that take advantage of lots of different potential weak spots and that kill order can change depending on any number of different circumstances. For example, I give osprey's my earliest attention (often even above Nullifiers) because they make everything more difficult...But if it's a flock of Nullifiers I go for them first instead. Develop tactics and an order that works for you.
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