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  1. Or perhaps you spent the bulk of 2 whole pages saying things that were completely irrelevant and not worth the time and space I'd have to spend on correcting? Or maybe it's just another case of you making, yet more, baseless assumptions?
  2. Yes. Assuming... You should stop. Preening about "doing the most rewarding content" as an explanation for hugging the forge on easy content is like bragging that you went down the big kid's slide all by yourself... None of the Proxima qualify as "difficult content" for a well equipped RJ and pilot since the refresh. How did that elude you after 6 pages?
  3. You seem to assume a great deal and quite often... Stop. What I have said is entirely applicable regardless of the map in question if you have the loadout and intrinsics. The missions in question simply aren't that difficult since the refresh. What constantly forging does is it gives your Pilot room to not have to bother thinking about domes or flux availability or waiting to refresh them for additional runs. Those things have value... That value happens to be subjective. The real question about how valuable forging is would come from asking the Captain if they could
  4. Forging isn't as emergent a need with enemy counts as they are now in a fully equipped ship anymore unless you are planning to string runs together in quick succession. Even if you are doing that the forge is enough to do the job in about a round of forging if you have Artillery Cheap Shot and either rank 9 Engineering or Battleforge. All that forging is a great way to lvl stuff though imo. Put simply, there is no wrong answer...Only disparate opinions.
  5. Because the feedback given was actually, "Put nothing into PVP that can't be earned or achieved in PVE." . Put simply, the request was for parity. DE, doing what DE does, locked unique skins behind a mode (that barely anyone liked) to encourage people to try it anyway. Are the skins nifty? Not really... That doesn't mean that people won't want them though regardless.
  6. The points in question would be, "Don't say thoughtless things." and "Don't be so foolish as to think that your idea, however dumb, won't resonate with others.". Put simply, don't whine about the problem if you helped create it... It's a simple concept. Truth told, The only thing that matters (once things have gone pear-shaped ) is useful feedback to encourage better results. Useful feedback, contrary to popular (and rather arrogant) opinion, isn't critique...You simply aren't knowledgeable enough to give critique. Finger-pointing isn't useful. DE,
  7. The wiser course would be to avoid assuming at all... Assuming they read everything you post is just as conceited as assuming that they don't read any of it at all. Some of the people in this thread have already learned over the years that DE reads their own forums (whether they choose to reply or not) and have acted on any number of suggestions made in them over the years. Sometimes it works out great... like Excalibur's Exalted Blade, changes to Vauban, changes to Bows, Frost, and any number of other things. Sometimes it doesn't... Like the (temporary) removal of M
  8. You mean extreme case whataboutisms aren't actually a valid answer? /s This is 2020... How dare you inject logic into it!
  9. Except they (DE) don't do that... Fine folks like yourself come here and complain/rave about a weapon/skill/collection of skills interacting or post the same on youtube and expect that it's something DE won't read or watch... Then it gets nerfed. Usage analytics is just supporting documentation at that point. It's always been complaints that move the needle here—That's why there tend to be so many of them.
  10. Log in and play her. That's the best advice. Neither Valkyr or Inaros have Metas built around them now... But neither do any of the tanky frames either since the armor and shield changes. There aren't really any "one size fits all" solutions that weren't in that category two years ago as well.
  11. Well, to be fair, he does do a lot more than that and Disco Duck makes everything irrelevant without exception.
  12. More like it removes a bone of contention for players... DE has will likely continue to buff and nerf where and when they see fit. If anything, I'd be more concerned about blanket nerfs to mechanics because Helminth does now exist.
  13. I think it's a bad idea for Loki—And a great idea for an entirely different frame. That's not to say that his kit couldn't use a refresh, to some degree, but it needs to still closely resemble his current kit. For example: Decoy and Switch Teleport are "throw away" skills for many as they have generally limited applications. These can actually be lumped into the same power block by either letting the player switch between them (Ivara's trick arrows) or by lumping them together (Vauban's Bastille/Vortex) which opens up a new skill option. Aim it at nothing? It's a decoy Aim
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