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  1. Granted, that's a bit annoying in the Helminth landscape. Perhaps the side-effect of popping the globe should be tied to Frost's first ability tier, as opposed to his first ability, I'm not immediately familiar with every potential ability that can go in that slot so I am sure not all could apply but being set that that way would at least mean that many abilities could get the job done instead. It creates the potential to preserve that synergy for players who don't like his current 1 at the very least.
  2. I honestly wouldn't expect you to... You initial commentary on the matter was just exactly myopic enough to assure anyone reading that the only playstyle you can actually concieve of is your own. The concept that Melee Frost players exist as a style and actually would see benefit from the passive didn't occur to you and, if your subsequent commentary is any indication, still can't believe in. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist insomuch as it means you can't or won't see far enough past yourself for you to recognize that fact. Why, for example, would I want to dodge the attack to begin with? A melee frost is going to be using a globe with chilling globe equipped. Blocking is vastly wiser than dodging in that case. That's not counting ranged melee attacks or teleport attacks that you might not see or occur behind you. Essentially, what you have said is, "Because I don't do it, it makes no sense... As such, others shouldn't be doing it either.". For what it's worth, I think convincing you that the earth actually isn't flat would be more fitting and take the same amount of work with the same degree of success regardless.
  3. What about in the back of the head by Flameblades, Manics, Ancients, etc? Because it works on those too... It's ok that it doesn't fit your personal playstyle because it doesn't actually hurt your playstyle either.—It's a conceit to assert that something is "universally useless" simply because you have found no use for it though.
  4. Most warframes don't have multiple static placements they can set down and I think that you can remove old globes by continually casting snowglobe iirc (It's been a while since I felt a need to spam globes but I think the oldest dissolves when you cycle them.) What makes his 1 nifty is that it turns the globe into a bomb. Differing playstyles will vary though... For my part , Impedence needs to, as you, me , and dozens have noted for years now, be built in to the ability and replaced with (my personal preference) a gap closer instead. Likewise Icy Avalanche simply needs to be tuned up to be impactful Frost's passive is fine. It simply doesn't fit whatever your playstyle is... A player using snowglobe as a personal melee bubble gets added protection from the passive whereas players who need to keep stuff dead from across the room will see negligible effect from it. Very few frames have passives that are viable for all playstyles and content. This passive is for a melee oriented Frost.
  5. I get what you are intending and would say that the reason why you shouldn't expect to see that is that DE has maintained thematic motivations behind each of their frames. swapping skins at the cost of degree of function sounds like a fair trade-off but muddies the theme of the frame in the process. Likewise, opening the doors for such a swap (even with reduced function) just makes new fodder for old complaints. (Examples: Female Ash and Male Mesa versions have been asked for quite a few times). There really isn't a good reason for it not being possible past that... I still wouldn't hold my breath expecting it though. Helminth's function has been a fairly massive concession on DE's part in regard to their design intentions and I wouldn't expect it to progress much past that in the future tbh.
  6. @Zahnny It's a neat frame idea that I think wouldn't work well once the facets of balancing it for the game as a whole and player adoption became considered. I expect it would wind up either being vastly underpowered or vastly overused to skirt the nature of this being an RNG grind game. I could see a suite of mods being added that players could slot at the cost of more efficient/effective mods but couldn't imagine DE offering this as anything other than premium though. That said, DE has come up with elegant solutions to make stuff work/fit in the past though...
  7. If the rewards make you want to throw up then you should probably find a different game... Absent that, they don't incentivize that form of gameplay because it has proven to be fairly toxic for years now and the source of various exploits and balance issues. The system exists as a playstyle choice but there is no good reason to incent it past that. The quality (or lack thereof) of the rewards isn't limited to any one form of content in this game at this point as what rewards best tends to shift periodically. If anything, an argument could more readily be made that the quality of drops decreased once the endurance run trend took hold.
  8. Actually it isn't... That's my point. Parity might be a facet of what you expect in balance ( I did for a great many years too...) but balance and parity are irrespective of each other in this game and this has been the case since the game went into open beta. In fact, it's the only consistent feature of this game... Range and melee have never been equal in any capacity. Some frames are simply stronger than some others. Crit is streaky and Status is reliable— At least until we look at instances where they aren't. Even the color pallets in this game don't display equally on all the frames. The only active question actually regards whether the mechanic, item, or feature's abilities can perform in the game as it is today. Both Crit and Status pass muster in this case. Whether they do so equally was never relevant to begin with. Nerf herding for the sake of parity or for the random OCD of some posters need to see fewer numbers via a "stat squish" isn't relevant to that either. Arguments like these are essentially the type of commentary you'd see from long-time homeowners regarding the need to remodel a room to make it look strangely like something you've seen some(every)place else instead —Needless and lacking imagination.
  9. DE has had no less than 3 separate revisions to weapons and weapon damage in the last few years— If crit was so game-breaking that they felt exceptionally strongly about altering it then they'd have changed it when they changed the other stuff. They haven't... Arguments about parity between crit and status don't make a whole bunch of sense in the wider view because the game generally lacks parity to begin with. Why should those two mechanics have parity when nothing else does? It's nifty to make the "parity=balance" argument but parity is not balance without all underlying factors being equal in the process. All underlying factors aren't equal to begin with. DE has clearly shown an intent to make all weapons, frames/abilities, and damage types distinct either in form or function from each other... Expecting parity in the case of crit and status seems more like a departure from the game's existing balance.
  10. You both looked for a "stat stick" work around when I was terribly clear on what would work. That is 100% on you for assuming. Lemme re-post it for you again... I'm not entirely certain what else you could have derived from the term "in-use" since I specifically separated it from "equipped" Yet, you and @PublikDomain still assumed you could cheese it with stat stick logic... Leave it to a player to only look for a way around a challenge, huh?
  11. The good news with that idea is that if you don't see the value in it then you don't have to do it. One would imagine that you'd figured that part out already... Then you should probably learn to read a bit more carefully... "Wisdom" clearly made an assumption— And you appear to have assumed the same thing. That's not my fault....It's yours.
  12. Lemme re-quote that for you... That would mean the weapon you killed with would need to be that unforma'd Braton or Lato (equipped/in-use). Nice try with the stat stick logic though... You gonna take those into high level missions solo? Doubt it... Gonna leech off a fully kitted high level group? You'd be wasting everyone's time... your's included. The only thing a mechanic like that would do is make you choose between a longer, easier, grind and a more frenetic, riskier, but guaranteed shorter grind amongst your peers. While I'm quite sure my idea is riddled with holes...That wasn't one of them though 😀
  13. Actually, since guns and melee have never had parity, I'd say what they are actually bad at is ignoring armchair developers with a social media presence... As to the rest? Arguments of ineptitude simply don't make sense... That's not bashing you or anyone else specifically as I see no specific fault in your premise—Only your conclusion on this specific matter. It presumes that these things were in error and this has offset balance. That simply can't be true... No one capable of creating the game can makes that many large "mistakes" in it by accident. Action signifies intent— Presuming such things are accidental when DE has clearly read both the CTAs and the possible solutions from players?... That's simply not possible. I could cite a page full of examples but it would simply be derivative of the point and wouldn't say anything that hasn't been fodder for dozens of separate threads of the years (example: asks for a Token system to offset bad RNG became ducats. Asks for a system to bring Low-lying weapons into parity became Rivens) "Balance" is what it is here... The simple fact of the matter is that it makes a great deal more sense here when it's viewed as intentional than it does if it's viewed as in error. The bigger question, to me, regards when balance stops... I personally think it's around 2 additional forma... Danielle's commentary during Xaku's tuning would suggest the number is closer to 4 or 6... Does it potentially change depending on the item/mechanic in question? Who knows... That said, Here's a fun option that will never occur— One that I don't think players or Devs would ever dare actually support..: Give every un-forma'd/opened/equipped/in-use slot a ~6% chance of regular items dropping and ~4% chance to increase drop rate of rare items...All of them. Suddenly people would be obliged to choose whether to cut their potential power or not knowing that it would meaningfully affect their ability to get rare items faster and gameplay is made less trivial in the process. This would, likely, never happen because everyone would hate it equally...Devs (less grind/less revenue) and Players(feeling forced to group, massive arsenal refits) alike.
  14. Action signifies intent... DE has had years to institute the type of balance you speak of and hasn't... That's including a full balance pass and another 2 half passes. It's the players that keep harping about "balance" and what it should look like in their various opinions. Funnily enough, Frames and weapons are not( generally speaking) imbalanced... It's the interactions of the mechanics they have when modded that is... (outliers always exist of course). Mods are player elective. If I had to guess, I'd say that DE would probably agree with both of your stances to some degree but are left with the elephant in the room being that the only way to effect real change would be to fundamentally negate much of the power that they have dangled for years and has been the source of both grind and revenue. While that wouldn't necessarily be a first it would definitely be on a scale no one has seen in this game. That's a gamble for a game this old...
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