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  1. No boss is designed to be One shotted . Likewise no boss encounter is strictly designed to be trivialized. That said, there is no boss encounter without invincible stages in this game that can't be trivialized by some frames unless DE disables powers outright. So we should focus on Sonar but ignore the multitude of other tactics and mechanics that allow engagements to be trivialized instead? That seems like a double standard to me... We all know that Banshee is niche enough for this to be a non-issue. So what if they give Banshee and her players center stage for a few months after 8 years?
  2. Yet, that is the logic in play... For my part, my only issues with him deal with: Poor Base defense/armor (though improved on Prime) with no innate mechanics aside from Undertow and i-frames Pilfering swarm existing as a seperate mods as opposed to being built in Surge not being steerable/lacking verticality Undertow being the only option for it's slot Surge's lack of efficacy in open tilesets He looks like a ranged cc caster tank, was originally introduced as one, but has always felt squishy to me and offers a fairly frenetic playstyle for this poor slogging turtle of a player. If Hydroid was just Revenant degrees of tanky then his kit would flow better in my opinion as undertow would be more of an option and less of a requirement.
  3. I hear ya. It's still not addressing my concerns (imo) though... Turning barrage into an aimbot ability sounds nifty but skirts the nature of Hydroid being a ranged CC melee fighter. (flavor) Neither are either of your proposals for Surge (also flavor...we have a number of frames with the ability you described already to varying degrees) And most especially not Undertow given that they don't want you to have an ability that both avoids damage, evades detection, herds and incapacitates, can heal, and does super slow damage to allow for ranged attacks too. Truthfully, Undertow is the biggest trap in the game because people read what it does, think it's awesome, and get annoyed when it actually isn't fun or efficent in practice. Hydroid's kit probably has one of the higher skill ceilings in the game so people call it horrible when in truth what makes it horrible is the fact that all that skill only lets it semi- measure up to other frames achieving the same things (and more) with less work. I don't see anything substantial being done on Hydroid until they change their minds on his design philosophy and I just don't see them doing that without opting to build a new frame with it instead. you are, of course, welcome to your opinions on the matter though.
  4. I don't disagree with your stance. I do question how it could get done, retain it's unique flavor, and keep it's skills reasonably intact without burdening the art/coders. My feeling is that if it's an idea or symmetry that's fresh it will get added to a different frame now. Kinda like the shatter mechanic that was begged for by Frost players but got added to Gauss instead.
  5. Only that's not how it works because your wheelspin game board doesn't account for values... Your board would have a 1-in-3 chance of landing on any of the individual choices. This means that all of the choices have about a 33% chance of being selected (even). In the Mesa scenario, both of the other items are 11% more likely to drop instead of the item you want (not even). "Rigged" would be asserting that the values noted aren't the values in truth.
  6. Stat squishes won't fix existing mechanical overrides placed to ensure scalability. Reducing enemy damage won't impact all frames equally because all frames aren't comparatively equal to begin with. This isn't to even touch on the invariable aspect of attrition due to large mechanical changes in older games...
  7. IIRC you get introduced to the rachnoids in the introductory quests to Fortuna but I could be wrong as it's been a long time. Sorry your luck is bad today though.
  8. Honestly, I rather expect it to be an entirely different node from Cetus that will also be locked to new players.
  9. Actually, that would just be your finger randomly hitting something... The numbers were there the whole time. Even then that chosen number would have a 1-in-"however many selections on that specific page" chance of being chosen. Chance is Chance. The market, ultimately, regulates the industry's behavior so stop playing if the practice bothers you... When enough stop playing the market will change their behavior to suit. As to the rest, it sounds like you have fundamental issues with this game as-is. That leaves me with a simple question: Why play a game you don't like?
  10. That's correct. That said, You'd like the drop chance a lot less if it wasn't... The term RNG both is and isn't literal as there is both a min and a max that algorithm pulls a random number from with values and weights assigned to determine how often items drop. In the matter of the OP's complaint: Mutalist Alad V has a 100% drop chance to drop 1 of 3 Mesa components per kill. Equal chances are given to 2 of the components and a lower chance is given to 1 of them. In that scenario, the OP should expect to be rewarded a great many of those two items with the higher drop chance for every one award of the item with the lower drop chance. An unlucky person may need ~40 runs to get all the parts whereas a lucky person will only need 3. As an example, It took me vastly fewer attempts to get Rhino P. when it first launched than it did to farm all the parts for Rhino itself. Re-playability is a facet of video-gaming, has been forever, and isn't ever changing. If you want a game that offers once in a lifetime experiences with a massive amount of content to match? You are down to PnP RPG's alone. Even then, you will still have to deal with RNG...
  11. I wish you luck in your last few attempts then... If you do decide to continue playing this game you might want to consider just buying whatever you are looking for with plat going forward as 30-40 attempts for a specific item can be fairly tame. And the grind is nowhere near as tough as it used to be...
  12. Even the wikia notes the "nearly guaranteed" average number of runs being somewhere in between 18 and 36. Set yourself a goal of doing 50 total runs and if you still haven't gotten it then you can uninstall with confidence.
  13. The intent seemed like semi-innocent ranting until the "you will be punished" part at least. That Buffalo is gangster...
  14. Those people will continue to make them and rationalize away the obvious downfalls to their ideas in the process sadly. Then hide back in the crowd and point fingers when it fails miserably. Some of us have been around long enough to see how (negatively) impactful armchair developers ideas have been to this game long-term in the way it has contributed to precisely the things they complain about ad nauseum (rampant power creep, attribute bloat, constant nerfs to challenging content to name a few) today. I personally get big yucks out of reading their ideas nowadays and make small wagers with myself regarding whether DE implements them or not. As to the point of the OP itself: Teshin's gameplay style looked nifty—As it should given that it has existed, to some extent, in the game since it launched... I'm not sure how anyone can conclude that "it's the way Warframe should be" given that it's always been an option. Are we saying we should remove guns now?
  15. That's not going to happen given the fact that DE changed it due to complaints from players in the first place. Likewise, the new version of Blade Storm glitches less which I am sure DE sees as another benefit. That said, Ash's nuke was the slowest in the game compared to the aoe nukes from other frames even though it was (imo) vastly more fun. I'd rather they plug that amount of time and attention into Hydroid because Ash is in a great (albeit slightly more clunky) place all things considered.
  16. Yet, that is precisely what you have been doing in regard to Revenant's design for years now... If you know that such a tact make no logical sense, then why do it?
  17. Actually, you can argue that... There are numerous examples of this throughout the game. You, otoh, have spent the last few years pouting because you didn't get precisely what you wanted. You've even gone so far as to lobby in the warframe feedback forum to have Revenant changed because it doesn't fit what your vision. It's time for you to let it go...
  18. The quest is called The Glast Gambit the whole story revolves around a Tribe (The Mycona Colony) that has immunity to the Technocyte. I don't need to cite anything specific because that's the setup for the entire quest. And, for what it's worth... All Tenno and Warframes are considered to be "Relics of the Old War" by the Lotus, Corpus, and Grineer and have been termed as such by each throughout the game's life. As such, I'm not sure what made you think that assertion was particularly special... Edit: Before you do your next full page of suppositions ( I appreciated the subsequent page breaks as it made it easier to read) @EmberStar and since you like asking for citations... Nidus is a frame that embodies the notion of Co-infection ( a body housing 2 strains of the same virus at once) so explain the following: Do please cite an instance where this has occurred where at least one of those strains was specifically hostile to the other. Then cite an instance where those opposing strains provide antibodies for each other to the host. Then you can cite an instance where a virus literally provides antibodies against itself. When you can explain how those things get done without the use of plot armor then we'll really be talking... Because right now you are guilty of what you've accused me of (head canon) given that everything you've stated is based on suppositions couched behind what amounts to Head Canon formed from what amounts to Plot Armor.
  19. We actually do know that isn't the case... Nidus is the direct result of a benign Techno-cyte managing to incorporate itself into a frame. We know this from the quest that introduced the frame.... Which, incidentally, also voids discussion about Orokin involvement since the Mycona Colony would never have been allowed to exist during Orokin rule The problem, in this case, is that Helminth is also a version of techno-cyte that just so happens to be resistant to The Techno-cyte virus to begin with. Essentially, Nidus is both Helmith and Techno-cyte...which shouldn't be possible given that Helmith was designed by the Orokin to be immune from the Technovirus to begin with. Helminth would never have developed antibodies against itself—Which is precisely what permanently removing a cyst (which is practically impossible to begin with) would require. Likewise it wouldn't have antibodies against that benign strain of the Technovirus or Nidus wouldn't exist as-is to begin with. Nidus simply makes no sense thematically positioned against the lore of the game and is, functionally, no different from plot armor. So, Yes... Revenant's quibbles regarding theme can literally be cleared up in a sentence. Nothing short of an eraser could ever clear up Nidus' thematic inconsistencies though.
  20. That's my point... Nidus is an entirely mutated strain of warframe (warframes were created by exposing subjects to the Helminth strain of the techno-cyte virus) that has become a mutated culture for it through benign exposure to the regular Techno-cyte strain. Frames should either be completely bricked from either the Helminth, the Techno-cyte, or rendered completely inoperable by the removal of the cyst...Thematically speaking. Since the mutated strain exists (a version of the Techno-cyte that Helminth exists harmoniously with), has been presented, and because Helminth simply can't/won't actually cure itself. Credit to DE for attempting to make sense of it with the cyst removal but it simply can't work thematically because it amounts to a snake that eats itself. Thematically, either every frame should now either: Be a Nidus The Infestation should die immediately whenever a Warframe is around it whether powers get used or not. Be under control of the Technocyte Hivemind That's a massive kink in Nidus' theme that won't ever be gotten around and is actively glossed over by players... Gears included. It's certainly larger than a discussion regarding Revenant's theme... That at least could be cleared with a sentence of back story. I didn't see @(XBOX)GearsMatrix301 responding to the Nidus question because he simply couldn't without appearing hypocritical in the process. Gears just so happens to be a fairly large Nidus fan. So much for Thematic Continuity...
  21. You need to take your own advice. As to the rest ? If your goal is "thematic accuracy and consistency" then kindly explain how Nidus' theme makes a lick of actual sense. I'll wait... Because if , by your reckoning, Revenant needs to be changed to support thematic continuity then Nidus needs to be erased completely.
  22. Perhaps because they felt that the two coincided in this case? People like to lean into Revenant's "vampiric" aspects because it's easy to do but that doesn't mean they are anything more than purely incidental. While I tend to strenuously disagree with you on most of your opinions (just about all of them actually) on Revenant I can't disagree that his theme is fairly muddy and will remain so until we know more about Warden himself. If I had my preferences DE would release 3 Prime Variants for Revenant: One would be Warden. One would be a fully Sentient Eidolan frame with skill flavoring more in keeping with such. The last would be a Primed version of what we have now. Revenant is one of our few "amalgam" frames and the Prime offering should probably highlight that.
  23. Because it isn't... Correction: There's nothing in the backstory or lore of Warden itself. A Sentient Eidolan captured and infected Warden with it's essence which, in turn, transformed Warden into (a) Revenant. The fact that DE flavored his abilities to seem vampiric is incidental. A turned Vampire is certainly a Revenant... but not all Revenants are Vampires.
  24. You just illustrated my point—There's absolutely no way you can see thematic continuity between a bird and what could have been a prop in Krush Groove but can't see it between a scary vampire hybrid and a cutesy anime vampire without having shifted goalposts. You are welcome to your opinions of course... I just wish you wouldn't try to bolster them with stuff like "theme".
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