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  1. he won't talk Duviri Paradox pcq the Quest for the New War is still not over so time that the new war is not finished we will have no information on Duviri Paradox
  2. my question when the new war comes and also when Natha comes back
  3. I believe that who will not have a devstream date announce today
  4. Stay tuned Wednesday for a Devstream announcements! it's wednesday and still no devstream date
  5. these total deaths on the console and no info was given for us console players
  6. When will we have information on the update in recent days it's quiet full on the console ?
  7. I have a question When our tenno becomes an adult
  8. inaros and very well like it and if you want to rework it these pcq you do not know how to play it
  9. I did not receive the Twitch prize yesterday either, however I claimed my prize in drop and still nothing in my inbox
  10. I'm sorry but warframe and able to be multiplatform you just have to want to
  11. I'm sorry my other video game companies do it pk it only has warframe which and still not multiplatform !!!
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