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  1. I did not receive the Twitch prize yesterday either, however I claimed my prize in drop and still nothing in my inbox
  2. I'm sorry but warframe and able to be multiplatform you just have to want to
  3. I'm sorry my other video game companies do it pk it only has warframe which and still not multiplatform !!!
  4. Personally, I'm on Destiny I'll come back to Warframe as soon as the update comes out
  5. I find that of should put back the sinification of cert everyone and lost with this new change
  6. Hello When will we have information on the release of the update ?
  7. I think the update will be released next Tuesday or else we'll have to wait
  8. hello the update comes out when please since the disappearance of the cert I am a little lost
  9. my question and the next one to When will the sequel to The New War ?
  10. les gens ne comprennent pas la logique de la nouvelle salle d'isolement, ils font toujours la même chose donc je ne peux jamais tomber sur un esquoide à la recherche d'un autre butin De please change the system to better understand
  11. frankly these not really nice to force the player to do k-drive to recover the infested part of the k-drive
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