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  1. nope, i'm not referring to you. i meant the person who kept defending about cryotic (since the person in question, loves to waste their time on excavation, and not actually raising their MR)
  2. prime loot isn't everything, and disruption exists (and way faster, and also does not induce sleepiness as well). ---- P.S. : Get yourself to MR29, then we'll continue this discussion.
  3. R.I.P. Ophelia, was fun while it lasted.
  4. ikr --- I do hope I can get ZAWs from Excavation... cause in this world there are always people who love to waste their time staying in the same MR and then justify stuff that doesn't make sense, when they can use the same time to get their MR higher.
  5. and also, even if its not reduced, its no longer needed for bile, in a sense. since with the Railjack resource cost reduction and the addition of the 3 new options, I guess I'm all set to subsume the last 12 frames in my foundry
  6. and the time use to farm plat can also be used to get stuff like zaw, equinox and so on
  7. passive over time = oberon parts or stuff like ferrite, alloy plate, and so on... cryotic? no.
  8. the ratio is never fine, those who try to say its fine had failed to do the math.
  9. there is something called disruption, and is fun, rewarding, and GREATLY rewards squad coordination, more than "yawn-worthy" excavation does. and unlike people who have all the time in the world to do mediocre stuff, we actually get "progression", like getting vanilla frames from planet bosses, or capturing animals in any of the open worlds. ---- just because the game mode itself is bad and probably needs some rework, it does mean that anyone who dislike it is "anti" towards it. don't force everyone onto your standards
  10. I'm talking about how you try to defend for failed gamemodes. hence "island" please do not justify bad things, they are bad for a reason. Bad = Not Fun and Not Rewarding. (Rotation Rewards were gutted for excavation in the past)
  11. Not having anymore "cryotic" due to helminth, does not mean "you're not a candidate for higher level of helminth usage"... this logic is flawed. When most of those with MR20+ are having no issues with the other categories, except bile. And secondly, this isn't about ego, this is about getting the message across. you're not doing the math enough, and you probably don't value your own time that much.
  12. So right now you want us to conform to your sick logic.... Nice, just great.... So you're telling that a MR29 isn't a candidate for higher level of helminth usage... You might want to sign up for elementary mathematics class. P. S: not everyone enjoys excavation, and there are other ways to crack relics.
  13. you can make 6 thermia in about 20 minutes with a booster, and that's acceptable acceptable? please do not make me laugh, look at the other resources needed for bile (other than cryotic BS or railjack stuff), before saying its acceptable. --- bruh.. have you failed maths?? Please do the comparison, and stop trying to defend that BS amount of cryotics and thermia needed for a single feed. Look at thermal sludge, look at argon crystal..... other players have already slapped those hard-cold facts to your face, yet you failed to realize what's wrong...zzzz you
  14. I always wait for disruption fissures, which is why i have long forgo excavations. (2K+ cryotics at the moment, thanks to helminth)
  15. I think that's becuz you have trigged the auto-flag due to such extreme results... which may be "abnormal" due to "28minute". You can report such bug a few more times until they fix it. "DE thought that they have nerfed secura lecta"
  16. "other game modes", you might wanna check what those "other game modes" are.
  17. 2 runs in GP won't net you 20K carbides. And its not for you to judge if someone is pathetic or not, just because they have a life.
  18. 1000 argon crystal does not look easy at all... ---- I'm not sure about others, but I don't do eidolons often enough -> regarding sentient cores.
  19. im MR29 and still having problems with bile, before this announcement, that is.
  20. so i'm an outlier. thank you. (Cryotic, now at less than 10K left)
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