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Heya, welcome to my page and stuff!


First off, some things you should know about me in general:

• I don't tolerate disrespect, whether to me, a teammate, clanmate, or close friend.

• I will always discuss topics of or related to Warframe and the developers in any light I please. It's called constructive criticism.

• I will reply to forum replies whenever I get the chance.

• If I simply do not like you, I won't acknowledge you. Easy.

• I play Warframe regularly, so I'm online almost 90% of the time.

• I'm not here to waste time, so don't even try to bait me.

• Just because I'm a female, does not mean I want to date anyone of you "males" that is insignificant to me and I have better things to worry about.

• If you have an issue with a comment posted in the forums by me, here's a tissue. I have every right to my opinion just as you do as well.

I'm a fairly easy going person. I have no problems with making new friends. All I ask is to be respected in return. 

Far as this game goes, I'm currently a MR 20.


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