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  1. Well, you're makiing a skin on owned assets (aka DE's base warframe assets), you shouldn't act entitle because of the platform you play on. Just my 22 cents.
  2. Honestly dunno what type of passive ability this frame would have, maybe a void burst where you gain X amount of energy a second. 1st Ability - Tendrils (kinda like Nidus where he stomps the ground, void-like tendrils will come up out of the ground sapping energy + health from the enemy) 2nd Abilty - Void Surge (causes enemies to freeze for a few moments, sapping energy + health for you & your team whilst jamming enemy weapons) 3rd Ability - Ethereal (become invulnerable for a period of time, incoming dmg is stacked & reflected back on the enemy) 4th Ability - Tendril Slam (Warframe can turn one arm into a large mass of void tendrils, hitting enemies or slamming the ground will grant a significant amount of energy depending on 3rd's stack ability) And that's it. I guess.
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