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  1. On 2020-04-08 at 12:40 AM, (XB1)Kaancer said:

    It's not the same as the $20 pack.

    This bundle includes:

    100,000 Credits
    100 Platinum
    7 Day Affinity Booster: Level up weapons at double the rate
    7 Day Credit Booster: Gain Credits at double the rate
    Essential Base Damage Mod Bundle: Instantly upgrade the Base Damage of your Weapons
    2 Weapon Slots: Increase your Weapon inventory capacity with two additional Slots
    Warframe Slot: Increase your Warframe inventory capacity with an additional Slot
    Orokin Catalyst: Double the Mod capacity of a Weapon
    Orokin Reactor: Double the Mod capacity of a Warframe
    Pyra Syandana: A fiery cape-like cosmetic
    Kumuda Glyph
    Kumuda Sigil



    Why did it state 300 plat then on the game pass?

  2. On 2020-05-07 at 10:22 PM, (XB1)MauvePiano said:

    I want the Ropalolysts laser to instant kill player through gods that warframe no respect for shield just absolute destruction and power

    Make so Ropalolyst’s laser can one shot  Player if they're invulnerable no respect for shields and no mercy 

    The Ropalolyst will be a god of infinite power and absolute might the most powerful deity level boss in warframe history 

    What? No. Seriously, why would you ask for such heresy?

    Lauren Hashian Wtf GIF by swerk

  3. Honestly dunno what type of passive ability this frame would have, maybe a void burst where you gain X amount of energy a second.

    1st Ability - Tendrils (kinda like Nidus where he stomps the ground, void-like tendrils will come up out of the ground sapping energy + health from the enemy)

    2nd Abilty - Void Surge (causes enemies to freeze for a few moments, sapping energy + health for you & your team whilst jamming enemy weapons)

    3rd Ability - Ethereal (become invulnerable for a period of time, incoming dmg is stacked & reflected back on the enemy)

    4th Ability - Tendril Slam (Warframe can turn one arm into a large mass of void tendrils, hitting enemies or slamming the ground will grant a significant amount of energy depending on 3rd's stack ability)

    And that's it. I guess.

    Animated GIF

  4. Just now, markivus said:

    Not trolling. It's just people being fools. They see 5 people doing it and the hive starts a chain . Happens on every stream and tournament live drops in pretty much every game. Doesn't work like that . 

    Well I posted it once as a way to get the devs attention if they happen to watch twitch at all. I didn't notice anyone else typing it in. Chat probably was wonky because of the spam.

  5. Just now, lesstalkmorerokk said:

    I didn't get the lotus ephemera or nekros prime drops, and their support team told me to go pound sand. You would have to be stupid to fall for this one too.

    They're giving out the Simaris codes because people missed them but refuse to do the same for Nekros, what a scam.

    How is it a scam? If you were watching and had everything linked, you would have gotten it. You have to pay attention to the streams because plenty of people got it. There wasn't a small number of folks just watching you know. And server crashes happen while delivering vast amounts of loot. If you work in tech you would know this. Their site was also overwhelmed with the simaris codes and crashed so those who were unable to put them on will have it now with this stream.

  6. So, by drops we don't have to put in the codes? The simaris display and whatnot will be dropped while watching the stream? I'm sorry if I sound confused, I just would like confirmation because sometimes these posts are vague when it comes to twitch drops.


    Edit: I also received my Ephemera while watching the Tennocon Stream but hadn't gotten my Nekros Prime till 5 or 6 days later, but I'm satisfied with it. My sister, however, was unaware of having to type in twitch chat for the items because she watched all of the stream. Both actually. Her account was linked and she's on ps4. She did not receive nekros or the ephemera. But no matter. She's not really that mad over it.

  7. None of that worked. I uninstalled the game and am currently reinstalling. I'm very irate right now because I want to finish nightwave to get my umbra forma and armor. But I can't since the game continually either says login failed server etc or Xbox one tells me the game took too long to load and kicks me to home.

    uninstalling and reinstalling has worked

  8. 11 hours ago, [DE]Taylor said:

    Hi Tenno,

    If you're currently experiencing issues with accessing Warframe on your Xbox One, please hold tight. Our team is aware and is currently investigating the cause of this issue.

    Thank you for your patience!

    UPDATE: 5:15PM EDT
    The Xbox Live Service Status page has been updated to reflect the current issue some Tenno are experiencing with Warframe. They have also added the option to be notified when this issue is resolved: 

      Hide contents


    We will still be updating this thread with more news as it comes! 🙂 

    UPDATE: 7:40 PM EDT

    Microsoft has informed us that the issue should now be resolved -- after testing, that appears to be the case. Thanks again for your patience. 🙂

    It's not fixed, I'm getting Login Failed Server cannot connect errors.

  9. On 2019-01-30 at 10:56 PM, (XB1)RavenWarrior379 said:

     "After all there are many developers and big game copanies that dont care and only want financial profit, whilst blatently ignoring their own code of conduct policies."

    Except they dont even heed their own Code of Conduct. Many people who have uploaded YouTube videos of former moderators have proven the system to be flawed. Too many biased moderators and DE is too lazy to get to the real problem themselves. Hire an actual team of real people for the company. Not just temporary chat moderators from, quite literally, anywhere in the world. It only further feeds egos. Most mods I've seen have power tripping issues since they think they can kick and ban whomever they please. It's still an issue. Even with the new system.

    What I personally suggest DE do in regards to chat moderation:

    • Instead of implementing chat bot and just tossing certain words into the system that are commonly used and offensive, do research or submit a survey to players for feedback on what shouldn't be said in chat tabs.

    • DE should responsibly hire paid chat moderators, ones that are not CLOSE PERSONAL FRIENDS to the developer team themselves.

    • End the existence of the GotL Program as it is completely and utterly useless, it has caused nothing but drama in the past and will continue to do so if it remains.

    • Replace the GotL with something else that allows the community to feel a part of Warframe. Maybe a clan specifically with seasoned players that actually WANT to help others.

    None of these things are difficult. It's just the simple fact that DE doesn't want to be responsible for a great many things they're responsible for in the game.


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