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  1. In your first point is wrong because if that was the case why not have a play through team to check the bugs they have updates come later because its harder to import things from pc over to console and you saying we just hit the age of cross play kinda makes no sense considering there arw a bunch of games that allow you to do crossplay
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    The hydroid rework was just a no now DE is in the right direction but they messed up because the only way to play hydroid effectively is to play puddle plus tentacle simulator and just sitting in a puddle is kinda boring so IDK and I'm not saying he's fun because he's not, even with that I just don't want to seem the frame go to waste
  3. There is a small bug now I don't know how to activate it it just happened randomly one time in the kuva fortress while I was playing as wukong prime when I was on extraction and I scroll down on my exp tab I saw 4 other items gaining exp there image is black and the name is just EXCALIBUR and I don't remember taking anything other then my wukong and my zenith
  4. It was a joke because warframe will never have a endgame
  5. Remeber when old blood came out how they released a hot fix almost right after the update drop yeah, also if you get more experience should speed it up there are about give or take 200 people at DE working on this game
  6. Thats not the problem i have wiyh the new war its the fact that they tell you about it while they have other projects in the works creating more work for them self and continuing that leave and come back trend
  7. Now I have been apart of Warframe since 2014 about the time when prime excal came out didn't get him though because I didn't have the money to spend on it and I still don't but that not why I bring up the time I have been playing the reason I bring it up is because I have seen 1 constant meme in the community and it's that you play the game you get bored they release a new update Rinse and repeat. So I'm wondering does DE even have the resources to keep the fan base going because back when I was playing they would be pumping out updates at least ever 1-2 months and sure they were minor updates that in the end was just a way to learn a charactes background while giving you the blueprint to a new warframe but after chain's of harrow they started to fall of steam shows that players would leave when there finished with the update then when a new update came they would come back and even though the steam charts are not 100% accurate, I can say they are right to enxtent because people that I know who play warframe do it and even I do it. Not only do we have that but there is also the fact that community services were a mess accounts got negative balance if the person you trade it with got it from a third party founders account being HAKI of the face of the Galaxy I just think that DE focus's to much time into the updates and even though I had said that there slower there is another problem happing in your game that isn't the lack in content
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