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  1. they killed the car idea i think they said it was no bueno
  2. 1.) feel free not to be disrespectful and choose your words carefully as this is a space for discussion and i do nto wish my post to be locked for silly stuff like abuse. 2.) I've been around for a long time but feel free to enlighten me what did the community have to go through
  3. all of your points while completely true is not with competitive in mind also its a very loborious exercise.
  4. that could be good, goofy fun as long as its not too rage inducing... (i dont want to get hit with a purple shell...)
  5. yeah he said warframe kart or something idk if i want to have a whole new car like a kart i think k drives do the job of being fun and competitive. they would need to revamp everything from the bottom up I wont lie it would be very time consuming but the rewards could be fantastic
  6. I think shying away from having full mobility is inherently a bad idea warframe's mobility is too unique to discard just for balance I think warframe gambit could work but it would be difficult to balance how do you balance the invasion of other players becuase if a M20 invades chances are he'll just turn this into the current form of pvp. Thanks for the kind words i put no effort in this post 😄
  7. i know this aint real but im #*!%ing hyped for that lmao
  8. you know actually this idea was mentioned back in 2014-2013 at that time it was when conclave still have numbers and stuff
  9. I think steve has the right idea with warframe kart or whatever all i can do is put feedback in the forums and pray... maybe i should repost on reddit
  10. ... ill tell you a secret but dont tell nobody i dont do a lot of work at work 😉
  11. QTE events that get harder! and a blurry screen 😄
  12. ooh trick races k drives! its SSX tricky all over again
  13. im just confused why nobody in the conclave community brought this idea up im not the sharpest tool in the toolbox but i still thought of this lmao
  14. maybe do a ban stage like in mobas ban 3 frames or something... regardless i think the point im trying to make is that balancing in this scenario is much easier than what we have now.
  15. I think its very important to understand that those who dont want to play pvp wont play pvp no matter what. but a lot of player leave to go play other games because they feel like theres nothing to do on warframe thats why there the joke that all they do is roll around on their orbiters, the matchmaking should be fine imo i mean lunaro has dedicated servers. i think the overhaul needs to happen anyway right nothing ventured nothing gained! (sorry i answered your points backwards)
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