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  1. Thanks for nothing. HALF of the problems isn’t even mentioned here, let alone the fixes.
  2. The new lighting completely destroyed the design in our Dojo, specifically in the Inspiration Halls.
  3. Berserker (Sorry for my under the basic art skills, I made this in paint.) My idea of a warframe is Berserker, a barbarian style warframe. A berserker in the norse mithology often used mushrooms to ease their pain during intense close range combat and were known about being mindless hire-to-kill assasins who didn't even feared the power of the greatest Earls. Now imagine an ability called "Influenced" where he could get visually minorly enlarged and increase all of his attack power and also unkillable. But at the end of this "buff" he would die instantly (or get downed) if he couldn't make enough succesfull hits on targets. I would focus his powers around the idea of a typical barbarian from the middle ages, cruel, raw, and but really vulnerable. He would make an insane killer machine and his survivability would be based on his efficiency of hurting their enemies. This is my (original) submission. Edit: Grammar.
  4. Every acessories for operator hairs are colorable except the energy color on them, that stay the default blue, no matter what. No screenshot because it is unnsecessary, it's the same on every each hair style.
  5. In dojo, orbiter or relays, several bow placement is shown like in the video (I presented it with Daikyu). While holding melee, the bow holstering looks fine. Video evidence.
  6. POSSIBLE BUG Shedu’s shoulder part has a weird red-white glowing effect and non of the color costumization option has any effect on it. Is this intended? If yes, how so? If not, can you please fix it?
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