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  1. Oh boy, this one is... Not great Seriously, this thing makes release revenant look like nidus, both in terms of kit design and actual gameplay relevance The raw stats are horrendous, and the kit having no DR, and only damage Evasion (which is SOOO much worse) really doesn't help. It dies in a second, and doesn't even pack the kind of punch that'd justify such awful survivability. Void damage is bad, full stop. The sheer fact that the damage type want given some type of rework with the frames release is utterly baffling. It not working on Eidolons just adds more salt to the woun
  2. *DE reveals their new, exciting helminth system, which could allow for massive amounts of player-creativity and make each warframe truly unique, or at least way more versatile* "damn, that sounds amazing" *said system is locked behind the new open-world syndicate* "eh, I dunno, maybe it'll still be fine? It looked like they learned from fortuna after all" *Standing gain is locked behind mind-numbing, repetitive minigames instead of bounties, with an extra slice of rng on top and ridiculous rank-up materials* "Well then, there goes that" WTB helminth chrysalis j
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