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  1. Ah yes, vampires, known for their ability to... Teleport, spin and shoot lasers?? The clunky, haphazard attempts at blending/shoving a completely out of place vampire theme into his kit is precisely why revenant came out (and still is) such a mess. If it wasn't for someone desperately grasping at every single possible straw for a link between Eidolons and vampires (seriously, the logic was something along the lines of ''Well, Eidolons are technically ghosts, which are somewhat like revenants, which themselves could be associated to vampires''), we might have actually gotten a cool, awesome and spectacular boss character instead of the gimmicky one-shot index overlord we ended up with. Enthrall is completely pointless unless you couple it with his 3, in which case its still insanely clunky and overpriced (unless you max out on both cast speed and efficiency) . Mesmer skin is insanely overpowered in some situations, but stupidly brittle in others, making it infuriatingly inconsistent. Reave is, much like his 1, completely useless unless you combine it with his 1 or 4 (and, again, max out efficiency and cast speed), in which case it becomes mildly adequate. His 4 is stupidly overpriced, and much like the rest of his kit needs a revisit. As for his passive, well... What passive? Stop trying to make revenant a vampire, for the love of God. All you're doing is ruining both the potential of the eidolon frame AND that of an actual vampire frame.
  2. Would be nice to see atlas get some love, considering how this is (quite likely) his last time in the spotlight. His Passive, while cool, still feels massively limited compared to what it could be. 1.5k armor simply isn't enough for a warframe whose shtick is supposed to be that of a ''titan'' or ''living mountain'', and the fact that its healing capabilities are so meek really don't help it too much, nevermind the fact that healing means you don't get any extra rubble. His 2 and 4 feel very old and out of date, and simply don't have much of a place in the current, faster-paced game warframe has become. They lack utility, damage and any ''fun factor'', and feel like a bit of a waste considering how they really don't do much at all. The ultimate barely feels like one at all, and most people really only use it to quickly generate a lot of rubble (albeit at high energy costs). Besides, they really don't need to have both a duration AND a health pool, considering how mediocre their damage already is. As it stands, wukongs FIRST ability is a thousand times better than atlas' 4, and that really doesn't seem right. Nerfs are the last thing I'm asking for (please for the love of God don't), but atlas really, REALLY needs some adjustments.
  3. The popularity of tennogen items is often dependent on how attractive and/or flexible the base mesh is. Revenant is in a similar situation to chroma, with his general appearance being mostly set in stone, as he's meant to be this kind of corrupted/half consumed wreck that radiates eidolon juice. Generally, older frames tend to have a much broader framework (excalibur is essentially limitless, and rhino is just ''big muscleman''), that allows them to be much more flexible. Some, like wisp, saryn or garuda, have... Other motivating factors. Revenant doesn't really have any of that, which may or may not explain the fact that he only has ONE item over a year after his release, despite the fact that numerous helmets (onryo, eques) and skins (eratos, ion) have showed up on the workshop. Either that, or DE just forgot that he exists (as they have for quite a while).
  4. Since everyone's throwing their ideas around, i guess i might as well chime in : Elude : Should not cost energy to maintain, only to activate. you shouldn't have to pay 2.5 energy every second (the same drain as exalted blade !) to NOT play the game. Should be your most effective way to lower restraint, and would thus need to be more effective at that. again, since you're forced to stop playing warframe while it's active, it needs to make itself worth your while (and it currently doesn't). Lull : Lower the downtime before enemies are put to sleep, as it's currently a much worse version of radial blind. Desolate hands : while this ability is active without elude, daggers won't leave you unless an enemy shoots you (think of mesmer skin with a disarm instead of a stun). While elude is active, the ability will work as it currently does, throwing daggers all over the place. this'd essentially give baruuk the ability to go ''all in'' on restraint reduction, chucking daggers left and right while avoiding all damage at the cost of passivity. Desert storm : reduce crit chance to 30%, and increase status chance to 25% : currently, the ability stops scaling once enemy armor goes crazy, leaving you with a nigh-useless exalted weapon that can't get through them. Allow the waves to increase combo counter : pretty self-explanatory. besides, excal doesn't suffer that drawback, and his exalted ability is about the sword just as much as its shockwaves! Meanwhile, baruuk's is nigh-entirely about the wind strikes (hell, it's in the name of the ability) and while they look cool, they become completely irrelevant at levels that aren't even that high !
  5. While every ability seems to have both pros and cons, thermal sunder feels like it's far too one-sided towards ice (and it's not even good then). To elaborate... - the ice version causes cold procs, which is itself a relatively good element. - the ice version GIVES you redline energy, albeit too little for it to matter much. - meanwhile, the fire version CONSUMES redline on top of being a worse element. - the ability is in my opinion too expensive for what it does, and really needs to be either cheaper or more effective. This, on top of gauss being insanely energy-intensive, really makes the ability less desirable. So, here's a suggestion to remedy this: why not have the fire version consume redline to RESTORE energy, to mirror the ice version consuming energy to restore redline? Obviously, the energy/redline gains would have to be symmetrical to prevent abuse, but I belive it'd go a long way towards making the ability more versatile and, ultimately, more effective.
  6. Look, I'll be the first to admit that revenant is far from perfect. Hell, as far as I'm concerned, he's definitely long overdue for a second set of adjustments that make him less messy and more cohesive. Some things desperately some touching up, no doubt, and I'm still mad at DE for ditching him too early. But THIS? This... Obsessive hatred of yours? It's just getting ridiculous. Haven't you got anything else to do? Don't you get tired of derailing every discussion that DARES mention revenant into another outlet for some (albeit not entirely misled) hatred? Yes he has problems. No, DE won't do anything about it. Thats it. Now, we can either accept that and move on, or tear our hair out over something that isn't going to change.
  7. Not sure about the ''let's ship gauss and grendel at the same time'' idea. One looks close enough to completion, while we haven't even had so much as a first look at the second. besides, should they need improvements / fixes in the weeks following their release date, wouldn't it be better for each one to have their own time in the spotlight ?
  8. Oh look! Another limbo deluxe situation where a deluxe skin feels and looks like it should've been its own frame! Sure would be a shame if that kept happening, right?
  9. Does nekros really need a rework though? The desecrate / health conversion / equilibrium nekros tank is one of the coolest and most unique builds in the game, and losing it would be a real shame. However, I definitely wouldn't be against some buffs. Make his 4's Augment innate, give soul punch some percentage damage (like Reave or smite), make terrify a bit more adequate and he'd be golden. But he's already quite good, so there's no need to go overboard.
  10. Everything here sounds... Alright? I still have 2 gripes with these changes overall, mainly the following : - the cloud walker augment is distressingly awful, and really needs to be improved. - there needs to be SOME way, however complex, demanding or contriving, for wukong to get his resurrections back. Otherwise, it'd just be a worse nidus passive, and the rest of his new kit, while promising, doesn't exactly strike me as ''nidus tier''.
  11. Gonna feel like a bit of a broken record but... Can revenant's 1 please get fixed? It's been 4 months, and I'm starting to lose hope. Also, an ability that costs 2.5 energy per second and that doesn't restrict movement has the ability to damage nullifiers, while the ones that cost 12/20 (or 24/40) can't? Okay...
  12. wait... did they actually fix him ? fina- God dammit ! Not this time i guess.
  13. Don't mind me, just posting my weekly reminder that revenant's 1 has been horrendously bugged since hildryn dropped. that is all. it's starting to feel like they did it on purpose at this point.
  14. Revenant's first ability has been a buggy mess ever since buried debts dropped some 2 months ago, and is still just as broken. this issue's been reported a bunch of times at this point, so it really surprises me that a bug that damages a warframe's core capabilities has been ignored for so long. but hey... at least the gas city looks great !
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