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  1. If you wanna have a laugh, i suggest you head on over to the ''tips'' section of his abilities (where reave still uses the 2D fog wall btw), and then compare it with something like nidus or harrow. Scrolling through it paints a pretty obvious picture, as that of a confusing (and confused) warframe so bland and so uninteresting, that the things they had to come up with to fill in the page are either completely useless or hilariously bad : ''Revenant is immune to the magnetic waters in the plains at night'': neat, but completely worthless as revenant is used as often in eidolon hunts as vauban in arbitrations ''Enthralled enemies can still be damaged by revenant and his allies. cull the herd to keep enthralling new enemies!'': That's right. One of the primary contributors to enthrall being an utter waste of an ability (that being the friendly fire), is listed under the frame's page as a TIP, as if it was actually a benefit ! And not, you know, the death sentence it currently is ! ''Enthralled enemies do not benefit from other enemy buffs'': again, goes without saying and is completely worthless. besides, this ''tip'' is in and of itself untrue, as mind controlling enemy buffers (like ancients) results in them giving your thralls damage reduction, making them that much harder to kill. ''Cast enthrall on an enemy that has been stunned by mesmer skin at no energy cost !'': technically a useful tip, but already listed in the ability itself, and is therefore worthless filler. ''Cast mesmer skin while reviving allies to prevent them from interrupting you'': what even is this ? ''cast your invincibility in this specific situation to be unkillable'' well gee, thanks game. Here i was, thinking that i should always keep my LITERAL immortality up, but i guess i should only use it in some particular scenarios ! Mesmer skin should always be active, as you'll be dead in seconds the moment it's gone. ''Cast reave while danse macabre is active to halve its energy cost'': one of the only 2 (of 10!) tips that are genuinely useful and only listed there. ''Increase reave's travel range using ability duration'': again, worthless, as you'll realize that the moment you actually try to mod the guy. another piece of filler. ''Cast reave on an ally while mesmer skin is active to share a single charge with them'': I swear, it's like the description itself is aware of just how unabashedly horrible this ''synergy'' is, what with the wording being ''a single charge''. Just as useless as what it describes, and should've become it's own augment (although i guess it's too late for that now). ''Cast reave on enthralled enemies to restore mesmer skin charges'': the only other truly useful (and unlisted) piece of advice that the ''profile'' shows. ''Danse macabre's beams explode pillars left by revenant's thralls, for an explosive combo'': Remember what i said before, about how the friendly fire damage ''tip'' tried to parade a horrible property as an actual piece of synergy ? well, the same thing is true here.
  2. Forgot to mention this before, but the fact that his passive isn't adaptation when we now have a mod that does EXACTLY THAT is just saddening, and is yet another thing to add to the list.
  3. Pretty much this. At this point, I don't really care all that much about the thematic inconsistencies, as they're here to stay, and as those can still be retconned with future sentient enemies. My biggest gripe with him, however, is that DE seems adamant about keeping his 1 as a mediocre, undertuned mess, while at the same time expecting players to focus on it, despite the fact that there's very little incentive to do so. Seriously, there's so many things they could do to make the ability incredible without becoming broken. It boggles my mind that, seven months after his release, the ability everyone deemed his worst is somehow the one that's been buffed the least. Reave itself being completely dependant on thralls is, in my opinion, what keeps it as a pretty awful tool, as it would actually be quite good if thralls, well... Existed. I still think it needs a virulence-like energy refund, but it could be worse. But, as pointed out, revenant is old news at this point, which means that DE will only ever bother with revisiting him when the prospect of an influx of cash presents itself.
  4. If the CREATIVE DIRECTOR of all people wanted the frame to, and I quote, ''have more lasers'' and ''feel more like an eidolon'', I think it's pretty safe to assume what DE should be going for (hint : it's not a vampire). Besides, the frame looks and plays nothing like a vampire, and was only originally made into one because Rebecca is obsessed with those, to the point where she chose to push it onto something that had no reason to be associated with it, resulting in the mess we currently have.
  5. I just wish it was something like ''stuns enemies (like mesmer skin), allowing you to cast your 1 on them for free.'' Currently, one of revenant's biggest weaknesses is his inability to create a sustainable supply of thralls, which is kind of a problem considering how many of his abilities (particularly his 3) rely on them to be effective. As such, giving the player an Augment that allows them to have at least one way to get a bunch of them for free would really have helped, but I guess this is what we have now.
  6. Revenant's abilities all have the same problem, from 1 to 4 : it sounds nice until the ability mentions ''thralls''. However, because DE wanted players to use still use them, they chose instead to make most of his abilities strictly inferior to their alternatives , and to gate all of his utility and general mechanics behind thralls themselves This results in a warframe who's kit can be summarised as ''why even bother'', because all of his genuinely powerful potential is only accessible when you force yourself to use a minion-based mechanic which's minions can, for some UNGODLY reason, be killed by everyone. On top of that, they have almost no utility in Death, as the damage pillars are completely useless thanks to armor being what it is. As an example, here's what I meant when I said ''the abilities should theoretically be good'' : - The ability to summon a pillar of damage on demand sounds neat, and would make for, if nothing else, a pretty interesting form of area denial. If it could deal with armor, say, by dealing adaptive damage, it would become a really good first ability. - Being nigh-invincible while stunning everything AND getting a free cast of your 1 should sound insane, right? - Being able to move quickly and deal high, percentage-based, armor-ignoring damage while also healing yourself AND getting back charges for your invincibility sounds incredible! - Dealing very respectable aoe damage and being rewarded with a pickup on kills sounds pretty damn nice. Buuuut... - Enthralling is slow, useless, unreliable and frustrating. Enemies suck at killing enemies, and they barley stick around for more than a few moments. The pillars deal minuscule damage, have near to no range, and only last 10 seconds. - Mesmer skin is admittedly pretty good, but the free cast of Enthrall is completely meaningless thanks to the aforementioned. Its also probably THE slowest casting ability in the game, for some reason. Reave. OH BOY. The ability does almost no damage unless it's used with thralls, barely gives you back any health unless it's, again, used with thralls, it only gives you back mesmer charges when you... Guess what? Use it on thralls! On top of that, the ability has an outrageously long cast time, and is still too expensive. It's only useful when used alongside his 4, but even that is barely above ''okay''. - The danse macabre pickup could have been anything. ANYTHING. It could've been energy or a mesmer charge (either would've worked) but instead, what you get is overshields, which are Completely, 100 percent useless on him. I could talk about how the ability gor murdered half a year back, but that's besides the point. What I'm trying to say is this : There's something there. Something that could've been good, even great, but it's all been hidden behind one of the worst abilities in the game, making the frame as a whole far too slow, clunky and unreliable to perform anywhere near what he could.
  7. So... considering how atlas suddenly has gained quite a bit of attention, having just received his deluxe and being all but confirmed to be the next prime, many people have come forward with ideas on how to improve the massive lad, so i figured i might as well chime in. First of all, what are his problems ? Atlas got reworked at the start of last year, and while these initial improvements laid the groundwork for what could become a potentially great warframe, i believe the rework stopped quite a few steps before it could truly reach it's potential, as such, here are the frame's main flaws (keep in mind that some objectivity is unavoidable) : Atlas is too unfocused, and has no clear defined purpose (DPS, CC, SUPP, AOE, etc...) Atlas doesn't really do anything for his team OR himself apart from punching things Atlas' 2 is generally too restricted of an ability, and does not provide enough utility OR enough damage. Atlas' 1 is far and away his best ability, as the other three all under perform Atlas is way squishier than you'd expect, which could be consider a conscious design decision if not for his very high base armor AND his ''rubble armor'' passive. Atlas' 3 is too slow and too expensive for what it provides Atlas' new passive is a solid idea that simply needs better numerical values to truly shine Atlas' 4 lacks the ''oomph'' that most ultimates tend to have, and the ability is overall a tad too dull to warrant it's cost OR it's status as ''the big button''. What do we do then ? well, we expand upon the ''rubble'' mechanic, in order to make atlas the most peerless of units, as a CC/DPS/TANK hybrid that focuses on constant self-replenishing while doling out punishment in the form of high but focused damage, while afflicting many enemies with paralysis. Stat changes : Remove Atlas' shields, and give him a bit more health as compensation. atlas is one of ''those'' frames that wants to take health damage as often as possible, and this change would only cement that. Passive changes : Immovable : it's perfectly reasonable. Thematically fitting, noticeable, but not gameplay-defining, unlike... Rubble : maximum armor gain increased to 5000, up from 1500. armor is one of the lesser sources of damage-reduction, but as we see with chroma, it can still work when the values are outrageous. keep in mind that this value affects a multitude of atlas' other abilities, making this increased cap all the more important. Landslide : The ability is absolutely fine in my opinion. yes, it does loose some of its power once you reach the 100s, but that weakness solves itself when one considers that paralyzed enemies take a LOT more damage. As such, the focus would be to try and make enemies paralyzed as often as possible. Path of statues augment : it's fine. it provides atlas with an extra source of paralysis, which is always welcome. Tectonics : Power range now affects the length and height of the bulwark, at a ratio of 1/1. As such, the boulder itself would also see it's width increased. Enemies hit by the bulwark ''boulder'' have a chance to be petrified (affected by power strength) Enemies caught in the boulder's explosion have a chance to be petrified (again affected by strength) Enemies killed by the boulder will drop more rubble (in the exact same way landslide does when used on petrified targets) When destroyed (either by atlas recasting or enemies successfully bringing it down) the bulwark will drop a rubble pickup When hit by an ''enhanced'' bulwark, enemies are paralyzed regardless of Atlas' power strength When hit by the explosion of an ''enhanced'' bulwark, enemies are always paralyzed. When destroyed, an ''enhanced'' bulwark will drop 3 rubble pickups Tectonic Fracture augment : has some niche uses that would be greatly enhanced by way of the ability now being affected by range. As such, no changes are made. Petrify : Energy cost reduced to 50, down from 75. The ''improved'' rubble pickups now give 100, up from 75. The animation is sped up slightly Damage from landslide is further increased against petrified targets. Ore gaze augment : Petrified enemies have a 40% chance to drop an extra piece of rubble. Whether this applies to Atlas' ability to petrify in general, or is restricted to this particular ability is up for debate, but come on, NO ONE uses atlas for farming ! Now however, the augment is good enough to consider, and is similar to Nidus' very own ''insatiable''. This is, however, balanced out by the fact that Atlas' buildup mechanic doesn't provide as much benefit as Nidus' (and that he has to constantly replenish it), while Nidus' stops being all that useful once he reaches max stacks. Rumblers : Range of the initial petrifying Aoe is increased to 10 meters, up from 6. Rumblers now have a chance to petrify any target they hit Casting petrify on a rumbler will fully heal it, reset it's duration AND turn it into an ''enhanced'' rumbler. These rumblers have the same ''tint'' as the enhanced bulwark. Casting petrify on an enhanced rumbler will fully heal it, but will not reset its duration. Enhanced rumblers will always petrify any foe they hit regardless of power strength. Enhanced rumblers will drop an improved rubble pickup on death Titanic rumbler augment : Creates a single rumbler with 250% health, 200% damage and 65% speed that taunts nearby enemies into attacking it. As it currently stands, this augment is essentially useless, as it makes your 4 WORSE by reducing the overall power of your 4 AND making it slower in the process. These stats improvements would make it an undisputed upgrade over the regular version, particularly when coupled with the following changes : On death, the titanic rumbler drops 2 pieces of rubble On death, the enhanced titanic rumbler would drop 2 pieces of improved rubble. Any enemy hit by the titanic rumbler will be petrified regardless of power strength. That's pretty much where it would stop. Atlas becomes the master of armored punching, turning enemies to stone left, right and center whilst his 2 bros accompany him on his path to victory. But there's one more thing i wanted to bring up. For your consideration... the ''RUMBLED'' augment. This augment is far and away one of the most creative and fun alternatives to regular ultimates the game has to provide. sadly, it's currently restricted to conclave, and simply bringing it over to pve would make it woefully useless. However, we have power stats, and we have rubble, both of which are not relevant to pvp, but very much are in pve. here's how the hp calculation would function : Currently, ''rumbled'' provides atlas with an extra layer of health (pretty much exactly like iron skin) while taking away his guns and his ability to jump while giving him a new long-range option in the form of a ''rumbler'' projectile that does a bit of damage. The initial ehp value is 500 at max rank, which isn't really going to be enough to do anything, let alone pay for it's earth-shattering costs. pve stuff, however, can help us fix that : Upon casting ''rumbled'', Atlas' entire stock of rubble is consumed, with every point of extra rubble adding 1 more health to the overall pool. as such, we'd now be at 5500 if we choose to cast it once fully stacked out. While 5500 is nice, it certainly isn't going to be anything to write home about, nor is it going to suffice in justifying the extreme restrictions the ability imposes on its user. ''duration'' and ''strength'' each separately increase this ehp further by taking the total absorbed EHP and multiplying it depending on their own stats. as an example, here's the following scenario : you cast rumbled with 4000 rubble, while having 220 power strength and 160% duration. This would leave you with the following : (4500 times 1.6) + (4500 times 1.6) : 16650 ehp, as an extra source of survivability on top of your own stats. Duration would still affect the ability, and ''rumbled'' would deactivate as soon as your duration runs out. Pve only bonuses : rock projectiles and rock shockwave both have a chance to paralyze enemies based on power strength All of Atlas' abilities are significantly less expensive while channeling ''rumbled''. Atlas can still pick up rubble while ''rumbled'' is active, and rubble will only start decaying once the ability's duration runs out, or once Atlas is forced out of it. I guess that's pretty much it. (also, can the Karst skin's rocks be made into cristals ? It looks pretty weird right now)
  8. The eidolon do indeed have some CC, and I wouldn't have minded revenant having some. The problem is, however, how this CC is applied. As you said yourself, they have a multitude of different AOE's in the form of stomps, energy waves or shields, which are all exciting and interesting concepts that could've made for some great, thematic and powerful warframe abilities. But how does revenant do CC? By mind-controlling people (which is something sentients are incapable of) and turning them to his side. Now. I don't have a problem with the idea of afflicting targets, but why not just have them go insane and suicidal instead of zealously devoted? Wouldn't creating living bombs (kind of like in prototype) be a lot more exciting and unique than ''nekros but way worse''? Hell, if you really wanted him to have minions, you could've just given him summonable vomvalysts, which isn't even much of a stretch considering that they can be enthralled! The favoritism is plain to see, and only serves to make DE's bias towards more popular frames more blatant : barruk's 4 is a far more restricted, way less powerful exalted blade. Revenant's 4 is an insanely overcosted, weaker peacemaker. Garuda is an entire kit devoted to doing what saryn and mesa do with one button press and far less energy. But hey, popular frames tend to get and sell a lot more tennogen skins, so I guess nothing can be done
  9. See, while I agree with you on a conceptual level, this argument of yours doesn't really hold much water in this specific scenario, as the augments we got this time don't even have much ''fun'' potential. I'm so sick and tired of this nonsensical defense of any and all underperforming content, painting anyone that expected something mildly competitive as another ''meta slave''. If balancing doesn't matter, why does DE keep changing the riven disposition of a bunch of weapons every now and again? If playing for fun is all that matters, why should DE ever bother with reworks or attempt to make high-level content where players are ENCOURAGED to minimax their hearts out? Also, I might be in the minority here, but I'd rather have augments be good enough that I'd have to consider which ones to use, and in which situation, as opposed to looking at 90 percent of them and going ''eh. Doesn't matter''. That would create build diversity and true player choice, as opposed to standard, boring, by the numbers copycats.
  10. I gotta say, the augments this time around were a little... Lacking? You'd think that DE would try and strive for interesting, creative Augments, especially when you consider just how impactful they can sometimes be (just look at nekros). Weirdly enough however, this batch of augments feels like it ACTIVELY didn't set out to do anything relevant or interesting, but was just thrown out there without much thought. I mean just think about it, none of these (except khora's) make any sense! And they further reinforce just how crippling some frame's weaknesses are : - Nidus does not and SHOULD NOT use his gun for damage. The only time anyone would ever fire their gun is to get rid of a nullified, or strip armor off a single target. Your gun doesn't synergize with any of your abilities, but your 1 already does! And it's really good for damage! - Garuda, whose biggest weakness has always been her awkward clunkiness and general speed, is given an Augment that actively encourages you to... Not play Garuda. Her main selling point had always been the following : you see an enemy, their health full, their armor high, and you think to yourself ''imma get rid of ALL of that. In one, singular hit.'' But this Augment requires you to kill enemies with your 1 using the execution mechanic, which stops at 40 percent. And you, as Garuda, exist to remove enemies without care for their level or stats. And all of that for what? A short-lived invulnerability on a warframe that NEVER mods for duration. And then, there's revenant. Where do I even start? His biggest weakness has always been his crippling lack of focus, resulting in a haphazard mess of meaningless text that never really amounts to anything. This Augment... Is just more of that. Let's face it, Reave has never been good, but it could've been improved drastically (as it needed to be), by giving it more general utility or synergy. But what do you get instead? Inaros' pocket sand, but twice as expensive, and you don't even get finishers OR free enthralling! I... I don't even know what to say anymore, it's just a bit comical at this point. So... Yeah. Not very impressed.
  11. I'm sorry, but removing revenant's 4 is possible the very worst thing you could do to him, as it and his 2 (kinda) are the only things in his kit that are remotely eidolon-like. If anything, his first and third should be the reimagined abilities (although as stated before, not gonna happen) to put more emphasis on raw damage rather than CC. Hell, a frame based around the eidolon shouldn't even HAVE CC, let alone be focused around it. The sole reason anyone would be led to think that was thanks to whoever designed him not being aware of just how pitiful it has become. This, alongside the shoved-in vampire shtick Were the main contributing factors that led him to become another shelved dust-gatherer to most people, and I really don't blame them. On top of that, DE pretty much already removed his 4, as its energy costs are now woefully unreasonable for what you get from them (but I guess mesa is 100% fine somehow). I had hoped that, like nekros, augments would manage to somehow salvage him through some obscure yet effective synergies, but I've so far been proven wrong, as his first Augment is an absolute disgrace that solidifies that no one at DE even knows what they want him to be.
  12. Limbo's deluxe feels like it could (and should) have been an entirely new warframe, one more focused on the ''prime'' sentients in opposition to revenant's eidolon theme. I have absolutely no idea why limbo of all frames would have a sentient-styled deluxe (mirage would've at least made some sense) but I guess this is what we have now. I know about the whole ''jiangshi'' inspiration, but that's almost as big of a stretch as revenant's pseudo-vampire theme was. Oh well, at least his prime looks great!
  13. I know warframe is filled to the brim with weeb-bait, but good god that's a big yikes even by those standards. The tatsu looks great. It's aesthetics are the last thing anyone should complain about (it's got bigger problems), and giving it a sheath simply wouldn't work. Also, that grineed nikana is just some straight-up jetstream Sam stuff, which I think we can all agree NEEDS to become a thing.
  14. It basically allows you to get an extra chance for a headshot in case you (like me) made the mistake of using a controller, and therefore aren't a champion at chaining headshots. But the gun has overall become even more of a death machine, especially with Harrow, mostly thanks to his 2 massively increasing rof (which is incredibly important on the knell now) and his 4 making an already very potent crit weapon simply absurd.
  15. Passive ''signature'' effects have so far been very minor additions that, while unique and colorful, don't fundamentally change too much about the weapon (except the knell, god damn). As such, if the helminth was to become nidus' signature companion (which i do think is a sound idea), the ''synergy'' would probably simply be limited to an increase in armor and health.
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