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  1. Well, you're right. Maybe my lack of practice... I use Titania regularly, even in Sortie rescues. My main concern is her survivability and a lot of things in mission that force you to quit Razorwing. Allowing interactions and adding some "tankiness" and the possibility to refresh Razorflies would solve a lot of problems. Anyway, thanx for reading my thoughts ;)
  2. I see your point, but don't forget, that CC is kind-of dead now. DE killed it over the years. You can use it for making starchart noise, but all the rewarding, worth to play missions other than Sorties require either high peak damage or some area of effect damage. Nowadays the key is DPS. - Eidolons with CC? Still the most rewarding mission for focus and arcanes. Also the most fun if you don't time-stress it, in my opinion. - ESO? While you try to CC it, already run out of efficiency. - Arbitrations? With the shield drones... only solutions to kill them as fast as possible. - Even higher relic missions is hard to CC with a lot of Ancients and Nullifiers - I wonder if the new Orb thingy mission will involve serious CC to play when it comes to actual fight stage. So CC is not as good as maybe it was many years ago and you can mostly use it for missions where you don't really need CC anyway. Obviously there are a couple of exceptions but the general rule stands I think.
  3. Titania deserves a bigger rework, nobody uses the first three abilities but for Blitz buffing. If you want to play Titania, you have to press 4. The damage is good but the survivability isn't really that great. My wild dreams: Fixes: make the hitbox reflect the size of the pixie enable the „harmless“ interactions: door locks, ciphers, loot lockers, ayatan star/sculpture pickups (but not revives, power cell and data mass carries, etc.) innate vacuum for Razorwing with 6 meters (maybe only 4 meters, we really don’t want unintentional energy pickups, especially not with arcane energize) cut the ability animation (cast times) to half Passive: 50% evasion, as currently Abilities: Spellbind (25 energy) Titania marks an enemy for 8 seconds who turns into a strong aggro pull (like Saryn’s Molt) for 16m range and heals 25/second for a total of 200 health. Recast replaces the previous mark with the new and restarts the ability timer. Affected only by Range. I don’t have a good idea for Tribute. It can be good on paper, but basically unusable in practice. Now let’s keep it as it is. Lantern becomes Aegis (75 energy) Gives status immunity and 80% damage reduction for 4 seconds and instantly removes all status effects for all allies within affinity range. While in Razorwing also heals up all of the razorflies replacing the died ones with new. Affected only by Duration. Razorwing with razorfiles as currently Augments: Beguile Lantern mutates into Beguile Spellbind with the same effect. Razorwing Blitz is untouched. ;)
  4. Even the main site is inaccessible. Probably they got a DDoS attack or some other serious server issue...
  5. So you just nerfed my Rubico riven in every possible way... Thank you very much.
  6. Yep. I started a new, standalone installation (not through Steam) and it constantly downloads with 5 MByte/sec, ~1 hour to finish the whole thingy. So yes, they intentionally punish the old players I think...
  7. My download speed is about 20-30k, this means ~30h. This is stupid. And this is the case for every big update. What I don't understand, that on another PC in this household the update completed about half an hour on the same internet connection. Something seriously very bad about this thing. I'm so upset, that I really think of finish with this game...
  8. With my current download speed the update will be finished in about 41 hours, when approximately 3 or 4 more updates will be waiting for download. Is it possible to finish it within half an hour? My internet connection can handle 100 Mbit/sec easily.
  9. update: 3 KB/s, yesss, finally... again... i was waiting for this 🙂
  10. I really don’t get this... what is the problem with the requirement? Clear the Starchart? It’s very easy I think, every single mission. „Im bad at X mission!“. Practice it. People come begging for taxi constantly. They ask for Jordas Golem mission help crying „I don’t even have a mod for Archwing“. Ridiculous. I think the main problem is that there are no real restrictions in every step so they just want to rush through the missions and get everything but don’t really want to actually play the game. Thats the core problem behind everything: players want to get everything right now, and they don’t want to play the game. It’s quite contradictory: if they don’t want to play the game, than why are they interested in to have everything, and immediately. In general I would recommend to raise the requirements for every step to make them more realistic (my real in-game strength is properly aligned to my next mission) and maybe remove the taxi system completely.
  11. Umbra polarity on everything? Yes please! sigh... my (broken) warframe - dream...
  12. Thank you DE for not ruining Trinity! I love you now! 🙂 I really don't care about the link-selfdamage-palyers at all, but I'm very afraid for one of my favorite frame. Please don't change her! Thank you again!
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