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  1. FreeWilliam

    Valkyr QoL changes/ rework suggestions

    I'd also be fine with a toggle like with Ivara's arrows...but yeah, SOMETHING should be done to make ripline consistent. It's just a pixel's difference between you flying to the batch of mobs and one random one flying behind you. Also: Let's change the scream when Prolonged Paralysis is equipped!
  2. FreeWilliam

    Pupacyst: Misleading information

    I really really want that stance now.
  3. FreeWilliam

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    Will we be able to melee Eidolons with Melee 3.0?
  4. FreeWilliam

    Most annoying character

    I'm still waiting for a minigame where we can punch Simaris.
  5. A couple of them are a little much IMHO. It seems like it's mostly ones that previously benefited from attack speed driven movement instead of sprint speed driven movement. I'm pretty sure it's even a big part of why those stances get used, I know it is for me. I'm a little worried though that a generic dialing back will hurt all the other stances that suddenly aren't bad at all. I'd be excited if the solution was to lower the movement and damage and increase the effective base attack speed for stances that are currently hard to maneuver in. That way it'd be more little darts that we can use to maneuver around (with style) and less 'OW! Wall.' Also, wouldn't complain if we ended up with at least one 'corridor' and one 'open world' type stance for each weapon class. Then they wouldn't need to all be balanced for the same content...even awesomer if we could use two and switch between them on the fly. Then that decision wouldn't be as important and it would feel really awesome to switch between them for both practical and cinematic reasons. 🙂
  6. Pretty sure some of us noticed and are talking about it.
  7. I'm planning on practicing my turbo-breakdancing skills actually 🙂 Six of one, half dozen of the other, right?
  8. That was my first Hamsterball Nyx stance BECAUSE of the stance-based movement 🙂 It is more manageable if you ease up on the speed boost mods, the base combo of Brutal Tide cycles FAST and it can get positively silly on a Prisma Obex. Most other weapon/stance combos aren't quite as hilarious with the upgrade. I like to think we've just been given 'Breakdancing as a movement ability' and without needing so much speed we can add some reach to be a proper zone of destruction!
  9. FreeWilliam

    Best Specter Loadouts

    Octavia with a Synoid Simulor is awesome. She's REALLY bad at getting herself killed and CCs like nobody's business.
  10. FreeWilliam

    Chimera: Update 23.10

    Weirdly, I'm LOVING the changes I wasn't watching for, specifically... 1) The Melee Movement boost is DELIGHTFUL! Fast stances are flying and low mobility ones are getting us to the next mobs before they die. 2) Adaptation is a great mod even though it murders rage/HT effects. Makes Quick Thinking builds interesting. 3) Dethcube and Hamsterball Nyx are now bestest buddies! Energy Generator gives her lots of bubble power, and the cube's nice and safe in the bubble. The two things I was most excited about, however, haven't really been as good as I'd hoped 1) The new Arbitrations feel a bit slow to ramp up the difficulty. I've got all these builds and combos I'd like to try that I still have to wait an hour to make proper use of. 2) -Power strength isn't properly scaling with Atlas' Rumblers visually. At 10% they should be tiny little adorable pebble guys
  11. Happen to have Brutal Tide equipped? The 'Hamsterball Nyx' stances (the ones that provide a lot of movement with attack speed) are where the difference is most noticeable, so Clashing Forest, Brutal Tide, Final Harbinger, Tempo Royale, etc. It gets less noticeable if you knock down attack speed (those are all Berserker weapons and lots of us had at least that and fury in those weapons) I'm all for having at least one stance for each weapon that's extra mobile and at least one that's less so. That gives us options (Also, maybe another Warfan stance, I want to like that weapon) 🙂
  12. FreeWilliam

    What are kuva jesters?

    All I know is they're about my favorite enemies to fill a Simulacrum with for giggles.
  13. Yeah, that channeling bug's a problem, but I'm definitely digging the mobility. I suppose I can get used to going a BIT easier on the attack seed with Final Harbinger and Clashing Forest if it's going to open up another couple of dozen stances for me that I used to think were too slow.
  14. I think the movement increase will be a positive for us once we get used to it. Right now I feel like stances/weapon combos that don't either provide a lot of mobility or a lot of range are FAR less useful than those that do. Maybe this'll give some lesser used stances and weapons a chance to shine a little. Love the new sounds, they've got things feeling a little smack-ier.
  15. Atlas is by far the best use case for negative power strength (it's his personal peculiar, but better), those rumblers should be inches tall! Please fix, they're how the coolest Atlases strut their stuff.