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  1. FreeWilliam

    Stalker Mode info and problem list(dereiled)

    You didn't have any ideas I didn't there...but it's been a long time since Stalker was the only 'big bad that can pounce us in a mission' and there aren't any story reasons in the way. It shouldn't be THAT funny, most of the problems with Stalker have to do with Stalker's stealth kit, not with the concept of players getting in-mission surprise challenges, right?
  2. FreeWilliam

    Stalker Mode info and problem list(dereiled)

    Another reason the mode's a good idea but Stalker specifically really isn't the best choice. Maybe more of an 'assassin' mode that had easier to balance options that are troll-unfriendly?
  3. FreeWilliam

    Stalker Mode info and problem list(dereiled)

    Most of us would probably forget about it completely, especially those of us who are usually thrilled to see that flash of darkness that means we've got a special enemy about. If someone has a bad experience though, they'd be able to opt'd be nice if it wasn't buried in a menu and is pretty up-top or (if we have events) then added to the UI during the event, but that gives people away to avoid it. We could also have things like 'Stalker Swarms' where players who keep beating them keep getting attacked (by player and/or non-player) until they finally fall with scoreboards and such. If we hit that point though then Stalkers should always be 'enemy tagged' and it'd make more sense to have enemies without trolly-stealth abilities who are bullet sponges instead, that'd reduce the toxicity risk.
  4. FreeWilliam

    Stalker Mode info and problem list(dereiled)

    'Opt-in-Stalker' could also just mean a toggle type option ('I'm opting in to Player Stalkers happening whenever') rather than some sort of queue you wait on...I agree that a login queue wouldn't work terribly well, but the Stalker mechanics have always been 'can happen in any mission' so the opt-in makes more sense as an ongoing thing with opt-OUT as something that's possibly more dynamic ('there are Stalkers invading, do you want to be safe from them?' as a popup, etc.)
  5. FreeWilliam

    Stalker Mode info and problem list(dereiled)

    It’s pretty much DE Scott’s exact words when he was asked about it. I'm not saying the words weren't said, just that the assumption about the effect of opting in/out is a huge stretch. This isn't Lunaro.
  6. FreeWilliam

    Stalker Mode info and problem list(dereiled)

    Yeah, I don't think this is an even vaguely correct assumption.
  7. FreeWilliam

    Stalker Mode info and problem list(dereiled)

    I think we need some validation of this and to talk about the thought process, because making it opt-in or opt-out would not only change the nature of things but solve most of the other problems discussed. Some of us are more than happy to get swarmed by stalkers, why not give us dozens while people who aren't interested don't get pounced when they're focused on something else?
  8. FreeWilliam

    Show me your specter loadout?

    My Vapor is generally an Octavia with a Synod Simulor. She can't use the Simulor to save her life and just CCs the bejeebers out of wherever I leave her without getting herself killed.
  9. FreeWilliam

    Unpopular opinion about PoE/Eidolons

    This is the part that bothers me. I get that Eidolons cater to a specific playstyle that I don't particularly enjoy (when we can melee them and the whole 'you need one of X and one of Y frame' bit ends then I may change my mind), but it's frustrating that it's hard to really explore kiddo mode in the rest of the game without spending a good bit of time dealing with eidolons. It's like having all the Kuva locked behind spy missions or all the Rivens in Taranis (with a specter that randomly triggers the lasers of course)
  10. FreeWilliam

    Power Donation does not give Atlas properly tiny rumblers.

    Rumblers continue to be insufficiently smol. Mor smol plz.
  11. FreeWilliam


    I can get behind this concept! Smol Rumblers are the best rumblers. It would also be great as a mod! They also STILL need to fix the size of them when you run with 10% power strength. They should be adorable teddy bear sized things, not merely cute.
  12. FreeWilliam

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    It would be all kinds of awesome to find out that one of the great feats of genetic engineering was to miniaturize everything and make various sorts of little bio-organic robots. Are Eidolons human sized then? Maybe they're made of people!
  13. FreeWilliam

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    Fortuna is awesome and Garuda is all kinds of fun, but 10% Power Strength Rumblers are still Insufficiently Smol. Would you kindly fix please? We'd double the amount of Atlas mains (from at least four counting me!) overnight!
  14. FreeWilliam

    What? Tek Gravity is a joke

    OMG...if that's working as intended then my excitement has quickly evaporated...that's just...not how melee works!
  15. FreeWilliam

    Could we please move finishers off of the Attack key?

    Is there someone at DE we could bribe? It could be an optional setting to start with, or just a separate keybind that defaults to the current setting but can be changed by us! That way nobody would notice other than those of us who wanted to make the change. There would be celebrating and many happy Tenno! This has come up more than a few times!