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  1. This is what I ran into as well. I'm using the same buttons in slightly different ways to do basically the same things with him. Mind you, I'm not complaining at all, it's nice to have the 'RAWR/Smash!' playstyle get more support. He does feel like a less screamy version of Valkyr sometimes though.
  2. I actually have the same impression of him. I play more of a 'Shouty Hugs' build with my Valkyr (Range and Prolonged Paralysis. I've got a 'Mag to the Face' build that uses pull similarly) to summon more mobs to smash, but otherwise am 90% melee-main/RAWRframe He FEELS like playing the build I was shooting for with Valkyr sometimes. Overall he's a great frame, he just also makes me want some Valkyr fixes ASAP (A toggle or option so we can choose whether to yeet or yoink with ripline and a replacement sound with prolonged paralysis so one of her best tactics isn't 'jump around and scream while driving the party crazy')
  3. Atlas semi-main here...just use a weapon you like meleeing with with a stance you enjoy. The stat stick approach doesn't really provide many benefits above and beyond what you'd get with a decent melee and it's generally a net loss to lose a syndicate proc, mobile stance (since Landslide's initial range can be weak), armor stripping, CC, or whatever else you can get out of your melee weapon. I tend to use Staves with Clashing Forest, sometimes Heavy Blades with Tempo Royale, and other stances that get me into the faces of mobs so I can either landslide more or smash them more. Some people love their sparring and fist weapons (Prisma Obex is hilarious with him), others like to memeing strike, and so on. You can't go wrong if you go with what you enjoy. You can also get both at once, there's lots of fun weapons with good affinity that just happen to have weaknesses that Landslide overcomes nicely. I'd just break away from the 'stat stick' concept and smash like a boss.
  4. I've only gotten it to work as a CO primer for melee frames and as a 'zone' status proccing tool for panic defense (Blast+Magnetic+Corrosive) that works if you DON'T explode anything. The zones are pretty long duration and great in a pinch, but it's definitely not a normal primary. I usually have a secondary I'm using for actual shooting when I have it equipped and I switch to the Simulor when I'm meleeing to just spam a bunch of black holes occasionally (usually to help protect something, but it also really does a good job of CO priming to be fair)
  5. Hamsterball Nyx with a fast Exodia Hunt heavy blade Zaw is easy mode for the orbs. I actually use the Synoid Simulor some as a 'CO primer'...just set the colors to black, get three status in there, and go nuts with the fire rate. It's a great way to make huge zones where everything is nicely status procced (and adding things like blast are almost comical with everything knocking everything nearby down, so it's really more of a CO primer/CC zone creator for me). I see a good potential synergy there, especially since the Synoid Simulor also gives Hamsterball Nyx bonus energy. Nyx doesn't really need the help but she'd be great to experiment with, and the two tactics would go well together since 'under the Orb' is where the Simulor zones and Nyx both belong in that scenario. 🙂
  6. Valkyr's pretty solid across the board and I've never really struggled a lot. A Shouty Hugs build also works great (Using Prolonged Paralysis to knock most everything down and slurp them to you). I actually like that approach better than Hysteria and Warcry builds because it's mostly active and zero maintenence, but they all work well. Valkitty is a beast!
  7. That's Brutal Tide with a Prisma Obex and Entropy Detonation.
  8. Don't worry. Autoattack macros are just fine and very common. It's a keyboard/carpal tunnel saver and not 'playing the game for you'.
  9. Counterpoint: Actual Data. (Wukong was not popular)
  10. I'd use the Ripline augment if it gave us a way to choose when to yeet and when when to yoink
  11. I saw this as a feature and not a bug. MOAR GIRTH!
  12. I like it. I'm a bit iffy on the passive but everything else looks like it's really hitting the sweet spot. 🙂
  13. 10% Power Strength Rumblers are still not properly Smol. Game breaking, it is! *pouts in Atlas*
  14. It would be all kinds of awesome to find out that one of the great feats of genetic engineering was to miniaturize everything and make various sorts of little bio-organic robots. Are Eidolons human sized then? Maybe they're made of people!
  15. Fortuna is awesome and Garuda is all kinds of fun, but 10% Power Strength Rumblers are still Insufficiently Smol. Would you kindly fix please? We'd double the amount of Atlas mains (from at least four counting me!) overnight!
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