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  1. That's actually part of what I dig about Warframe. People can really lean into different build strategies and have them all be effective, making lots of room for personal fun. Sure, every now and then build approaches butt heads (like poor Nidus trying to get stacks when everyone else is making all the mobs dead) but there are also tons of odd synergies that crop up and as long as everyone's alive and the mobs are dead then it's pretty harmless to carry a Tenno or two with less optimized builds. I'll admit I also haven't gotten as much out of sprint speed. I spent the longest time as an Atlas main (Before Primed Sure Footed let other frames stand toe-to-toe with beefy mobs without getting knocked down) and never actually RAN anywhere. it was either bullet jumping or using a lot of attack speed with my stance to move (I was practically a Clashing Forest main before Melee 3.0), and despite Atlas being 'slow' I didn't end up falling behind because bullet jumping is very, very fast. One weird thing to add...I don't know about you guys but thanks to Lich Hunting I'm absolutely SWIMMING in Tenno Specters (Especially Vapor and Phase). I'm already at the point where I can toss them out like Pizzas rather than treating them like a resource. Volt and Wisp specters add more speed than we can get from all the mods combined in one frame, so that's another angle if someone likes speed but needs those frame slots (or really wants to put Peculiar Bloom in there) 🙂
  2. I take the exact opposite approach. I mod my frames and weapons so they can handle anything and then slowly swap out power for quality of life and fun. I still can survive anything the game can throw at me, but I get to bounce around like a maniac leaving flowers on everything. I'm strongly on the side of 'Stay in the fun over power mentality in this game, there is no uberbuild'
  3. -Impact is IMHO the best option on a Cyanex riven. It gives you gajillions of whatever status proc you want (particularly good with corrosive)
  4. You can't. You have to take damage to proc Arcane Avenger and Mesmer Skin doesn't let damage through.
  5. Your mistake was going into a PUBLIC mission without 4 of each and picking up the slack yourself if that's an issue for you. If you want randomness, go public. if you want things to go the way you want them to, form a group in advance.
  6. Or you can go with a duration build and use your 4 and dart with the 1, because Gauss is a speed demon and transcends the concept of 'sprinting'. Your speed boost scales with duration. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Gauss#Abilities
  7. Just relax and start playing with the new weapons and changes. It's change and change is scary, but I'm finding it to be a HUGE improvement overall. Sure, a couple of us had our personal favs get knocked down a peg (I'm not flowing around with Clashing Forest nearly as much now that Exodia Hunt builds are awesome, and Defiled Snapdragon is still a bit janky), but a whole bunch of our existing weapons got a whole lot better and WAY more fun.
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