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  1. Is there any discussion being made into allowing teammates to not have headshots interfered with by void procs? I feel like if I want to use Xata's Whisper in a group and I'm not only going for headshots I'm accidentally trolling the team or some teammates who are going for them may not like it.
  2. So...unless I'm reading this wrong, using Xata's Whisper at all is still risking interfering with anyone else on the team doing headshots unless they're only doing headshots themselves... in a horde shooter. Can we straight up just not let it do that? It seems like the normal code to calculate headshots still exists in this context so it's at least theoretically possible to pick the better of the two for teammates. It would also be nice if targeted weakspots were prioritized if there were multiple Void procs on a target. That way you could at least do something actively useful if you a
  3. Shedu's great on Gauss. Black energy color FTW, dig those shadow rings. Also if you happen to put Xata's whisper on him, the Supra Vandal is great, as he's neck and neck with Mirage when it comes to making BEES!
  4. They all suck. That's literally what they do, that's the point of them. They suck. We can't really taunt well so that's kind of our go-to for people who like facesmashing, right? They're all really different though and it's not like it's bad to overlap them. In gameplay I actually like Hunt or Hunt+Pull by FAR better than the other options. With lot of attack speed and a mobile stance Hunt can gather a lot of mobs and it offset's pull's sloppiness a bit. As someone who likes melee a lot, I find that gathering mobs while doing what I enjoy doing is more fun and it's not like I'm havin
  5. The Wukong rework was really great for us mostly-melee-mains, wasn't it? :) There's no shortage of ways to build him and he's really forgiving. He's in my top 5 Overall, it's probably something like... 1) Atlas (Negative Power Strength Rumblers is my Fashion Frame. If they ever start scaling down to 10% I'll be running around with 10% power strength with him happy as a clam with my adorable little rocklings. I mostly just melee with him while petrifying things for everyone with my little rumblets.) 2) Mag (Yoink/Smash. Pull is love) 3) Wukong (I'm always futzing around with
  6. Don't forget the stealth defensive buff. If you drop an Azima turret with XW up you've instantly got a room full of mobs that can't shoot outside of their own bubbles (along with whatever CC procs you have). Just because it doesn't say 'X DR' doesn't mean that it's not supporting the squad. The bubbles also really ramp up the procs so it'll leverage builds that have scaling procs...so high ROF weapons with travel time. I personally do NOT think the Exergis is particularly good with it in practical gameplay and you want bullet hoses. It's not a damage buff, it's not supposed to compet
  7. Xata's Whisper is really good if you build for it. The individual bubbles are actually pretty optimal for the usual 1-2m of punch through we can easily get without rivens and lots of weapons (Zarr, Azima Turrents) have great synergies with it. Also: BEES! (It's fun to have a build where Peculiar Bloom feels mandatory)
  8. Heavy Blades in a VERY good place and my personal advice is just to toss a stance forma on your zaw and let yourself move between them freely. All three stances kill everything comfortably, but they feel a bit different and depend on the rest of your kit. If you're struggling it could be element choice, attack speed, grouping method, or any number of things. If you're Exodia Hunting Tempo Royale is EXCELLENT because you have two different ways to slam, one that stands still and one that adds mobility. If you've got a lot of attack speed (like, Gauss+Arcane Strike+Berserker speed)
  9. MR8's around the time I started to stretch my wings a little and learn how to be good at playing MY way rather than just trying to get insights from other people's builds. There's a lot of ways to play this game, different ways to kill mobs, and you can even have identical builds that two players play completely differently. Even just one aspect (melee) can have a crazy number of different playstyles. Some people are really into heavy attack builds. Some of us really like specific stances. Lots of us have weapons that aren't THAT powerful but do the job just fine and we love the heck
  10. Toddlernadoes (the Funnel Clouds mod) are crazy brutal now, especially if you've got some sort of "BEEG SUCC" ability (Larva, Ensnare, good Airburst use (I think it's the least of the options but you've got it for free), Exodia Hunt, Magus Anomaly, etc.) to get multiple mobs to converge on a single point (makes multiple tornadoes converge). Very good against beefy mobs too. I play her as a melee frame (with the QT/HA/PSF holy trinity and a fast Exodia Hunt melee weapon with Healing Return) and she's definitely benefited a lot from Melee 3.0 and the Status update. She's fun with Firewalker o
  11. Exodia Hunt Zaws in particular are amazing with him (his 1 drags the mobs with you). He's a pretty top-tier melee frame.
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