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  1. FreeWilliam

    My personal top 5 tank frames based on tankiness

    I tend to do a lot of melee builds (Melee 3.0 will be fun) so my top Melee frames are the ones who can charge into the middle of the action and not suffer because they ran into a nullifier and I hate watching timers. That gives me a completely different list. 1) Melee Atlas (Attack speed, QT/HA loop, Healing Return, Clashing Forest staff) - His passive is just THAT good when you've always got someone in your face 2) Shouty Hugs Valkyr ( Prolonged Paralysis Valkitty) 3) Nidus (Larva Burst or Spaghetti) 4) Zephyr (Harder to make survivable, but she makes up for it by being hard to snipe and extremely fast-to-target 5) Garuda (All the range) The top two builds are my most played and the trend is 'Spends minimal time on butt in worst-case-scenarios, moves very fast'. I know Polearms are popular but I love Clashing Forest and being able to combat stance around the battlefield. The one time I did an endurance run I took a Channeling build with the full QT/HA/Rage loop, Life Strike, and Enduring Affliction and ended up getting bored...(Life Strike+Enduring Affliction turns everything around you into healbots (points to Xandypants!) but it's absurd overkill for anything that you can meet in a reasonable amount of time) I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Melee 3.0 since it's changing all my builds. I ALREADY lean heavy into highly mobile frames and tend to have a bullet jump mod installed, so I'm not sure how the targeted mid-air charge attack will influence things...I'm kind of excited about it!
  2. FreeWilliam

    Any recommendations for primary/ melee weapons?

    While there are some good primes, many of the best melee weapons are Zaws. Redeemer Prime's the only non-Zaw melee weapon I consider competitive.
  3. They should be much, much smoller.
  4. FreeWilliam

    Magus Anomaly Arcane Needs Adjusting

    See, THIS is what needed the stagger effect, not Exodia Hunt.
  5. FreeWilliam

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    Can you get killed during that animation or is it superior to getting knockdown-chained? If it's basically 'Atlas with an added animation delay' (he also gets knocked around) then it's still a net positive for melee builds. The knockdown that would've happened in it's place can also be crippling, but I'm wondering if a Valkyr with Handspring would be attacking again more quickly and/or if the knockdown resist is more valuable for things like Hamsterball Nyx builds that melee but only pull out the hamsterball when necessary.
  6. FreeWilliam

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    Oops, wrong thread, darn tabs
  7. FreeWilliam

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    Nah, that's not the argument. Melee is really chaotic and if I'm getting bounced around a lot I get a better feel for what's going on. I used to HATE Tempo Royale because I'd just go through things but not feel what was happening. I DO like the challenge, but that's also how I was back when I was a wee Tenno...I cut my teeth on Hamsterball Nyx (Prisma Obex with Brutal Tide was my thing then) and slowly started spending more and more time out of the bubble because it slowed me down too much. It was a pretty natural evolution. Playing on a small monitor also might be a factor, it makes it a bit harder to sort through the chaos visually and the whole screen shifts when you actually interact with things. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm saying I'm not.
  8. FreeWilliam

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    Interestingly, I don't like using stances with momentum (I'm more a Clashing Forest and Final Harbinger main) because I like getting bounced around a bit rather than just carving through everything like butter. I wonder if that's where our perspective difference lies?
  9. FreeWilliam

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    Isn't melee that playstyle? I kind of thought that's why Atlas and Valkyr's passives existed and we have the CC resist mods. Not saying some things could afford to be toned down, but I'm also thinking creating more build diversity so that when we don't commit in the slightest to melee with our frame but just have a great weapon we're at a disadvantage vs. someone who is using frame mod slots to improve their melee performance.
  10. FreeWilliam

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    It would be all kinds of awesome to find out that one of the great feats of genetic engineering was to miniaturize everything and make various sorts of little bio-organic robots. Are Eidolons human sized then? Maybe they're made of people!
  11. FreeWilliam

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    Fortuna is awesome and Garuda is all kinds of fun, but 10% Power Strength Rumblers are still Insufficiently Smol. Would you kindly fix please? We'd double the amount of Atlas mains (from at least four counting me!) overnight!
  12. FreeWilliam

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    Maybe the meta is shifting and we're being challenged to factor more things into our builds? I don't know that this is bad.
  13. FreeWilliam

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.5

    It's becoming a ritual 1) See patch 2) Check to see if Tek Gravity works (Hope it doesn't stagger like Exodia Hunt or DE FINALLY decided to move the finisher button to the use key so we're not accidentally doing one finisher when we want to hit twelve things five times each) 3) Become slightly sad, but maintain hope.
  14. FreeWilliam

    Atlas really so bad?

    I think Melee 3.0 will help! *crosses fingers* They seem to be adding some mobility so there won't be only like four good stances for the kind of mobility that makes it really fun The worst thing about melee is being denied the ability to attack and Atlas laughs at CC, so as long as that doesn't change he'll still be a top tier melee frame (if not the top one) 🙂
  15. FreeWilliam

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    They could also put a cooldown timer on maiming strike while still keeping the 'horde shooter/smasher' feel