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  1. I like it. I'm a bit iffy on the passive but everything else looks like it's really hitting the sweet spot. 🙂
  2. I like this a lot. I could see a whole wardancing thing going on where the powers interact with the attacks too. So maybe Octavia could have a whole disco dancing thing going while Atlas gets a bunch of flavor added to Landslide and Baruuk gets good, that sort of thing?
  3. If I were in a legal state I'd have some as well! Honestly though, I'm mostly interested in anything that removes 'mandatory' frames for tasks. I enjoy modes and tasks where almost any frame can be viable and have an intense dislike for situations where one specific frame/build is so overwhelmingly useful that they become mandatory (so yeah, I'm not a big fan of Tridolon hunting or Saryn Onslaught). Nekros will still be the best lootframe, but not so much that a Hydroid+Atlas combo wouldn't be able to compete or even outperform him. Some of us like that sort of thing, *shrug*
  4. Hitting this from another direction, it DOES move us in the direction of not needing to have specialized farming groups. If we've got one loot-on-death frame in a group then we're generally all at the same level. It enables DE to balance the loot tables for more casual play and makes Nekros in particular less mandatory for farming. I get why people are worked up but also think by removing the 'but you can get it even faster X way' option it helps us justify making things less grindy for people who aren't (or can't, or don't want to) run a specific set of lootframes.
  5. If you've got it, there's nothing wrong with giving DE money, they're one of the few companies that earns it.
  6. I still like hamsterballing with her using the fastest ground-covering melee stance I can put together. She's also great with a fast heavy blade with Exodia Hunt and Tempo Royale because she becomes a 30m ball of destruction but the finishers DO get a bit annoying. With Arcane Guardian and the Quick thinking/Hunter's Adrenaline/Pain threshold loop you can generally do fine running around outside her bubble and just save it for meatier foes and boss fights, and they give you the ability to drop your 4 in the middle of a fight when your power gets low and then use powers or back in the bubble if things are particularly dangerous outside. She was kind of the frame that taught me about melee stances and she still fills some unique niches. Plus the chaos is fun and a great team 'oh crap' button.
  7. If I had to pick one favorite weapon OR warframe then I'd almost definitely go with a staff with Clashing Forest. If forced to pick, it'd be my plague zaw ('Look at Them'), but I've got about a dozen different staves and they're all fun to flow around the battlefield in. The plague zaw just has a bit of extra range and CO fodder. Not that they're my only melee weapon (fast heavy blade zaws, the Tatsu, a couple of Sword and Shields, sparring weapons, and a few others get to play sometimes), but there's something about Clashing Forest that always makes me grin when I use it.
  8. Actually, if I'm going to make a request is that we have the ability to taunt/manage aggro without having to stand there blocking and doing nothing. If we had a toggle for anything, I'd like a toggle to activate 'taunt mode' or just ways to push my melee and rage frames up to the top of the local target queue.
  9. Running with the lowest power strength possible to make Atlas' Rumblers as small as possible (Currently there's a minimum size cap...I have faith that DE will fix this so we can have tiny little 10% rockbois) (It's basically fashion frame, but adding fashion to the powers) 🙂
  10. It's kind of fun how many different frames/builds came out of this thread. Points to DE for giving us so many diverse options. Hope you found what you're looking for, @JayKBeCringe
  11. That one's going to be VERY good once we finish Melee 3.0. The timing aspect of the blazing vortex combo is supposed to be going away so you can trigger it with a key combo and not have it ruined by too much attack speed (There should never be such a thing!) 😉
  12. YAR! (Hentaiframe is pretty fun) 🙂
  13. I think that's a hyperbolic interpretation. It's a video game and people have real lives. I personally don't care and don't think actively leeching is appropriate, but in this game in particular the only thing that happens if there's another person not carrying the burden is I get more mobs to beat up. We're talking about a PUG here, not a planned group. Someone going missing isn't THAT different from someone who isn't able to scale with the content, so if I was the sort to complain it would be a much broader complaint (and the response I'd get would be 'don't group with randos') Because it's a PUG, I go into it expecting a bit of chaos and not for everyone else to cater to my whims. In modes like arbitration there's not really a punishment -I- receive for having someone else not be sufficiently awesome and DE's done a pretty good job of making that inherent in the game design.
  14. So it's important to you for other people to get punished? Just trying to figure out this mindset. I just enjoy playing and get my loot. If it's a PUG people die harmlessly. It's a group of randos and someone might have someone show up at the door or have to take care of a baby or something, so it feels super weird to get upset over that.
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